Kem D'Neel, The

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The KEM D'NEEL are an alien race about whom almost nothing is known - not what they look like, nor their culture, nor the majority of their technology. What is known is the devastation and slaughter they inflicted upon the races of the Alpha Quadrant between 2411-2412, during what is called the Seventh War of Retribution.

In 2410, First Contact was made with an enigmatic non-corporeal race of life-forms that called themselves the Supervisors. These Supervisors told a tale of the galaxy in its infancy, when a terrifying non-organic race of monstrous aliens known as the Thal harvested organic life for food. The Thal were assisted in this by two servitor races, the Supervisors and the Enforcers. Further details on both these servitors races were gleaned from the ancient Book of Coreb, which gave the Enforcers their own name - the Kem D'Neel, described as "... a plague, cured by the blood of millions'. The Book of Coreb warned of the approach of the Seventh War of Retribution, in which the Enforcers would return to the galaxy to cull it of the races of organics that had sprouted up in the aeons since their last visit.

In 2411, a terrifyingly-advanced alien fleet emerged from the Bajoran wormhole and began to systematically devastate all inhabited planets in its wake. The Kem D'Neel had returned to the Milky Way, bringing the prophesied Seventh War of Retribution with them, and they sowed death and destruction wherever they went. They struck indiscriminately through Federation, Romulan, Klingon, and Cardassian space - no-one was spared the wrath of the Enforcers. Through advanced cloaking and weapons technology, the Kem D'Neel were more than a match for anything that Starfleet could pit against them, and in the space of a few months had slaughtered over a trillion people across the quadrant.

The Kem D'Neel did not open communications with those they murdered. They did not negotiate or deliver ultimatums, or give any indication that a political settlement was possible. They only appeared, killed everything in their wake, and departed. Once, a Starfleet vessel managed to intercept a Kem D'Neel communications signal, and although unable to completely reverse-engineer the technology involved, were able to determine that shockingly, the Kem D'Neel appeared to be humanoid in appearance.

In 2412, a great alliance of all the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant banded together and brought the Kem D'Neel fleet to battle in the isolated Coriana system. Faced with a united quadrant, the Kem D'Neel's spear was finally blunted. As the battle began to turn against them, the Enforcers opened a vox message to their amazed opponents, telling them that their true objective - the unification of the Alpha Quadrant powers - had been achieved. Then the Kem D'Neel opened a series of warp conduits and departed for parts unknown. They have not been heard of or seen since, but the unification the Enforcers said they desired did not last long following their disappearance.

The Seventh War of Retribution and the culminating Battle of Coriana III remains the defining moment in the recent history of the galaxy. Still, many questions remain unanswered. Who were the Kem D'Neel? If they were previously the Enforcers, why did they try to unite the Alpha Quadrant against themselves? Where did they go? And is it true that the great Shadow in Subspace, that has been encroaching upon the galaxy for the past twenty years, means that their masters, the Thal, are returning?

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