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Sharing Experience

Posted on Oct 28, 2018 @ 5:26am by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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Mission: The Uncertainty Principle

“Sharing Experience”
(contd from ‘Finding the Time’)


SD: [2.18] 1027.2342
Scene: Bridge

Jasmine inhaled deeply, preparing to recall her strange experience, which she believed at the time to be either a dream or vision. With the knowledge that the Phoenix was adrift amidst a bed of chronoton particles, she now believed it was most likely a vision as a result of temporal phenomenon.

“Moments after I woke up in Main Engineering, I found Doctors Crow and Eden unconscious and decided, rather than wait for medical teams, I felt they needed to be taken to sickbay immediately.” She paused to take a breath. “Unfortunately, Commander Malin-Argo was unable to spare any of the engineers to assist me so I was left to deal with their transfer by myself.” The Asian woman recalled for a brief moment her struggle to make the difficult decision. “I was left with a difficult choice in deciding whether to take Dr. Eden or Dr. Crow to Sickbay. Now while Eden’s injuries didn’t look serious, her advanced age was a major concern as to the extent of those injuries. Dr. Crow, on the other hand, showed signs of internal injuries, making her condition more critical.”

Jake said, “So apparently you chose Crow as she is now in Sickbay, receiving treatment, while Eden looks to be doing okay.”

Yu shook her head. “I didn’t initially.”

“What do you mean?” Crichton blinked.

Jasmine explained, “Well, my plan was to take one of them to sickbay and return with a medical team to bring the other. Because of Crow’s internal injuries, I feared if I carried her, then there was a possibility she would have died due to improper handling during the move. So I decided to take Dr. Eden instead but as I got ready to leave with her, that’s when I had this… vision.”

The ExO asked, “So what did you see?”

“I was still in Main Engineering,” Jasmine began. “But something was off.”

{{In what way, Lieutenant?}} This time, it was Byte who posed the question.

Yu answered, “For one, I seemed to have been transported to the other side of the Master Systems Display and was standing close to the warp core, which wasn’t functioning properly.”

The Android pointed out, {{The warp core is still having problems, Lieutenant.}}

“Yes but that’s not the strange part.” She nodded. “Before having the vision, I had Dr. Eden over my shoulders, however here, I didn’t. Instead, I spotted her in a heated argument with Commander Malin-Argo, each passing the blame of our current predicament to the other. It looked like her injuries were minor as she seemed to have woken up and was able to move about.”

Crichton muttered under his breath, “And get into an argument with Malin-Argo.”

Jasmine sighed, giving them nervous glances. “However, that wasn’t the worst part of this experience.”

“Did something terrible happen like the ship exploding?” Jake questioned, an alarmed look in his eyes.

“No,” Yu said slowly. “Commander Bartlett was there and I overheard him telling Commander Malin-Argo that Dr. Crow was braindead.” She sighed. “And that was when I was pulled back to reality, where things were where I left off such as Dr. Eden being unconscious and I was carrying her.” The Asian sighed again. “I’m not sure how to explain this and I still don’t understand why I did it. Was it because subconsciously I knew it was glimpse into the future? I don’t know. But the vision gave me a better understanding of Dr. Crow’s injuries and I then decided to take her to sickbay, instead of Eden.”

Jake pondered for a moment to take in Jasmine’s account. “Thank you, Lieutenant.” Glancing around, the ExO inquired, “So what do you think?”

Byte suggested, {{As I mentioned earlier, there are high concentrations of chronoton particles present during a temporal phenomena. Lieutenant Yu’s glimpse of the future is likely associated with the presence of chronoton within the ship.}}

“So I jumped through time and then just returned?” Jasmine raised an eyebrow.

{{It’s possible.}} The Ops chief nodded. {{When you had the vision, did anyone notice your absence?}}

Jasmine shook her head, wondering where the Android was going with his theory. “Not really. When I was pulled out of the vision, Ensign Maynell asked if I was alright, not where I went.” She shrugged. “Besides, it’s likely I was gone for no more than a few seconds, I think.”

Jake asked, glancing at the Android, “What are you thinking here?”

Byte said, {{Commander, I believe it is highly possible Lieutenant Yu’s consciousness travelled forward in time but her physical body remained.}}

Yu sported a look of confusion. “But how could that be?” But then it all made sense. Jasmine remembered how it felt like she wasn’t there but somewhere else looking through a lens as the events unfolded before her. Like she had a kind of an out of body experience, maybe.

{{I am not sure yet until we conduct further investigation,” the Android stated.

Jake furrowed his brow as if mulling over something. “Byte, if your theory holds, then how is it that Lieutenant Yu hopped maybe a couple of minutes into the future, why not jump forward a year or hundred years maybe? Or perhaps backwards in time?”

{{Commander, because we have only heard from Lieutenant Yu, it is difficult to answer that question until we gather more information,}} Byte answered, the only person who seemed to be unfazed with the possibility of a temporal phenomenon occurring on the ship.

Jake sighed. “So in other words, we’ll need to find out from others who experienced these phenomena as well and that should give us a much better picture of what we’re dealing with here.”

Yu raised an eyebrow. “This brings up another point. Why didn’t we detect the presence of chronoton particles in this region of space? Did they appear sometime after Dr. Eden’s experiment began?”

“That is a good question, Lieutenant and something we need to investigate,” Crichton replied.

Jasmine leaned back on the console, her mind running through a lot of things. From the sensor reports, the ship was adrift in empty space with nothing else in sight like no other vessels or any cosmic bodies like a rogue comet though that would have been something they’d have been able to detect ahead of time. With no evidence of hull breaches, which would have occurred had they came in contact with something, but apparently they didn’t, at least not anything in space. Now with the discovery of chronoton particles in and around the ship and her possible time hop, they were now likely dealing with temporal phenomena. Or what if the experiment led to an unexpected consequence, a breach in the fabric of time or maybe a temporal anomaly already existed that the ship wasn’t able to detect.

What Jasmine knew was the real answer might not be found for a while and in the meantime, they had a ship to fix.


Ranjani S.
Writing for

Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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