Kane, Michael Turlogh

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Captain Michael Turlogh Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Phoenix

Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 45

Physical Appearance
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Physical Description: Average-tall height, with a stocky build. Thick brown hair, parted at the centre, just within regulation length. Occasionally sports a light beard. Lost his right eye several years ago - it has been replaced with a gold-iris prosthetic.

Father: William Turlogh Kane (deceased)
Mother: Jennifer Kane (deceased)
Brother: Diarmaid Kane - Journalist

Personal History
Michael Turlogh Kane is a man who dwells on odds and chances. As a child, he endlessly plagued teachers with questions on time paradoxes, multiphasic phenomena, alternate realities and the like. An almost physical aversion to mathematics ruled out the sciences as a field of study, but through a love of history, he discovered wargaming, and moved on to advanced strategy games like 3-D chess and Strategema. When the time came, and he had decided to join Starfleet, he knew exactly what he wanted to be - a Sec/Tac Officer. His high scores in Starship Combat Tactics earned him a semester at the illustrious Zakdorn Institute of Strategic Studies. It was during his time at the Academy that Kane came to passionately believe in the ideals of the Federation, which led to his minor in Xenocultural Studies. He is familiar with most of the cultures of the Federation, and has deeply studied the history and cultures of outside powers.

No longer the brash youth of his early days in Starfleet, Kane has matured into a serious and somewhat aloof officer, and has cultivated a somewhat intimidating reputation over the years, deliberately keeping his distance from the crews he leads. There are not many who know him intimately, but behind the authoritarian facade is a man with a wry sense of humour and utter loyalty to those he considers friends.

Kane was delighted to graduate from Advanced Command Training on leaving the Academy, and his transfer to the USS Century was excellent news, but the whims and flippancies of youth quickly disappeared. On Stardate [2.0]1210, he, along with two other crewmates, was almost killed when their shuttle fell into the inner corona of the Taramp star - he was very badly burned and spent many weeks having a new epidermal layer grafted onto his skin. On stardate [2.1]0420 he was seriously wounded in personal combat against a Klingon pirate - he now has a prosthetic spleen and two metres of polymer in place of his small intestine; and during the savage climax to the "Harbinger" epic, he almost died from hypothermia after becoming trapped in a flooded elevator shaft.

Kane resigned from Starfleet for a short time in 2416; after enduring a dark night of the soul prompted by the death of his father, he returned to his former position in the fleet, and was shortly afterward promoted to the position of Executive Officer aboard the newly-activated USS Discovery. He and her crew became Starfleet's first deep-space explorers in half a century, but the voyages were not without incident.

Kane was captured by the Calnarians at the beginning of the "Savage Stars" trilogy and spent six months in a mining camp on the hellish world of Byss, during which he was subjected to daily torture and mistreatment, leading to his slaughter of twenty thousand Calnarians by detonating an antimatter reactor to gain some sort of revenge.

Kane was reassigned as commanding officer of Gateway station, but after a short time was removed from the station and returned home by the Prophets. He resigned from Starfleet and disappeared into the Long Night.

Eight years later, while he was living on Vulcan, Richard Edgerton brought him out of retirement to take command of the Discovery once again ("All Our Yesterdays"). Edgerton hoped to recruit Kane into the Neo-Essentialists, but the tragic destruction of the Discovery in system K-60 marked Kane and his crew as mortal enemies of the Neo-Essentialists.

Along with his crew, Kane fled Earth aboard the USS Phoenix during the Neo-Essentialist takeover of the Federation government. He led the Phoenix crew through the Neo-Essentialist crisis and remains in command today.

Service Record
Awards: Purple Star, Starfleet Cross

Service Ribbons
* Calnarian Conflict Ribbon

Starfleet History
* Born December 31st 2391
* Entered Starfleet Academy: 2411
* Entered ACT Programme: 2415[2.0]0310
* Assigned to USS Century as Assistant Chief Science Officer: 2415[2.0]0506
* Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade: 2415[2.0]0718
* Assigned to Chief of Security/Tactical: 2415[2.0]0718
* Promoted to Lieutenant : 2416[2.0]0201
* Assigned as ship's Second Officer 2416[2.0]0201
* Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 2416 [2.1] 0625
* Resigned from Starfleet 2416 [2.1] 0908
* Reinstated into fleet 2416 [2.1] 1106
* Assigned as USS Discovery as First Officer: 2417[2.2]12
* Promoted to Commander: 2418 [2.3]01
* Assigned as Commanding Officer: 2418[2.3]0227
* USS Discovery awarded Starfleet Cross: 2418 [2.3]0201
* Promoted to Captain: 2418 [2.3]1202
* Awarded Purple Star: 2418 [2.3]1202
* Assigned to Gateway as Commanding Officer: 2422[2.7]0430
* Removed from Gateway by the Prophets: 2422 [2.7]1205
* Resigned from Starfleet: 2422 [2.7]1230
* Assigned to USS Discovery as Commanding Officer: 2429 [2.14]0411
* USS Discovery destroyed: 2429 [2.14]0707
* Hijacked USS PHOENIX: 2429 [2.14]1014
* The Battle of Earth: 2431 [2.16]07

Academy Major: Security / Tactical
Academy Minor: Xenocultural Studies
Additional Education: One semester at Zakdorn Institute of Strategic Studies

Kane also holds civilian degrees in history and literature.

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