This is a friendly creative writing sim. Since we are a play-by-email group, you must have an email address to participate.

Our rules are few and mostly structural (i.e, how to frame a post, how to break between scenes and locations etc), and we generally keep to a R-rated level in the tone of our posts.

We write an ongoing collaborative story. Each player has a primary character that is the main focus of the ongoing story from their point of view. In a non-structured round-robin way, each player writes posts that continue on from where the previous player left off. Posts usually advance the story a little, but they are also used for character interaction and development.

A "post" is like a short story. There is no set minimum or maximum number of words or scenes. A post is sent out to our email pool, then updated here on the website. Check out the site's Main page to see our latest posts!