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Lieutenant Jasmine Yu

Name Jasmine Yu

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Black, shoulder length, tied in a ponytail on duty but let loose off duty
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slender form. Light brown complexion.


Father Commander Victor Yu, Human, 58, Starfleet Sciences
Mother Comander Qui Chung, Human, 57, Starfleet Engineering

Personality & Traits

General Overview When it comes to work, Jasmine is quietly confident about her abilities. She does not boast about her achievements, preferring to maintain a modest outlook and let the records speak for themselves. She takes great pride in her job and being a Starfleet officer. She enjoys puzzles and mysteries, especially challenging ones. She is also quite driven as an officer and does not give up on a problem, which gained her both supporters and critics. She is also ‘not a shoot first, ask questions later’ type officer and prefers to assess the situation first before deciding on a course of action if that is possible.

During her free time, one generally finds her playing 3D chess, any kind of strategy game or running a holo-novel. She is outgoing and friendly, generally getting along well with others both on and off-duty. At the same time, she can get very serious and focused, when it comes to her job.

She is a vegetarian. She loves pasta and her favorite cuisines are Italian, Mexican and Mediterranean. Her favorite drink is green tea (of all kinds).
Strengths & Weaknesses Jasmine is very organized and has a keen eye for details. She is willing to help and lend a hand to a fellow officer and does not micromanage, preferring to teach or show a junior officer. She is not afraid to voice any concerns or queries but tries to be more assertive than argumentative. She does not give up on a challenging problem when presented with one.

She can at times, get too bogged down with a single problem or detail and ignores the bigger picture. She can be too stubborn to back down from solving a problem even after a senior officer has decided there is no hope for a solution but sometimes that is also her strength.
Hobbies & Interests strategy games, puzzles, holo-novels

Personal History Jasmine was born on May 7, 2404 in Rochester, NY, EARTH. She is the second child of her parents, Victor Yu and Qui Chung, both Starfleet Lieutenants at the time of her birth. Because of her parents’ careers, Jasmine spent a considerable amount of her childhood living on different starships, until the age of 15, when her family settled in Hawaii, EARTH.

When Jasmine turned 19, she joined Starfleet Academy with full support from her family, even though it was during a very difficult time – the Second Dominion War was still raging at the time. To no one’s surprise, she chose to major in Security and Tactical. She enjoyed her time in the academy immensely. However, during her second year, she got into trouble with SFA authorities, along with many other students for partaking in an anti-war protest that took place on a civilian university campus in San Francisco. Some in Starfleet were very vocal about charging the students with treason, others suggested suspension or probation. In the end, the academy placed most of the students involved in the protest on academic probation for a year, except for a couple of seniors, who were expelled for their involvement in organizing the demonstration.

Jasmine was only present at the protest when she was looking for her friend. But because she was a little outspoken about her views about the war through conversations with friends, colleagues and even some of her instructors, the authorities were not initially convinced by her story, regarding her presence at the protest. So she was put on academic probation like the other students who were present at the demonstration. From then on, Jasmine kept her head down and just continued to work on her studies and getting good grades.

After graduation from the Academy in 2427, Jasmine was assigned to the USS CAMELOT, where she served in the capacity of Assistant Sec/Tac for over four years. Her time at the CAMELOT proved to be interesting, yet challenging as the ship underwent deep space exploration missions.

In 2432, Jasmine was transferred to the USS PHOENIX as Chief of Security and Tactical.
Service Record *Entered Starfleet Academy: 2423
*Graduated from Starfleet Academy: 2427
*Promoted to Ensign: 2427 [2.12] 0530
*Assigned to USS CAMELOT as aSec/Tac: 2427 [2.12] 0702
*Promoted to Lieutenant JG: 2428[2.13] 0914
*Promoted to Lieutenant: 2431 [2.16] 0507
*Reassigned to USS PHOENIX as Sec/Tac: 2432 [2.17] 0103
Education Majored in Security and Tactical at Starfleet Academy and completed a couple of courses in Engineering.