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Warbirds of Prey

Posted on Mar 13, 2020 @ 10:19pm by Lieutenant Eve Dalziel
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Mission: Last Days of Empire

“Warbirds Of Prey”

(Continued from “Playing Double Agent”)


Scene: Dalziel’s Office
Stardate: [2.20] 0303.2059

The plan had been quickly set in motion. Jake and Jasmine had taken the communication device to Lieutenant Byte for the modifications needed to silently join in on the discussions between Harrad-Tor and Dhirissa. Silsby had escorted the Orion officer-turned-traitor to Eve’s office for a debrief and coaching, in preparation for his next contact with the Klingoness.

Eve tossed the end of her sable ponytail over her shoulder absentmindedly. “Your objectives are twofold. First, you are to attempt to gain any and all information about the status of the battle at Alcyonus. Knowing who is winning, or even if any key ships have fallen, will assist us in the aftermath.”

“And the other?” He asked.

“To uncover any clues as to the location of the SATET. We need to find her before someone else does.”

Harrad-Tor took a ragged breath. “I am not sure this will work.”

“It *must* work,” Eve replied with irritation. “Dhirissa has *used* you, as a henchman at best, and as a blackmailed pawn at worst. Remember her contribution to the situation you’re in, and find it in yourself to turn the tables on her. We don’t need big sweeping reveals- only a few small pieces of Intel to lead us in the right direction.”

At that moment, the doorway swooshed open, and the ExO and Sec/Tac stepped inside, looking satisfied with the results of their task.

As the disgraced master-at-arms noticed their arrival, he was still feeling the sting of the Counselor’s words. He felt both anger and relief. The truth was out. Dhirissa was now the only person he had to fool. “I will focus as much as I can.”

“You’ll be needing this.” The Commander set the sphere on Eve’s desk, directly in front of Harrad-Tor.

The Orion man touched it tentatively, then picked it up. It didn’t look or feel any different. He stood up. “If this is complete, then I should be going.” He lumbered towards the door, where Silsby was standing discreetly, waiting for him.

“Do you have any other questions about your mission?” Eve asked.

Harrad-Tor shook his head no and turned to Crichton. “What do I do to make sure it is providing the PHOENIX with the necessary data?”

“Simply operate the device normally. They won’t be able to detect any changes. Byte made sure of that.”

The emerald-skinned man looked skeptical but resigned to his fate. “I have no choice.”

“That’s right,” Lieutenant Yu firmly reminded him.

Harrad-Tor stopped, blinked his eyes slowly and took a breath, then glanced at his supervising officer with remorse. “Let’s go,” he said to his would-be handler and they left.

“We’re only going to be able to ‘read between the lines’ if he coaxes a dialogue out of her. Is he ready?” Jake asked, once the two men were clear. The three officers walked back towards the consultation area.

Eve shrugged, once more sitting behind her desk. “As ready as he can be with short notice. I would have preferred to have had more time.”

“We always want what we don’t have,” Jake said matter-of-factly.

Jasmine thought of the man’s initial reasons for going to the dark side. “Harrad-Tor wanted to be reunited with Jeeza.”

Eve leaned back in her chair. “Well, I’ve never been one to stand against romance, but unrequited love can encourage unhealthy behavior.”

Jake’s stance became more sentimental, subtle thoughts of Xana crossing his mind. “I doubt it was that simple. It never is.”

“Did you consider prompting him in real time while he’s meeting with her?” Jasmine asked, her tactical experience coming to the fore. There were all sorts of tiny pieces of equipment that Harrad-Tor could wear to allow covert communication.

Eve nodded. “I did, for a moment. But his instincts will serve him better than another voice in his ear. Dhirissa is enough for him to handle. And I want him to act as much like himself as possible.”

“We have to avoid any suspicions on her part,” Jake agreed. “And it speaks to Harrad-Tor’s character that he agreed to try this. He could have just given up and asked us to throw him in the Brig.”

“I don’t envy whoever is going to have to to dole out his punishment.” There was more than one reason Eve was a Counselor, and not a lawyer.

“He has committed treason,” Jasmine stated solemnly.

The Cardassian-born woman agreed. “Yes, there is no denying that. And JAG will see the evidence of that crime. However, I can see the person underneath. There is something worth saving there, once he has paid his debt to society.”

“I hope you’re right,” Yu said doubtfully. “Our next steps depend on it.”


Scene: Harrad-Tor’s quarters

Virgo Silsby was standing sentinel outside, and all Harrad-Tor could do was wait. It had been at least forty-five minutes this time. He began to question whether the MoH'Jthor had been destroyed or otherwise occupied in the actions of war. Perhaps they no longer had the need for his services. Perhaps they had defeated the Orions without his aid, and sent his former crime boss into oblivion. His stray thought of hope was interrupted by the signal of a message coming through.

[[You are alive.]] Her voice was emotionless. He couldn’t detect any noise in the background, like roaring klaxons or explosions. Nothing of use was being given to him- yet.

“I can’t tell if you’re impressed or disappointed,” he answered. It wouldn't be easy to wheedle any information out of her.

[[I am... surprised,]] she admitted. [[Where are you?]]

“Our Captain mounted a rescue effort from Gran’Kothar. I am once again aboard the ship.”

[[What have you been doing?]] Dhirissa shot back, not pleased or satisfied with his answer, trying to keep him on his toes.

“Trying to avoid suspicion- they interrogated all the survivors from the SATET, in case you’re wondering. I wanted to make sure none of them could implicate me as being a part of any of that.”

[[There may be hope for you as a spy, after all.]]

“I have not forgotten about your promise, or about Jeeza. What do I need to do to demonstrate my loyalty to you?” He could feel his stomach churning. “Perhaps help the Klingon fleet?”

[[What makes you think we require help?]] she asked smugly.

He felt like he was being taken for a ride and responded in turn. “You’ve already won, then. Why didn’t you say so?”

[[The situation is.. under control. If we had won, I wouldn’t be bothered contacting you. I would have simply left you behind, Liriss or no Liriss.]]

“How comforting.”

[[But if I am to ask for the moon and the stars, the worst you could say is no, am I correct?]]

He was tired of the cat-and-mouse game. “Dhirissa, *what* do you want?”

[[Could you find some way to take over the ship… to arrange a mutiny? The dreadnought would be quite a prize for the Empire.]]

Harrad-Tor laughed at her brazen request. “I am most assuredly a man. But a mutiny is far more than one man can accomplish.”

[[It is only a question.]]

“I have no sway with the Captain,” he blurted out, growing annoyed. **Just what did she think he was to the PHOENIX?**

[[Then what use are you to me?”]] she spat back.

Harrad-Tor was losing control of the situation, and he hadn’t gotten any pertinent information from Dhirissa. He had to change tactics. “You didn’t let me finish. While I am not the Captain’s favorite, I am a close confidante of our ExO, Commander Jake Crichton.”

[[Are you saying he is up for taking over the ship?]]

“No, no, he is loyal to Captain Kane. I cannot change that. But as Crichton follows Kane, Kane trusts Crichton.”

[[Go on.]]

“I can convince Jake of what we *should* or *shouldn’t* do while the battle of Alyconus rages. By extension, he can influence the CO. Maybe steer him away from doing something that interferes with your plans. You understand they won’t rest until we find that ship, no matter who prevails.”

For the first time, Dhirissa paused. To Harrad-Tor, this was promising. She was so conniving that it felt like the first time he had some sort of upper hand on her. Finally, she spoke. [[Keep the ship away from the BETA THORIDOR system. They can scour the rest of the quadrant for all I care.]]

“What, or who, is there?”

It was her turn to laugh this time, an evil cackle escaping her lips. [[You are foolish to ask, Harrad-Tor. Only obey my request if you want to see our agreement fulfilled. To the Empire.]] With that, the transmission ended.


NRPG: Ran, Shawn, as always I hope I did your characters justice.

Jerome, Alix, thanks for letting me bend your ears with various questions.

Beta Thoridor has two related entries on Memory Alpha and Memory Beta. Apparently the name was changed from Thoridar to Thoridor during inconsistent mention of it during the various tv series. The region was also used on Star Trek Online at one time. I found various maps of the area but no consistency to confirm its exact location. It’s east of Khitomer, but exactly how far east isn’t clear.

I’m not saying this information is necessary to post; I just wanted a ‘setting’ to advance the story to.

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Lieutenant Eve Dalziel


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