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What Secrets Lay Hidden At Beta Thoridor?

Posted on Mar 15, 2020 @ 6:20pm by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Edited on on Mar 15, 2020 @ 6:20pm

Mission: Last Days of Empire

“What secrets lay hidden at BETA THORIDOR?”

(contd from ‘Warbirds of Prey’)


SD: [2.20] 0314.2136
Scene: Main conference room

Following Harrad-Tor’s latest conversation with the Klingon intelligence officer, Dhirissa, the senior staff had assembled for an impromptu briefing. Jasmine sighed, listening as they had finished discussing the battle at Alcyonus and so far, there hadn’t been a winner yet. But from the conversation, Dhirissa gave off the impression that the Klingons had it under control. Maybe they were winning but had not yet found a way to put away the Orions, who still had a chance to win, considering they had Tal’Shiar support.

“Now, BETA THORIDOR,” Captain Kane said. “What do we know about it? The Klingons don’t want us going there.”

“According to the Federation database,” Lieutenant Byte answered. “BETA THORIDOR is a class M red star – a red dwarf star to be precise. As far as we are aware, most, if not all the planets in the star system are uninhabited. The star system was conquered by the Klingons in the early 23rd century and was considered one of their most important systems for dilithium mining. They lost control of the star system to the Romulans during the Klingon-Romulan war, however the Romulans couldn’t hold onto the system and now BETA THORIDOR is in unclaimed or disputed territory.”

“Well, it looks to me the Klingons have clearly claimed the star system as their own,” Eve Dalziel commented.

“And they don’t want us poking our nose there,” Jake Crichton chimed in. “That’s what Dhirissa said, go anywhere in the quadrant except BETA THORIDOR.”

Jasmine frowned, now in a tactical mindset. “What are the Klingons hiding there? We know they were using the system to mine dilithium but is there something else they don’t want the Federation to find out?”

“Maybe the SATET know something they shouldn’t,” Kass Thytos suggested. “An’ now the Klingons don’t want them revealing anything.”

“That’s possible.” Jake nodded. “Maybe the SATET’s mission objective isn’t just finding proof of the Tal’Shiar aiding the Orions but also whatever it is the Klingons are hiding at BETA THORIDOR.”

“Okay,” the Captain decided firmly. “Then it’s decided BETA THORIDOR will be our next destination, where we will confirm for ourselves as to whether the SATET is there or not.”

“Captain,” Jasmine said, arching her brow. “What does Harrad-Tor tell Dhirissa? We’ll need to make sure the Klingons aren’t made aware we’re headed to that particular star system.”

“That should be easy,” Kass said. “Have Harrad-Tor provide a false location to keep the Klingons off our tail.”

Kane pondered the marine’s suggestion for a brief moment. “Harrad-Tor will tell Dhirissa that we are heading to the Azure Nebula to check out a potential lead on the SATET’s whereabouts. It’s technically not far from BETA THORIDOR but still not close enough to raise suspicions.”

“A nebula would be an obvious place for a starship to hide,” Jake added.

Eve sighed. “It will have to be convincing so I suggest having Harrad-Tor attempting to convince Commander Crichton on going to Azure Nebula and have his comm link to Dhirissa open for the entire duration of that conversation.”

“Alright, let’s do this,” Kane decided, turning to his first officer. “Commander, have Harrad-Tor escorted directly to your office and brief him on his task.”

“Yes sir,” Jake complied with a nod.

“Following that conversation, we will immediately set course for BETA THORIDOR.”


Scene: Main Bridge
TI: Ten minutes later

In a span of ten minutes, Yu ordered Silsby to bring Harrad-Tor to Crichton’s office. Then Eve quickly prepped both Jake and Harrad-Tor regarding play acting their conversation, which would be overheard by Dhirissa over the comm link established between her and the Orion. Jasmine sighed, leaning forward – she hadn’t really the chance to process the situation with Harrad-Tor as things had moved quite fast. Perhaps, once the mission was over, then the young woman would have the chance to reflect, believing that was when Harrad-Tor’s betrayal of his Starfleet oath would finally sink in with her. She glanced behind her shoulder at the whirring sounds of the doors parting and watched the Counselor exit the room.

“They are ready to go,” Eve informed, taking a seat beside the CO.

A moment later, Jake’s voice was heard through the Bridge comms. [[Ensign, how can I help you?]]

[[Sir, I heard from the chief that you plan on going to BETA THORIDOR,]] came Harrad-Tor’s calm voice. He seemed to be holding up nicely.

[[Yes.]] There was a pause. [[Is there a problem?]]

[[Well, sir,]] the Orion began in a calm yet confident voice. [[It does not make sense for the SATET to go there, considering it is located in disputed territory. We know the Klingons are eager to claim it as their own.]]

[[Harrad-Tor, what are you trying to say here? You don’t think the SATET could have gone to BETA THORIDOR?]]

[[No sir,]] Harrad-Tor said, now taking on a more friendly tone in his voice. [[The ship would be exposed out there with no place to hide and be open to attacks from not just Tal’Shiar but maybe the Klingons as well – the latter for trespassing into their territory.]]

[[You make a good point, Ensign,]] Crichton said. [[Where do you suggest the SATET could have gone?]]

[[A location where they will be concealed from sensors,]] the Orion suggested. [[Maybe like…a nebula.]]

[[Nebula, yes. That makes perfect sense.]]

[[I did some research before I came here and found the closest nebula to the SATET’s last position is the Azure Nebula,]] Harrad-Tor said. [[It is a class 11 nebula, composed of mainly oxygen and argon gases with traces of xenon and forgot the rest… Science isn’t my thing.]]

[[That’s okay. Its traces of sirillium, theta-xenon and fluorine,]] Jake said, softening his tone. [[You’re right, though. The gas clouds in the nebula can mask the SATET from being detected so they might hide there for some time but it won’t last.]]

[[Exactly sir, I propose we set course to the Azure Nebula immediately as the SATET may not have much time.]]

[[I agree,]] Jake added. [[I’ll bring up your proposal to the Captain now.]]

[[Thank you, Commander.]]

Then the conversation was over. Lieutenant Silsby escorted Harrad-Tor back to his quarters.

Captain Kane turned his attention forward to the Vulcan, seated at the conn. “Helm, set course for BETA THORIDOR.”

“Aye sir,” Lieutenant Sotaar acknowledged. “Course laid in.”

The ship jumped to warp. They managed to hopefully throw the Klingons off their tail – well at least temporarily till they get to fully scour the star system and hopefully locate the SATET.


TI: Fifteen minutes later

Jasmine sighed, moving her fingers effortlessly on console. Dhirissa had contacted Harrad-Tor again and as expected, she was discussing the ‘show’ put on by Jake and the Orion. The bridge was listening in on that conversation through open comm channel from Byte’s console. The area was closed off to everyone except the senior staff present in the room till the ship reached its destination.

[[You were not lying when you mentioned having a strong relationship with Commander Crichton,]] Dhirissa spoke, her deep and raspy voice a bit irritating to the ear. [[You have potential after all to be an excellent spy.]]

[[So, how is the battle coming along? Did you win? Is Liriss dead?]] There was a hint of desperation in his voice. Yu wondered if that wasn’t a pretense on the Orion’s past, knowing he desired to be rid of the crime boss forever.

The Klingoness’ tone was harsh. [[We have it under control and Liriss is still hanging on.]]

[[In other words, you are winning?]]

[[I didn’t exact say that other than it’s all under control.]]

Yu furrowed her brow. Something didn’t feel right from the Klingoness’ cautious tone. If the Klingons were truly winning, then one would hear Dhirissa bragging about victory in her sight. It was possible the Klingons might be having the upper hand but that the Orions still had a chance at winning the battle. **If I can make a guess, I think Dhirissa may be nervous. Maybe it’s about the battle or something else – something at BETA THORIDOR, perhaps. **

[[So the Orions are winning then?]]

[[No!]] Dhirrisa said forcefully. [[The battle is not over yet but will be soon.]] She seemed to have calmed down.

[[You’re sure Liriss will die?]]

[[You have my word and a Klingon’s word is a matter of honour.]]

[[I am curious about what are you hiding at BETA THORIDOR.]]

[[Harrad-Tor,]] Dhirrisa warned, her voice suddenly turning cold. [[Do not bite off more than you can chew, otherwise you die.]]

[[Look, I just want to help,]] he pressed on. [[SATET? You don’t want the PHOENIX to find them?]]

[[The SATET is of no concern to us,]] the Klingoness said in a dismissive tone.

[[But they would be if they have a secret of yours that you don’t want shared? A secret hidden in BETA THORIDOR?]]

[[Harrad-Tor,]] she said in a chilling voice. [[I will share a little secret.]] A moment passed and everyone in the bridge waited in tense silence. [[Captain Kane and his crew better hope the SATET did not venture into the BETA THORIDOR system and for the PHOENIX’s sake, I hope they remain far away from that star system. The last thing we want is Is’toQ and his allies finding out and ruining our plans for the empire.]]

Jasmine’s eyes widened at the mention of the Klingon General and she wasn’t the only person surprised in the room.

[[Is’toQ, your General. He doesn’t know about BETA THORIDOR. Are you…]]

[[Enough with the questions,]] she cut him off. [[You do your part and keep the PHOENIX away from BETA THORIDOR at all costs if you ever want to see Jeeza again.]]


[[Contact me if the PHOENIX’s route changes. For the Empire.]] The communication ended.

Yu brought up. “So the Klingons – more precisely Dhirissa – doesn’t want us uncovering their secret at BETA THORIDOR.”

“Not just us, Dhirissa and possibly her allies don’t want Is’toQ finding out about BETA THORIDOR either,” Eve pointed out, glancing behind at the Sec/Tac.

“It does sound like Empire isn’t exactly united and the Great Houses may warring against each other.” Crichton wondered aloud. “It’s possible that a number of the Great Houses may have formed a coalition under Is’toQ’s leadership to mount this campaign against the Orions.”

Jasmine frowned. So it was possible even if the Klingons came out victorious, the Great Houses might war amongst themselves before a united empire would emerge.


Location: IKS MoH’Jthor
Scene: Private Office

Dhirissa let out a sigh, grabbing a goblet filled with blood wine and gulped down the drink. Placing the goblet back on the table, she growled. Harrad-Tor was becoming a nuisance. A grin formed across her lips. Well, it wouldn’t be long before she no longer needed him anymore. That man – like the majority of Orion males – were big dumb fools. She flickered her dark eyes to the screen, providing regular status reports of the battle outside.

She growled, watching a report flash on her screen. “So two Orion warships have destroyed Gran’kothar.” The Klingoness took in a deep breath, picking up a bottle and pouring more wine into her goblet. “Well, no big loss. We can always build other prisons as long as we win the war in the end.”

She sipped her drink, studying the latest reports on her screen. Both flagships were still around. The Leading Sword, commanded by Is’toQ and the Howling Hind under the leadership of Admiral Himmah, had absorbed some hits but their shields were holding. She curled her lips into a smile, beginning to peruse the new report.

“So, the ‘Green Curse’ is destroyed by a single bird of prey,” she said, sipping her drink again. “Harrad-Tor should be pleased to hear that Liriss is dead but I am in no rush to give him the news. As long as he believes Liriss is still alive, he will remain compliant.”

Dhirissa smiled. She couldn’t wait to tell the Orion about his ex-lover, Jeeza and knew he wasn’t going to like the truth about her. Smiling, she sipped her wine, thinking how heartbroken he was going to be when she broke the news about his beloved to him. She frowned, noticing a tiny red dot, flashing on a small grey portable console at the other end of the table. Sighing, the Klingoness stood up, reaching out to tap the console. A holographic screen materialized above the console – the only piece of advanced tech in the entire fleet.

Dhirissa narrowed her eyes, focusing on a Romulan woman with long, flowing black hair on the screen. She curled her lips into a cold smile, though the Klingoness had to admit, this woman was beautiful for a Romulan. No wonder Harrad-Tor and Liriss were quite obsessed with her. Dhirissa had never understood the appeal of the Romulan’s traditional hairstyle, resembling an overturned bowl so it was refreshing for her to see this particular Romulan female sporting long hair.

“Jerika, what can I do for you?”

Jeeza, the Risean woman and the object of affection for the two Orion men, was actually Jerika, a Romulan Tal’Shiar agent. Over a decade ago, Jerika had infiltrated Liriss’ organization as a Risean dancer, eventually rising to become his favorite mistress. Harrad-Tor, at the time, was Liriss’ most trusted right hand man and from what she had heard, Jerika initiated a relationship with him to create a rift between the two Orions and get rid of Harrad-Tor to make room for a fellow Tal’Shiar undercover operative to take his place. While the big fool, Harrad-Tor, believed he was engaged in a passionate, clandestine romance with a ‘Risean’ woman, Jerika had been laying the groundwork for his ouster from Liriss’ side. Harrad-Tor’s so-called plan to escape with ‘Jeeza’ was really a way for Jerika to extract herself out of Rigel and return to Romulus for a new assignment. This tragic love story of a fool would be quite fitting for an opera, Dhirissa thought, grinning and she’d have a front row seat with gagh and blood wine to watch the story unfold.

{{How could you let the PHOENIX leave with those survivors?}} They were speaking on a highly secure comm channel not accessible to anyone but Tal’Shiar and those they had granted access.

Dhirissa growled, always straight to the point. “Oh please, Jerika. It is not like those survivors were privy to the SATET’s true mission so they cannot reveal anything.”

{{Dhirissa, may I remind you it is also in your best interests that the SATET does not return to the Federation, considering the information they have on your House’s secret alliance with us as well as your plan to eliminate Is’toQ during this battle.}}

“Yes I know,” Dhirissa retorted – she loathed the Tal’Shiar but her family had no choice. If the House of D’Ghor wanted to reclaim its place in the Klingon High Council, then it had no choice but make this distasteful alliance with the Romulans. Since their discommendation over six decades ago, the entire House was reduced to being social outcasts for many generations. But Dhirissa believed that was going to change, depending on the outcome of this battle.

“By the way, Jerika,” the Klingoness began, sneering. “I got in touch with your ‘ex-lover’ and he assures me that the PHOENIX has been talked out of heading to BETA THORIDOR and is on route to the Azure Nebula.”

{{For both our sakes, let’s hope the PHOENIX stays away and as far as the SATET, our ship is heading to BETA THORIDOR to deal with them once and for all.}} A frosty smile formed across her mouth. {{You know the consequences if Is’toQ emerge victorious for both of us.}}

Oh she knew. Dhirissa set her jaws, clenching her fists. Is’toQ and his coalition would be unstoppable if they were successful against the Orions and the rest of the High Council would just simply fall in line behind him, thus making the warlord, the new emperor. “Jerika, my House has no intention of getting in your way. The SATET is all yours.”

{{Good. If your uncle hopes to become emperor, then keeping our secret weapon at BETA THORIDOR hidden from Is’toQ and Starfleet is imperative.}}

Dhirissa nodded. Yes, that ‘secret’ weapon would ensure the other Houses would bend to the will of the House of D’Ghor but that would only happen as long as Is’toQ did not survive the battle at Alcyonus. Her uncle, the head of the House was a feeble old man compared to the warlord.


NRPG: I opted to not pick a side in the battle of Alcyonus ;)

For your reference,
Azure Nebula

House of D’Ghor'Ghor

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