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The First Test

Posted on Jul 01, 2019 @ 3:41am by Ensign Allison Samson
Edited on on Jul 01, 2019 @ 4:07am

Mission: Last Days of Empire

=The First Test=

(continued from “Deep Breath”)


Location: USS Phoenix
Stardate: [2.19]0630.1930
Scene: Main Sickbay


Allison glanced to Dr. Bartlett. She lifted a brow at the question. “Delivered, explained, and they’ve departed,” she reported. “Computer; begin tracking away team vitals. Keep a running display in the CMOs office.” A soft beep accompanied the order and through the office window Allison saw the panels behind her desk light up. “What about-“

“Comparative analysis underway,” Dr. Bartlett answered before she could finish asking the question. “Given the volume of information you’re requesting, that will keep the computer busy for quite awhile.”

“Good,” Allison nodded, pleased some minor work could still be completed with her research, and not take her attention away from the task at hand. “Now, on to more important things. I want to get a look at the medical records for the entire away team.”

Bartlett led her into the office, tapped a few controls on the desk panel and stood back. Allison settled in the chair and started to read, making a few notes on a nearby PADD as she went. Periodically she would make a few adjustments to the information the computer was tracking, changed the alarm thresholds and so forth.

At a chime from the panels behind her, Allison turned around and studied the tracking map of the team. “Well, that makes things a little harder,” she muttered, noting they had separated. Provided things went smoothly for the team, that wouldn’t be an issue. If, however, they both got into trouble, it could make rescue or medical intervention more complicated. “We better fully prepare a second emergency bag, just in case,” she stated.

“Agreed,” Dr. Bartlett replied, motioning for one of the nurses to come forward for instructions. “Of course, if they’re going to be down there for a while…”

Allison sighed. She knew where he was going with that thought. There were so many things that could go wrong, and so very many things they had better be ready to deal with. That was always the case when such a wide variety of species gathered in one location. “I’ll take the food and drink,” Allison volunteered.

“That leaves me with weapons,” Dr. Bartlett agreed.

Sitting on either side of the desk, the two doctors began working through the list of known species to frequent The Bazaar, making note of potential problems, and how to deal with each one. It would be just Allison’s luck that during the first away mission she was responsible for tracking they managed to poison themselves with some unknown and untested food product, and she lacked the forethought to manage an antidote.

That simply could not be allowed to happen.

As they worked, both doctors kept an eye on the away team, monitoring heart rates and blood pressures. They knew, if there was a spike in either (or worse, both) it could signal trouble for their people. Allison had full confidence in her abilities to help. She didn’t doubt her skills, she just fervently hoped they wouldn’t need her to prove it.


Shauna Dean
Writing as
Ensign Allison Samson
USS Phoenix


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