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Captain Kassandra Thytos

Name Kassandra Thytos

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 1"
Weight 160
Hair Color Copper
Eye Color Dark blue
Physical Description Short and stocky. Muscular and athletic, though her advancing age has led to a bit of paunch that she finds distressing. Her hair is kept buzzed on the back and sides, and is pulled into a short ponytail on top. Her blue eyes always seem unfocused and never quite look right at you. Her face is disciplined, but the laugh lines around her mouth and eyes soften it. She is an inveterate smoker, and when in an area she can smoke is nearly always found with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

Speaks with a hint of a backwater colony accent, which she detests.

Due to an illness, the vision centers of Kassandra's brain were destroyed, and she has a network of sensors under her skin to allow her to 'see.' In shadows and the dark, the wires for the sensors glimmer.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Hector Thytos
Mother Alessandra Thytos
Sister(s) Cyril Elgin- decreased. Once a famous pianist and singer on Terra.
Other Family Niece: Asta Elgin- computer systems engineer Nephew: Lysander "Xander" Elgin Twins, aged 33(Biologically Kassandra's children. Their mother died when they were 7, and Kassandra adopted them)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quick temper, but equally quick to calm down and forgives and forgets easily. Generally easy going, and enjoys a good time. Dedicated, loyal, and expects the same from others. Harbors some deep seated bitterness towards Starfleet at the moment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Pragmatic, sensible, quick on her feet, and will doggedly pursue any task given to her to the bitter end. Formidable with close combat, partially due to the accuracy of the information her sensor nets give her. Fast reflexes. Good pilot, and excellent leadership skills, especially with the "regular Joes."

Weaknesses: Not outstandingly smart, especially compared to most Starfleet Officers. Her quick temper and lack of tolerance for incompetence may alienate some. A bit of a stickler in regards to her "honor" and personal moral code, she often lacks the sense to let things be, and can get herself into scrapes. Drinks a bit too much.
She has limited long range 'vision' due to limitations of the sensor nets. Scared of the dark, though this is largely a non issue, because of her sensor nets. However the sensor nets can, and have in the past, been disrupted by ion storms or other things that normally prevent scans.
Ambitions Not a particularly ambitious person, but she is incredibly patriotic and loyal to the Federation. She was discharged in disgrace five years ago, and desperately desires to regain her old position within Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Painting, military history, playing combat games on the Holodeck.

Personal History Kassandra joined the Marines at age 16 in order to escape the monotony of her colony planet life on Sherman's planet. She lied about her age.

She served in a platoon of Marines tasked with protecting colony worlds on the edge of Federation space for ten years until a tragic incident on KHAMSIN III. She became infected with an endemic brain eating parasite while her squadron was en-route to investigate a supposed pirate settlement. The intelligence about the pirate settlement was a trap. As the platoon was heading back to the rendezvous site with a very ill Kassandra, who was beginning to lose her sight. As the parasite destroyed the vision centers of her brain, they were attacked, and Kassandra's squadron was slaughtered around her while she lay helpless in the sand, unable to see what was happening or provide any help. She woke several months later in a medical facility, and was given the option to undergo a highly experimental procedure to help her deal with her blindness. The procedure, the installation of a network of sensor nets that hook directly into her brain's cognitive processing centers, bypassing the destroyed sight centers of the brain worked, but the Marine Corps determined that the limitations of the system precluded her return to active duty, and she was given an honorable discharge and a purple heart.

Dealing with survivor's guilt and without a sense of purpose, Kassandra became something of an alcoholic, and became a well known figure on the illegal racing circuit. She had hit a severe low, when she was informed of her sister's murder by her husband, John Elgin. Determined to gain custody of her niece and nephew, she cleaned up her act, and called in favors to be given an assignment as a Star Fleet Pilot.

She served as a FCO for four years, and then accepted a position as a test pilot for top secret prototype ships, shuttles and fighters. It was her dream job, and she was good at it, but disaster came when one of the designers decided to design a fighter based around her sensor net system, allowing her to "plug in" to the ships systems using the same ports as her sensor nets to allow faster response time and better handling. The integration between the ship sensors and systems and her brain proved intensely addictive, and Kassandra became erratic and violent, spending more and more time hooked into the prototype ship. The project was scrapped, but instead of helping Kassandra the top brass in charge of the project pushed her out in the cold with a dishonorable discharge, and expunged her records. With no history, and battling the addiction, Kassandra barely pulled through with the help of her niece and nephew, now Starfleet officers in their own right.

She now spends her time on odd jobs, acting as a body guard, a security guard, and occasionally as an outside training consultant for the Marine Corps, when old friends find ways to toss work her way.
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