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The Federation Role Playing Game is a creative writing game set in the Star Trek universe. New players take the roles of new graduates into the fleet, and participate in writing a series of collective stories with their shipmates. With over twenty years of a mythos already built up, and a clear, concise set of rules, the FRPG aims to be the premiére Trek writing sim on the Internet!

Come join our adventures!

The starship Phoenix

The Federation Role Playing Game is proudly affiliated with Star Trek: Distant Horizons. Be sure to visit their website by clicking on the banner below, and further explore the Star Trek universe that we share in.

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Latest Mission Posts

» Adjusting To Prison Life

Mission: Last Days of Empire
Posted on Oct 04, 2019 @ 5:45am by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu

“Adjusting to Prison Life”

(contd from ‘Countdown’)

Location: Gran’kothar, ALCYONUS I
SD: [2.19] 1003.2147
Scene: Prison Transfer Area

As the bluish white hue light dissipated to reveal the five members of the away team, Jasmine immediately began to cough. She soon realized that they were standing in the middle…

» Countdown

Mission: Last Days of Empire
Posted on Sep 30, 2019 @ 1:42am by Captain Michael Turlogh Kane


(Continued from "Got To Break Free")


Captain's log, supplemental - with the Phoenix's arrival in the Alcyonus susytem now imminent and our plan of action decided, there is nothing left to do except make final preparations...


Location: USS Phoenix, approaching Alcyonus
Stardate: [2.19]0929.1745
Scene: Main bridge…

» Got To Break Free

Mission: Last Days of Empire
Posted on Sep 28, 2019 @ 7:47pm by Captain Kassandra Thytos

"Got to break free"

(Cont. "Logic dictates")
* * *=(/\)=* * *

Stardate: 2.19.0928.1115
Scene: Captain's Ready Room

"We can't just waltz in there and force the Klingons to let us search for the crew of the Satet," Kassandra said with a frown creasing her brow. She…

» Dilemmas

Mission: Last Days of Empire
Posted on Sep 22, 2019 @ 11:58pm by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu


(contd from ‘Logic Dictates’)


SD: [2.19] 0922.1723
Scene: Ensign Harrad-Tor’s Personal Quarters

Harrad-Tor, the warship’s sole Orion officer, rushed inside his bedroom, making a beeline for the closet. Grabbing a bunch of clothes off the shelves, he tossed them on the bed and then with…

» Third Mission, Part XIV

Mission: Section 31
Posted on Sep 17, 2019 @ 1:26am by Chloe Nielsen

“Third Mission, Part XIV”


SD: [2.19] 0913.1421
Scene: Main Bridge

“Captain, incoming hail from the surface,” an Andorian tactical officer announced. “From Riivenvale.”

Anaqueen Spankryz raised an eyebrow. “On screen.” The view of the planet and the other ships in orbit flickered to an image of…