Koniki, Charles

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Charles Koniki is a retired Starfleet Admiral and current head of the New Alexandria project.

Born in 2373 in Samoa on Earth, Koniki displayed an aptitude and interest in Intelligence work from a young age, graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2396. While serving aboard the USS Geza, he developed a deep love and interest in the Ancient Egyptian culture and motifs of his homeworld, and struck up a lasting friendship with the Geza's CO, Captain Sadat.

The USS Geza spent most of her time engaged in Intelligence-based missions. Koniki proved himself as an expert cryptologist, and as his career progressed he grew more worried at the various mentalities behind the subversive radical groups that operated on the fringes of Federation society.

Koniki's career waxed, and he rose to the rank of Captain in 2408. As CO of the USS Scarab, Koniki fought a secret war for six years, breaking up numerous foreign Intelligence cells and gathering intelligence on a number of dangerous domestic groups.

Promoted to the Admiralty and appointed head of Starfleet Intelligence in 2414, Koniki began to plan for a special project, one that would be meant to protect the Federation from behind the scenes without implicating the Federation or its allies. Continuing the theme of Ancient Egypt, the project was named New Alexandria and kept 'off the books'.

When the time came to select a possible location for this base of operation, the Geza Nebula was mentioned - when Charles Koniki heard the name he grinned, believing it to be destiny.

The New Alexandria station was constructed within a hollowed-out asteroid within the nebula, and came online in 2425. Since then, Charles Koniki and the starships he commands have remained an elite Intelligence task force, seeking out and fighting against the secret enemies of the Federation, both foreign and domestic.

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