Section 31

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There is a war in the shadows, and you are the weapon. A SOLO SETTING for the Federation Role Playing Game in the world of 25th century espionage.

Blue Planet

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On the distant waterworld of Elandipole, a new colony has begun its life. A SOLO SETTING for the Federation Role Playing Game exploring alien oceans.

Black Sun Rising

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With the new HCARS operating system ready for testing, and the news that her downgrade is imminent, the USS PHOENIX warps to the Idium system for her final mission. However, nothing can prepare the crew for what they find in that desolate place - a life-form that will challenge all their concepts of good and evil, and that may one day become the controlling power of the United Federation of Planets...

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The Tangled Webs We Weave

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In the space of fifteen tumultuous months, the outlawed Neo-Essentialist group returned and succeeded in overthrowing the government of the United Federation of Planets. This is that story.

All Our Yesterdays

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The crew of the newly-upgraded USS DISCOVERY is sent coreward to investigate a Federation subspace signal emanating from system K-60, inside the Beta Quadrant. Little do they know that the Neo-Essentialists have returned, and are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect one of the the Federation's darkest secrets...

Absolute Power

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With the destruction of the USS DISCOVERY in the Beta Quadrant, her crew arrives home in the hulk of the long-lost USS CENTURY. Their arrival coincides with the Neo-Essentialists' bid for ultimate power within the Federation government...

Birth Of An Empire

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Goaded by the Neo-Essentialists, the Romulans have swept into the Neutral Zone. Civilian authority in the Federation is collapsing as the Neo-Essentialists seize power. Forewarned by a visitor from the future, the former crew of the USS DISCOVERY flee Federation space aboard one of the most powerful Starfleet vessels ever constructed...


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Fleeing the collapsing Federation, the USS PHOENIX arrives at Limbo, an ancient space station in the Triangle, to search for someone who knows the secrets of the Neo-Essentialists. Limbo is wracked with its own petty rivalries and squabbles, and there are others also on the hunt for this mysterious source, including the Romulans...

The Lights of Hyperion

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Laden down with refugees following their escape from Limbo, the crew of the USS PHOENIX set course for Elandipole, where an appointment with history awaits them. To get there, they must pass through the uncharted Hyperion Expanse - a barren region of space where magnascopic tempests have been raging for centuries. Inside the storm-wracked Expanse lies a mystery that could threaten the lives of all seven thousand souls aboard...

USS Pendragon

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The adventures of the starship Pendragon...

Civil War

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As the Federation falls to the militaristic Neo-Essentialists, the USS PHOENIX arrives at Elandipole for a rendevous with history. Alongside the Federation's legitimate government-in-exile and a starship from a defunct future, this rag-tag fleet prepares to defend itself from a war which threatens to tear the quadrant apart...


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With the threat of a devastating civil war averted, the newly-united Starfleet sets a course for Earth to bring the fight for freedom to the Neo-Essentialists' home ground. But the ship and crew are diverted when an attack upon the fleet leads the USS PHOENIX into a hunt for a deadly new weapon that has the potential to reshape all life in the quadrant and bring Admiral Edgerton's dystopian future into the present in one fell swoop...

Fortress: Earth

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Following their destruction of the horrific Promethean Device, the USS PHOENIX races to Sector 001 to join Starfleet's final battle against the Neo-Essentialists and restore the Federation. But the enemy has not been idle. The Neo-Essentialists have constructed an elaborate orbital defence system that could annihilate the planet's surface. The Siege of Earth is not destined to be short, nor to be won without sacrifice, and when it is over, there will be no winners or losers, merely survivors...


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Following Starfleet's victory in the Battle of Earth, the Neo-Essentialist movement has been defeated and Richard Edgerton is dead. But the work is not yet done - now comes the task of restoring the Federation government for the future, and to come to terms with the past...

Holodeck Havoc

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Following her repairs after the Battle of Earth, the USS PHOENIX undergoes a computer upgrade while in Spacedock, that necessitates a widespread live test of the data relay network. Several systems, including multiple holodeck programs, are fired up at the same time to test the processing speeds of the new computer. But not everything is going to go according to plan...

In Place of God

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En route to the Romulan Neutral Zone, the USS PHOENIX participates in a strange first contact situation with sentient beings on the other side of a wormhole. The crew of the Phoenix must grapple with reconstructing an alien language, culture, technology, and society, with nothing to go on except fading echoes. Who is on the other side of the wormhole? Why are they so desperate for someone to hear them? And does their secret threaten millennia of scientific truth in our galaxy?

The Romulan Way

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The USS PHOENIX arrives at the Neutral Zone as a new peace initiative is launched between the Federation and the Romulans. The Empire has a new Praetor with a new attitude towards the Federation, and hopes are high for a lasting settlement. But almost three centuries of hostilities are hard to put aside, and peace requires changes the Romulans might not be willing to make. With the Federation wracked with internal divisions and Starfleet at its weakest in decades, has the time for Romulan domination of the galaxy dawned at last?

Fear Itself

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After a lengthy sojourn in Romulan space, the USS PHOENIX finally returns to Starbase 56, her crew eager for the chance to rest and recuperate. But something else has come to Starbase 56 - something from the darkness between stars. Something ancient, and terrible, and hungry. With their deepest fears turned against them, the crew of the Phoenix must find a way to defeat this entity before it picks them off...one by one.

Bramatine: Truth, Justice and the Federation Way

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Following a disastrous earthquake at a mine on Acamar III, the USS PHOENIX rushes to assist. But as the crew of the Phoenix investigates, they encounter smuggling, bribery, and political corruption that runs all the way to the top of the Federation. With the presidential election looming, will the earthquake be the catalyst that brings down the Federation government?

The Trouble With Triticale

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The USS PHOENIX is dispatched to Sherman's Planet with a cargo of heirloom triticale to be planted as part of the annual James T. Kirk Day celebrations. The mission is one of reconnecting with an outlying colony world, to reassure the population of the protection of both the Federation and Starfleet following the Neo-Essentialist crisis. But James T. Kirk Day 2433 will attract guests other than the crew of the Phoenix, guests with their own agenda that threatens to cause upheaval and outright rebellion on this bucolic farming world...

The Uncertainty Principle

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The USS PHOENIX is tasked to assist with the testing of a new prototype trans-warp conduit propulsion system, that could revolutionize galactic travel for the Federation. When a malfunction during testing leaves the ship critically damaged, the crew must scramble to make repairs before all hands are lost. But something else is at work - an unknown force giving the crew glimpses of dozens of possible futures, and their best efforts may not be enough to win this race against Time...

Last Days of Empire

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A Starfleet Intelligence mission into Orion space has gone missing, and the USS PHOENIX is tasked to begin a rescue operation. There is only one problem - the SFI mission has been lost in an area of space disputed by both the Orion Syndicate and the Klingon Empire, an area that is rapidly heating up towards war between those two powers. Neither the Orions nor the Klingons would be pleased to know that they were being spied upon. But in the murky world of intergalactic espionage, the crew of the Phoenix are about to discover that nothing is ever as it seems...

Dog Days Of Summer

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Following her return to Starbase 56, the USS PHOENIX becomes one of the first starships in the fleet to undergo an important upgrade - the installation of the new HCARS operating system. The new OS requires several weeks of testing, and the crew of the Phoenix look forward to an easy, quiet summer...