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The Federation Role Playing Game is a creative writing game set in the Star Trek universe. New players take the roles of new graduates into the fleet, and participate in writing a series of collective stories with their shipmates. With over twenty years of a mythos already built up, and a clear, concise set of rules, the FRPG aims to be the premiére Trek writing sim on the Internet!

Come join our adventures!

The starship Phoenix

The Federation Role Playing Game is proudly affiliated with Star Trek: Distant Horizons. Be sure to visit their website by clicking on the banner below, and further explore the Star Trek universe that we share in.

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Latest Mission Posts

» A Boy And His Dog

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer
Posted on Jun 24, 2020 @ 6:30am by Commander Jacob Crichton

A Boy And His Dog =

(cont’d from “Hostile Takeover”)

SCENE: Counseling Center - Waiting Room
STARDATE: [2.20] 0623.1736

Jake sat on the couch, hands folded awkwardly in his lap, staring at the wall chronometer across from his position. Beside him, the strange boy who called…

» Hostile Takeover

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer
Posted on Jun 19, 2020 @ 7:01am by Lieutenant Commander Aerdan Jos

“Hostile Takeover”

(Continued from “Face Value”)


Location: USS Phoenix
Stardate: [2.20] 0618.2330
Scene: Main Sickbay


Hey! Everything was finally sorted and put away and that made Dr. Keiku’s day. In celebration she was munching on a bowlful of gagh flavored tuber-root crisps – nutritious and delicious – and…

» Face Value

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer
Posted on Jun 12, 2020 @ 4:21am by Lieutenant Eve Dalziel & Iphigenia Bonviva

“Face Value”

(Continued from “A Spoonful Of Sugar”)


Location: USS PHOENIX, Docked at SB 56
SD: [2.20]0611.1709
Scene: Dalziel’s Office

The Cardassian-born woman breathed a sigh of relief upon finding out that Ben Crichton had been found on the Starbase. She’d been told a report would be forthcoming, but…

» A Spoonful of Sugar

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer
Posted on Jun 11, 2020 @ 5:53am by Lieutenant Eve Dalziel & Captain Kassandra Thytos

"A spoonful of sugar"

(Cont. "Changeling")

* * * =(/\)=* * *

Stardate: 2.20.0610.2129
Scene: Cargo Bay 2

Kassandra was finishing placing the last load of medical equipment on a sledge to go to Cargo Bay 2 while the new HCARS was being installed in the main…

» Changeling

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer
Posted on Jun 10, 2020 @ 9:28pm by Commander Jacob Crichton

= Changeling =

(cont’d from “Broken Connections”)


LOCATION: Starbase 56
SCENE: Security Hub
STARDATE: [2.20] 0610.1309

Jake stood near a large monitor, watching the live-feed from the interrogation room. On the screen, he saw the slight, familiar features of his only son, Ben, seated at the table. Across from…