Karimi, Hussein

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HUSSEIN HAFEEZ AALAM KARIMI is a former Human politician, who served on the Federation Assembly until his disgrace in early 2433.

Born in the city of Dubai on Earth in 2378 to a wealthy family, Hussein Karimi was educated at Cambridge University and joined the Federation's Diplomatic Corps, serving as an aide to many Ambassadors-at-large before deciding to run for the Federation Assembly.

His opponent was Casimir Faucher, an able and respected administrator and law-maker, who many analysts thought would win the seat. Indeed, Faucher drew ahead in many opinion polls and seemed to get the better of Karimi in a public debate. However, Faucher became embroiled in a controversy surrounding his use of a personal message server for his professional business, and was forced to withdraw from the race in the ensuing scandal. Karimi was duly elected as Earth's Assembly representative.

In 2432, an assassination attempt on Hussein Karimi was foiled by his security team. This event catapulted him to Federation-wide fame, and gave him the impetus to run for the Federation Presidency. However, Karimi was linked to the bramatine smuggling scandal that engulfed Federation politics in early 2433, and was forced to resign from his political offices. He has since faded back into obscurity.

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