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They Want You (Chapter Five)

Posted on Nov 02, 2018 @ 5:53pm by Ambassador Xana Bonviva
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Mission: Blue Planet

“It’s You They Want -- Chapter 5”


Location: LUNA
Scene: Nebula Room Restaurant - Main Room

In the main ballroom of the Nebula Room Restaurant, the 360 degree windows stood upon Mons Huygens. With the lights dimmed in the Nebula Room, save for the crystal chandelier in the center and the low atmospheric lights that were installed on the table, there was enough illumination to see not only the other guests that sat at round tables around the center dancing circle but also along windows to see LUNA itself and off in the distance EARTH and the stars.

Of course people came to the Nebula Room not just for the atmosphere but to be *seen*; which is why Xana Bonviva was here. On a date, no less. It was terribly romantic, she had to admit to herself, as her long fingers traced the stem of the wineglass. Her date, the actor she had mentioned in passing to Siobhan, was charming, and she had gone a few dates with him in the past. At any time, she’d be happy to pass some time laughing and enjoying her time; but now her thoughts were divided.

“--so then I said to the director, I could not complete the scene without some creative control,” Oracio explained as he waved his hand.

Xana, well aware that Oracio Cinci was the star of series of popular action-adventure holo-novels (going on dates with him made her popular with her son, Benito, and even slightly popular Dahlia). “Mmm,” she nodded as she picked up the wineglass, while her thoughts were trying to piece together the various links to the BORG and the ship she saw put together on MARS…

Oracio gave her a look as he tilted his head, his slightly long black hair with white streaks, stylishly falling to the side. “The director, of course, was angry but he came around.” After a discrete pause the Bolian/Betazoid man leaned in, “If, of course, I did something for studio.”

Still lost in thoughts of the ship at MARS PLANITIA UTOPIA and BORG...there had to be a link...but where, Xana wondered. The BORG did not just simply decide to upset the geo-political relations, and it seemed that the Federation and Starfleet knew of it, or some people did… Setting down her glass, Xana simply nodded and said softly, “Of course there is a cost.”

The actor sat back in his seat, unconsciously rubbing his fingers along his black and silver goatee. “So the cost is personal.”

Suddenly pieces fell into place, with startling speed. Of course it was personal. Mavia mentioned the personal connections on ELANDIPOLE to the PHOENIX. Then Ysidria Delis, the Section 31 agent who debriefed her on Siobhan’s ship, confirmed as much; that there was a personal link. “Everything is personal in the end, no matter how much we pretend otherwise,” Xana said as she began playing with the utensils and accoutrements on the table trying to figure out the links between the players on the geo-political stage. If it wasn’t the Senior Staff, then it was someone else…

“So the personal is that they want me to clean up my public persona,” Oracio explained.

The azure woman frowned as she moved the salt shaker so that it juxtaposed the fork, mentally playing out scenarios of different players on the galactic stage. “I thought that’s why we were dating,” she said off-handedly.

The Betazoid/Bolian man rolled his eyes playfully before rolling out the piece de resistance. “So I agreed with my director and studio that the best way to clean up my persona was to get married to an upright citizen.” After no response from his date who was busy re-arranging items on the table. “So how do you feel about next Tuesday for our wedding?”

It took several moments but finally Xana looked up from the fog of her own thoughts, her violet eyes wide. “Eh?” was all she could manage.

“Well this week is out. I’ve got re-shoots, and you’ve got committee hearings. I took the liberty of checking your schedule,” Oracio explained. “And I figured you’d want the weekend to get a dress.” Sipping his sparkling Bolian firewater he asked nonchalantly, “What do you wear for the 4th wedding?”

“Huh?” Xana said again, feeling the blood drain from her face.

The actor finally smiled at that as he set down his drink. “You know I saw your speeches, I had my people pull them before I agreed to be set up with you. I expected something far more eloquent that “Eh” and “Huh”.” When Xana glared at him he chuckled before whispering, “Relax, I’m adhering to our terms. We’re not getting married. I was just trying to desperately to get your attention.”

Flinging down her napkin she muttered, “That’s not funny.”

“Oh a lovers’ quarrel, good idea. We haven’t had one yet,” Oracio smiled. “We’ll storm out, and “make up”,” he said using air quotes, “by the time we hit my shuttle to take you home.”

The Councilwoman tried so hard to stay mad but couldn’t. “It would help if you didn’t use air quotes.”

“All of dates would be better if one or the both of us weren’t terribly distracted by real life,” he pointed out. He stayed quiet while the waiter refreshed their drinks and waited until he left before asking quietly, “Were you thinking about your ex-husband again?” When Xana said nothing he asked, “Jimbo? Jocasta? Johannes?”

Xana rolled her eyes, “You know that’s not his name.”

“No, I was pretty sure I was close that last time,” Oracio nodded.

“Commander Jacob Crichton, or Jake to his friends,” she said. The actor leaned in, “The man dating his ex-wife I’m sure isn’t a friend.” Nodding to
himself he said, “So were you thinking about Jacko that time?”

“I was not thinking about *Jake*,” she said.

The Bolian/Betazoid actor smiled. “I suppose that’s an improvement from our last dates.” Watching her he asked, “Can I ask a question?”

“You know by saying that you already did,” Xana pointed out. Waving her hand she said, “Go ahead.”

“How do you get over it?” he asked. When she looked up and over at him, Oracio clarified, “Any of them. How did you?”

"You don't get over any of it. You just learn to live with it." She smiled wanly at that. “Died, Abandoned, Divorced. That’s been my marriages. I think with the first two, in various ways, I was angry at first. I mean in different ways, but mostly angry. I was angry at them for taking risks, I was angry at them for leaving me with the kids. My first marriage, I was 29 and a widow with a 2 year old. The second time I was 34 with 4 kids. It was *hard*. I was angry with them leaving the kids but selfishly...I was angry at them for leaving *me*. But at some point, after the yelling and tears...I finally realized that whatever was hurting in least it wasn’t hurting anymore. I was okay with that.”

Xana looked out at the window. “Divorce is a different kind of pain. There’s still anger. There’s still sadness. But one day you realize that the pain that is in the person is there...because *you* caused it. I caused there to be pain in Jake’s life. I pushed him away. I couldn’t be what he needed, so he left.” She picked up the wine glass and as it rested by her lips she said, “That’s a lot harder to live with. It’s a lot harder then to look in the mirror, to look at our kids, to say that Mom caused Dad to leave.” Swallowing the wine she said, “I can rationalize trying to live out my life, but causing that much pain for that many people...I haven’t figured out yet.”

There was a long pause at the table before she turned back to him. “You know for what was supposed to be a fake date, you ask real questions.”

Oracio sighed, a tired smile hidden beneath his goatee. “I had to; I’m trying to figure out my life and you’re the only one I can ask. But I know we’re not even really...” he said softly. “We do this,” he said waving his hands, “for--”

“I know,” Xana nodded, knowing what he was alluding to. She and Oracio went out as their schedules permitted, to be *seen*. It allowed Xana the illusion of being perceived as a healthy, active, *woman* and not a dying one. And for Oracio, it allowed him to be seen as a serious, actor who was not troubled, and causing problems for various studios and governments.

Of course both those things were wrong. Xana was dying. Oracio was causing trouble for studios and governments (with Xana’s help) in trying to find his lost wife. But for a few nights here and there, they allowed themselves to smile, to wink and nod in public, to share a meal, and under some twinkling lights, let people’s imaginations run.

“You know what I think?”

Xana rolled her eyes at that. “That you’re going to run out of ‘J’ names at some point,” she muttered.

Oracio smiled at that. “In another lifetime this would have been a different date,” he said quietly. “I think you and I would have danced out there,” he said nodding to the dance floor, “I think I would have charmed you, and you would have let yourself be charmed. I think that you would have flirted with me, and I would have turned bluer than anyone had a right to be. And tonight’s ending would be very different.”

It wouldn’t have been that long ago that Xana’s breath would have caught in her throat, her eyes would have twinkled and she would have followed through on that promise. Instead, she held back the moisture in her eyes, and said quietly, “That sounds another lifetime.” Discreetly sliding a slim isolinear rod to his hand as she held it she whispered, “I’ve enjoyed our time together. Good luck finding your wife. I hope she knows how lucky she is.” Leaning in she said, “Last known location was in the Wolf system, there’s more on there.”


Location: MARS
Scene: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

“Councilwoman Bonviva,” Lt. Commander Espath, the Arcadian who often roamed the gangplanks of Utopia Planitia, said. “What brings you back to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards?”

“I think you know,” she said, side-stepping or attempting to, the officer.

“You just missed the PHOENIX,” the officer said. “Is that it?”

The Bolian Councilwoman inhaled feeling a headache coming on. “You know perhaps I should have just told you why I’m here.”

“Direct communication is often for the best,” the Arcadian nodded. “Speaking of direct communication, did you want to leave a message for the PHOENIX--”

“Dear gods, no,” Xana replied cutting off the officer. “I want to speak to the Secretary of Starfleet; something I was denied last time. And which I have found out that he’s here.”

“I see,” Lt. Commander Espath said. Pausing for a moment the Arcadian asked, “And the nature of this visit?”

Xana looked over at the ship being built; it was nearly complete and then looked back up with a raised eyebrow. “The BORG.”

“The BORG?” Espath said questiongly.

“Did I stutter?” Xana asked sweetly.

“I did not hear any verbal anomalies, so no, you did not “stutter”,” Espath said.

“Great,” Xana said. When Espath did not move the Bolian Councilwoman asked, “So why aren’t you moving?”

Espath said quietly, “You don’t want to talk to the Secretary about the BORG.” The Arcadian’s dark eyes darted around, “He’s not the one who authorized the ship. Well he did, ma’am, but--”

“He just signed the PADD, I got it.” Xana nodded; and truly she did *get it*. “Alright, let’s assume I understand, and I agree. Who is behind this? Who would want to authorize--”

While she was mid-questioning, the Arcadian wandered off, leaving the Councilwoman more confused. When the assistant returned, a PADD was passed. “You want this.”

Xana watched as Espath then wordlessly walked off. Looking down she began to read through the briefing memo. “Well damn, that makes things complicated,” she sighed. “This is not how I imagined we’d meet again.”


Sarah Albertini-Bond
~writing for~
Councilwoman Xana Bonviva
Bolarus IX


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