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To The Left

Posted on Jul 02, 2019 @ 4:28am by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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Mission: Last Days of Empire

“To the Left”
(contd from ‘The First Test’)


Location: TX01-V A
SD: [2.19] 0701.2301
Scene: Marketplace

As Commander Jake Crichton and Lieutenant Jasmine Yu had managed to integrate themselves into the crowd, the Asian began to study her immediate surroundings. The marketplace was quite crowded, making one feel a bit claustrophobic. The duo were walking at a casual pace, eyeing each and every shop or kiosk passing them by. Jasmine raised an eyebrow when her brown eyes fell on a food stand and upon closer look, her expression paled and turned away. She inhaled, wishing she hadn’t seen greenish brown piece of meat being roasted over a furnace – the odour from a mixture of the meat and the frying oil, filling her with disgust. After all, who knew where the meat had come from? Then again, she was a vegetarian after all.

They next passed a small tent, where Jasmine spotted a middle aged Romulan woman, holding a thin piece of green cloth, embroidered with multi-coloured patterns and was trying to sell to a skeptical Bolian female. That shop faded behind them as they continued moving, when Jake stopped and she followed suit.

“Alright, Jasmine.” The ExO sighed, turning to her. “Any suggestions on where we can go first to inquire about J’hora.”

Jasmine glanced around the area when her gaze fixed on a large tent that was attached in a haphazard manner to a bulkhead that used to belong to a wrecked ship. She inched closer to take a peek through the opening, marking the entrance and noticed people sitting down on tables and chairs, consuming food. “How about that restaurant?”

“Okay.” Jake nodded. “Maybe they have a bar. Bartenders run into all kinds of customers and likely hear things.”

“And considering J’hora is supposed to be some kind of big shot here, then a bartender can provide information as to how to find her.”

Crichton inhaled, gesturing towards the entrance. “Okay, let’s head there.” Both officers began making their way to the restaurant, following an Andorian couple inside the tent.

Jasmine cast a quick glance around her surroundings. The restaurant didn’t seem too big, where the dining area consisted of at least three rows of tables and chairs and some of them were empty. Perhaps, either it wasn’t meal time or the place wasn’t very popular. Her gaze then moved to the other end of the establishment and spotted the bar, which sat atop a tritanium deck – likely built from parts taken from the wreckage. At the back were shelves that lined up a steel grey wall.

Behind the bar, serving drinks to a Cardassian patron, was a male humanoid – Rigelian to be precise, judging from his Vulcanoid features. Yu noted the bartender looked to be middle-aged with a clean shaven face, hardened features and long, black haired tied in a loose ponytail. As she and Jake began making their way to the bar, the security chief noticed some of the customers turn in their direction and stare at them. Jasmine gave them a quick sidelong glance, noting their stares seemed filled with curiosity at the Starfleet officers’ presence. She even heard some whispers and was able to make out words like ‘Starfleet’ or ‘what do they want here?’ or ‘did they come down from that huge starship above?’

By the time they reached the bar, the Rigelian finished serving the Cardassian and greeted them, a smile gracing his features. “Welcome, it is not often I get many visitors from Starfleet.” He gestured towards the bar stools. “Please have a seat.”

Jake and Jasmine nodded, settling themselves down on the stools. The ExO leaned forward, placing both his elbows on the table.

“So what can I get for you two?” The bartender inquired.

“Actually,” Jake began. “We are here on official Starfleet business.”

The bartender frowned. “I have never been into Federation space so I do not know what it is you want from me.”

“This isn’t about you,” Crichton assured. “We just came here for some information.”

“I can maybe help with information,” the bartender said. “But only if you order something.”

“A glass of Saurian brandy for me,” Jake ordered.

“Same as him,” Jasmine said, knowing she had no plan on actually having the drink.

The bartender smiled, preparing their drinks. “So what kind of information would you like from me?” He then placed both glasses in front of them. “That will be a total of twenty slips of latinum.”

As Crichton was busy paying the bartender, Yu took a quick look around behind her for any hostile persons and let out a sigh. Apparently after a brief stare out of curiosity, the rest of the customers were busy with eating or chatting amongst themselves. She then turned forward.

“We are looking for some privateers whom we suspect are in possession of stolen Starfleet property,” Jake began. “The privateers were last seen on this moon.”

“Privateers?” The Rigelian stroked his chin, pondering. “I get many customers so I may or may not remember them. Maybe you should ask elsewhere.”

“Do you know how we can find the Klingoness, J’hora?” Jasmine inquired and watched the bartender shrug, his posture stiffening and his expression hardening.

“Everyone here knows who J’hora is,” the Rigelian said in a flat tone. “She is a very important figure here so you cannot just walk up to her, even in those Starfleet uniforms.” He gestured at their outfits.

Jake let out a sigh of frustration. “Where can we find her?”

The bartender shrugged. “She lives at her keep but it is heavily fortified - used to be built from wreckages of birds of prey and some other vessels.” He gave them a warning look. “Only members of House J’hora, their allies and subordinates are allowed in there. I very much doubt you would be able to get past their gatekeepers as from what I heard, they are not intimidated by Starfleet.”

“How far is the keep from here?” Yu asked.

“It’s just outside the south end of the marketplace but unless you are an invited guest, the gatekeepers will not grant you entrance.”

“Well,” Jake said, letting out a sigh. “We will just go somewhere else for help.”

“Hmm…I know someone who can help.” The bartender grinned.

“Who?” Jasmine asked.

“Well,” the Rigellian said. “J’hora regularly hangs out at this exclusive club, somewhere in the east but it is invite-only and only the wealthy elite and those with important connections are invited. I very much doubt they will invite anyone from Starfleet.”

Crichton set his jaws and Jasmine shared his frustration. The bartender sounded a little condescending and this bothered the young woman, having this bad feeling that maybe he didn’t want them getting to J’hora. She narrowed her eyes. Something wasn’t right here.

“You did mention knowing someone who can help,” Jasmine brought up.

“Yes, yes.” The bartender nodded, scratching his chin again. “Well, Yrglom, an elderly Yridian. He runs a collectors’ items shop somewhere in the northern sector and is popular with the wealthy elite for its various artifacts that he had obtained from all four quadrants. So he is in possession of valuable information and if anyone can help you gain access to the club, it would be Yrglom.”

“Thank you for your assistance,” Jake said to him and nodded at the security chief. Both officers stepped off the stools and began making their way back to the entrance. Neither had touched their drinks.


TI: Five minutes later.

After watching the Starfleet officers disappearing out of the establishment and back into the streets, the Rigelian pressed on his communicator. “You said to contact you if anyone from Starfleet showed up at my establishment,” he spoke in a low voice.

[[Yes. Do you have any information?]]

“There were two of them – a male and female – both humans,” he replied. “These two wear those black uniforms but have red bands across their chests.”

“[[I see. The two Starfleet officers I am tracking wear similar uniforms but one has an aqua blue band and the other, gold.]] The individual paused. [[What did they want?]]

“I believe they want a meeting with J’hora and I tried to discourage them but they were persistent.”

[[So what did you tell them then?]] There was a hint of anger in the other man’s voice.

The Rigelian set his jaws, feeling a bad taste in his mouth. He disliked dealing with this burly Orion but had no choice knowing the amount he owed him and his bosses. The green skinned man with that twisted pink scar on his bald head was not to be trifled with here if one valued their life. “I sent them to Yrglom.”

[[Good. Yrglom will demand a steep price in exchange for an invitation into the club, something I doubt Starfleet will be willing to pay.]] A moment later, the Orion said. [[You did well to direct them to that Yridian and will have another ten percent of your debt to us fulfilled.]]

“Thank you. I am grateful for that.”

[[My superiors are determined to ensure J’hora and those Starfleet officers do not meet.]]


TI: Twenty minutes later

The Phoenix’s first officer and chief of security were back on the streets, making their way to Yrglom’s antiques. Jasmine inhaled, tapping her finger on the tubing of the oxygen regulator that Dr. Samson, the ship’s new Chief Medical Officer, provided to the away team. They had just passed by a small kiosk, where a hose was built into its structure. Yu had seen a couple of those kiosks around that were used to refill persons’ oxygen tanks. Not a bad idea, especially on a moon with such a thin atmosphere containing low oxygen and nitrogen levels. She sighed, glancing upwards at the visage of the gas giant above – apparently not given an official name. From what she had read and heard, the locals as well as visiting merchants referred to the planet as Fatso and she found that a bit odd.

“We have arrived,” Jake announced as both officers stopped a few feet from a tent, where a holographic projection displaying the shop’s name in bright red letters, ‘Yrglom’s Emporium’, alternating between multiple languages.

“Commander, before we go inside.”

“Yes, do you have concerns?”

“Yes.” Yu nodded. “There is a possibility we may be walking into a trap and I recommend we take some precautions before entering this shop.”

“Understood.” Jake nodded.


NRPG: So the mysterious Orion, introduced in Shawn’s post ‘Deep Breath’ is tailing Eve and Heck and why doesn’t he and his mysterious superiors want the away team to meet with J’hora? And is Jasmine right to be worried and suspicious about entering Yrglom the Yridian’s shop? And what’s going on with Eve and Heck?

Ranjani S.
Writing for

Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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