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Looking Back Through The Years, Part III

Posted on Jun 09, 2019 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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Mission: Last Days of Empire

“Looking Back Through the Years, Part III”
(contd from ‘Husband and Father’)


Location: Hawaii, EARTH
SD: [2.19] 0609.1405
Scene: Beach, just a few feet from the Yu family home

Jasmine Yu sat down on the cool sand and leaned back with elbows on the ground and her feet stretched outwards towards the sea. She closed her eyes, listening quietly to the sounds of the waves splashing against the shore and felt the cool breeze on her cheeks. She then reopened her eyes and smiled, watching the waves gently caress her feet. Sighing, Yu had spent the last few days on Earth, which gave her the chance to reconnect with family and friends.

In the past week, the Asian had travelled to San Francisco where her father’s family resided since the late 19th century, when they came from China. She had also spent a day or two in Rochester and New York City with her grandmother and other relatives on her mother’s side. She also took a short trip to Toronto with her grandmother, aunt and cousins. Jasmine recalled her mother’s family had resided in the New York state for many generations tracing their lineage back to a couple who first arrived in Rochester from Vietnam in the first decade of the 21st century where one was an engineer and the other a post-doc at the university.

She heard whimpering and brushing against her right arm. Jasmine tilted her head and her lips curled into a warm smile as her gaze moved to Wei, the new corgi puppy nudging the security chief with her nose. She had already fallen in love with the puppy and now couldn’t imagine being away from her so the Asian had made the decision to take Wei with her to the Phoenix.

A bark made her glance behind and let out a chuckle. Mai Li, the older corgi, was trotting around pushing a ball with her nose and eyed Yu as if calling her out to play. The puppy yapped as she trotted towards the other dog, making Jasmine laugh. Well, Wei seemed enthusiastic to play with the older corgi and apparently, Mai Li was more than happy to entertain the little pup as she began slowly passing the ball to her.

Jasmine’s eyes then flickered ahead where her grandmother, Tien was talking animatedly with Qui, the security chief’s mother. Tien was visiting for the night from Rochester, bringing along her faithful feline companion. Yu grinned, shifting her gaze to a beach chair with an umbrella hanging over it, where Hue, a female ginger tabby, was found sprawled and letting out a yawn. Well, it looked like the cat didn’t seem keen to leave the shade.


Scene: Turbo lift -> Deck 1 corridor
TI: Six years ago (Spring, 2428)

Eight months had gone by in a flash since Jasmine joined the Camelot and the Asian had survived her first mission with the crew. The ship was returning from its mission, which involved exploring an uncharted region of space in the Beta Quadrant. What an experience it was for the young woman. In the past few months, the crew was involved in discovering new star systems, making first contact with new races, exploring some uninhabited worlds, observing the formation of a new star and so on. Of course, her role was limited to assist in maintaining security of the ship and its crew. But she had gotten the opportunity to go on a few away missions as part of the security detail and for that she had Haley to thank for. Her chief seemed to have placed immense trust in her abilities and ensured she was provided the chance to experience different aspects of the job in both the security and tactical areas. Even when she made mistakes, Matthew was patient enough to gently correct her and steer her in the right direction.

Since she hadn’t spent much time in the bridge, Jasmine didn’t see the Captain very often. In fact, she had yet to have a one-on-one meeting with the Trill, though perhaps the CO wasn’t likely to meet with assistants or anyone besides the department heads privately. There was after all a chain of command to adhere to. She did however have a few private chats with the ExO, known around the ship as a kind and affable individual.

She was about to take another shift in the bridge. Now that the mission had been complete, Matthew decided to put her on bridge duty. The lift doors opened and Yu stifled a groan when setting eyes on a human male, about two or three inches taller than her with a slightly built figure, stepping inside. He was sporting a smug smile. Jasmine inhaled in a deep breath – the temptation to wipe off the smile from his face was strong but she just chose to ignore him.

Like her friend Meera, this man also had South Asian (Indian) features except his dark hair was a crew cut and some stubble was found around his mouth. He leaned against the wall beside her, making sure he was a hair’s width from her shoulder. “So,” he began, speaking in a British accent, which wasn’t surprising as he was born and raised somewhere in England. “Have you changed your mind?” From the two gold pips on his collar, he also outranked her.

She didn’t answer. This wasn’t the first time, Lieutenant Dinesh Kapoor, an assistant chief engineer – the one who was giving Meera a lot of grief- attempted to proposition her.

“Okay, let’s try again,” he persisted. “I asked you about four months ago whether you’d go out with me. I am great with women who appreciates my various qualities including strength, intelligence, virility and you won’t ever want to be with another man again once you’ve had me.” He winked.

Yu sighed, rolling her eyes. “Lieutenant Kapoor, just like the last time, I respectfully decline.”

He leaned closer where she could feel his breath on her. “You are making a big mistake, Ensign for rejecting me.”

[[Deck 1,]] the computer intoned and a moment later, the doors parted and both officers stepped out.

“Lieutenant,” Jasmine said in an even tone. “If I catch you harassing me or any other woman like that, I will personally throw you in the brig. Consider it a warning.” She turned around and headed for the bridge. She let out a sigh of exasperation. If Kapoor had tried to attack her, she’d have him down on the ground in a split second. The man was so arrogant that he’d underestimate her skills in hand-to-hand combat. She did hold black belts in Kung Fu and Aikido and had attained higher levels in other martial arts styles.


Scene: Bridge
TI: Two hours later

Jasmine sighed, glancing around the bridge - all the officers focused on their own individual tasks. She glanced in the direction of the Ready Room, where the Captain was in a meeting with Meera. Yu let out another sigh, hoping the meeting would go well for her friend. She noticed at the corner of her eyes, Sol taking quick peeks at the Ready Room. In the last few months, the chief of operations had served as kind of an informal mentor to the Asian woman. Both in professional and social settings, Azula had offered the dark haired woman some tips and general advice on how to succeed as a Starfleet officer.

At the sound of the doors parting, Yu glanced behind her shoulder and nearly groaned. That annoying and creepy assistant engineer entered the room looking smug. He leaned against the wall, grinning. “So, what’s up, ladies?”

Jasmine ignored him and continued staring at the console. She knew he was addressing her and Azula as they were the only women in the room. Sol, on the other hand, wasn’t going to keep quiet. Yu watched her get up from the command chair and head towards the engineer, climbing up the steps – her feet making a deliberate thud as she took each step. As Azula stood facing the cocky man, Jasmine noted the two nearly matched each other in height.

“Lieutenant,” Sol spoke in a stern voice. “You’re in breach of protocol.”

The engineer blinked, a scowl marring his features. “You’re being bloody dramatic, aren’t you?”

“Well, since you have difficulty grasping a simple concept, *Lieutenant*, I’ll say it again.” Sol’s tone grew harsher. “You breached protocol for failure to address Ensign Yu and myself by our ranks.”

*Commander*, I outrank Yu there so I don’t have to treat her with respect.” Kapoor dismissed the Ops chief’s words with a chuckle. “Seriously, you people in the bridge need a sense of humour.”

“I do have a sense of humour,” Sol retorted. “In fact, you don’t want to be at the receiving end of my humour as it can sometimes be a little unpleasant.”

“Are you threatening me?” He chuckled with derision – the smugness returning.

“Why are you here? No one summoned you to the bridge.”

Jasmine sighed. The assistant engineer annoyed her not just because of the grief he was giving Meera but his overall behavior in her view was not very Starfleet-like. She had often wondered how he managed to rise up to this level, although Song did mention while he was far from a bad engineer, he wasn’t exceptional either. Also, Meera’s predecessor was a Vulcan male, not someone Kapoor could easily manipulate. The assistant engineer only served on the Camelot for about two and a half years and seemed to have flown under the radar until Meera took over as Chief Engineer.

“I know Song has a meeting with the Captain,” he said, grinning. “And once they’re done, the Captain will call me in and promote me to the Chief position.”

Jasmine’s mouth dropped at the man’s audacity and with her back turned to them, they weren’t able to see her reaction. **The meeting isn’t over. **

“You seem presumptuous, Lieutenant.” Sol’s remark tinged with acidic undertones. “For all we know, the Captain may just decide to keep her on.”

“Why would she?” His arrogance would provide even the most non-violent person the temptation to smack him. “The Captain is smart enough to know there are better candidates for Chief such as ‘moi’.” He pointed at himself.

“Well, we’ll see about that.” Sol said, turning around when the doors to the Ready Room slid apart. “Guess we’ll find out soon.”

Jasmine turned around and inhaled, watching her friend leave the room, the latter’s expression unreadable. She hoped the meeting went well for her.

Sol came up to the Chief Engineer. “How did it go?”

Before Meera opened her mouth, Kapoor chimed in, a look of pity in his eyes towards his chief. “Well, for what it’s worth, I will commend you, Lt. Commander for your valiant efforts but sadly not everyone is cut out for leadership.”

“Lieutenant…” Song was cut off again.

“Don’t worry. When I am made chief, I will treat you with great respect.” He grinned, moving past her towards the Ready Room but then stopped when the doors parted and the CO stepped out.

Spankryz raised an eyebrow upon noticing the assistant engineer. “Can I help you, Lieutenant?”

“Captain.” Then all of a sudden Kapoor’s demeanor changed to display deference though the arrogance didn’t completely disappear and Anaqueen’s cold expression meant she wasn’t so easily fooled. “Ever since I came aboard, I have been looking forward to meeting you and show how much I appreciate the opportunity to serve under you. You have a fine ship and I’m bloody excited to work…”

“Mr. Kapoor,” Ana cut him off and it was clear from her harsh tone the Trill wasn’t moved by the engineer’s schmoozing, which in Yu’s view, felt like a bug crawling into her ear. “Tell me exactly why you want to see me.”

“Well…you need a replacement for Song and being the next in line, I…”

“Replacement?” The Trill interrupted him again, her blue eyes narrowed. She then turned to Meera. “Commander, you can give him the news now. I see no reason to wait now that Lieutenant Kapoor is here.” Jasmine noted the caustic tone in the CO’s voice.

Meera handed him the PADD, which he took with a smug grin. However as he began reading the contents, the smugness vanished and in its place was shock. Jasmine couldn’t help enjoy herself at the man’s displeasure.

“This can’t be bloody right,” he said in a high pitched voice. “I am your best engineer. You cannot just bloody transfer me. I deserve to be the bloody chief here.” His expression then turned to scorn. “So who’s replacing Song?”

“No one,” Ana replied. “Lt. Commander Song is still the Chief Engineer.”

Jasmine’s mouth widened into a smile, glancing at her friend and elated for her. **Meera, you did it. **

“This is wonderful,” Sol said, smiling at the Indian woman. “I’m happy you’re still Chief Engineer.”

“That’s bloody ridiculous!” Kapoor exploded into a rage. “Song bloody screwed up and you’re rewarding her. Bloody unfair. I…” He got cut off again by the Trill.

“Lieutenant, shut up and listen!” Then a cold silence descended into the room as no one else wanted to draw the CO’s ire. Some continued to work at their respective consoles, while others watched in anticipation at the scene unfolding before them.

Jasmine had learned within the first week that Spankryz had a temper, which had made the young woman even more nervous regarding that embarrassing first encounter with the Captain. Apparently, the Asian had heard the Trill’s temper was worse during the latter’s early years in Starfleet - although Anaqueen had been managing to have better control over her temper in the past few years at least. In fact, there were rumours abound that Spankryz, when she was Chief Engineer on the USS SUTTNER, made the working conditions in the engine room quite unpleasant because of her temper and what many perceived to be her imperious demeanor. Meera believed the rumours were likely spread by disgruntled engineers who blamed their own failings on Anaqueen.

But according to other accounts from officers who had worked with or served under the Trill woman, they claimed their careers were better off, partly or entirely because of her. So basically if one performed their duties with due diligence and to their best ability, including meeting or even exceeding the CO’s high expectations, they would be able to function and even thrive under Anaqueen’s command. However for those individuals who chose to be poor performers, make attempts to cut corners and overall shirk their duties, serving under the Trill would make for an unpleasant experience for them. Jasmine expected that would be case with any good CO.

“Lieutenant,” Spankyz began in a harsh voice, sending him an icy stare. “After reviewing your performance in the time you have been serving here, I have determined that while your skills as engineer are average at best, your overall conduct as Starfleet officer is less than exemplary, which I find completely unacceptable.” Her voice grew harsher. “The blatant disrespect you have shown towards other officers, including your own chief and not adhering to the chain of command will no longer be tolerated.” She paused, noting the look of disbelief in the engineer’s eyes. “Don’t look surprised. I have been made aware of how you bring up issues to the ExO, pertaining to the department without addressing them first with Commander Song.”

“Well, Song wasn’t doing her bloody job so I had no choice but…”

Spankryz cut him off. “Lieutenant Kapoor, you are hereby relieved of duty, effective immediately and as soon as we arrive at Spacedock, you will disembark from this ship and report to base for further orders with the likelihood that you could be facing a disciplinary hearing.”

“This is…”

“Now Mr. Kapoor, get off this bridge,” she ordered and when Kapoor didn’t budge, she turned to Jasmine. “Ensign Yu, remove him.”

“Yes Captain.” Jasmine turned around and approached the engineer.

Kapoor sneered at her. “Seriously, this woman has such delicate hands.”

Jasmine grabbed him by the elbow, twisting it, making him wince with pain. “And here you thought I was delicate,” Yu remarked dryly, lowering her voice to a whisper as she pushed the engineer towards the doors and then shoved him out, while he kept yelling out words, ‘bloody unfair, bloody ridiculous’ and all kinds of other insults. She grinned before turning around. **That felt good. **


Scene: Bridge-> ExO’s Office
TI: Three months later

Jasmine let out a sigh as she was dancing her fingers along the console. For the past two and a half months, the Camelot had been on a mission to assist in the settlement of a newly established colony in the Alpha Quadrant. Since both Haley and Cato were handling the security down on the surface, Yu was left in charge of the department and it was her first time too. Now the young woman hoped she wouldn’t disappoint, considering the amount of trust Haley had placed in her to handle the job. She sighed again. While the chief had confidence in her abilities, the same couldn’t be said for Lt. Cato. The Bajoran/Trill hybrid still treated her as if she was incompetent and didn’t deserve a place on the ship, which only made her even more determined to succeed.

Meera was also on the surface and apparently it seemed the new assistant chief engineer, assigned to replace Kapoor, was working out very well for her. Jasmine was happy her friend could finally get on with her job without dealing with troublesome assistants though rumour had it some in the engine room were unhappy about Kapoor’s transfer and blamed Song for it. But so far she hadn’t heard Meera getting undermined by anyone else.

A roar from the ExO’s office startled her. Jasmine turned on her heel and rushed towards the ExO’s office, worried that something might have happen to him. Just before her fingers touched the panel, the doors parted with a whoosh and the Caitian stood at the doorway, his eyes blazing with anger and his expression darkened but otherwise he seemed physically fine. He was also growling under his breath.

“Sir, is something wrong?” Jasmine inquired politely.

A soft meow was heard from behind the Caitian, who stepped aside and released another growl. Jasmine raised an eyebrow, taking a step inward. Her gaze went down to a light brown kitten - a munchkin breed to be precise and only a few weeks old. The kitten kept releasing a series of meows, indicating to the Asian that it didn't want to be there. As far as she was aware, while Caitians did not care to be compared to Terran cats, she rarely heard of any freaking out in the presence of one.

Yu then shifted her gaze and her eyes widened in disbelief. A litter box was placed next to the kitten and above it a holographic projection, displaying words, was running in some kind of loop. She began reading the words in her mind. **Embarrassed to serve an ExO who uses a litter box and shed hair everywhere. Eww...what a mess you make. Bad kitty! Bad kitty! ** Yu frowned and understood why Grimbuir was really upset. The projection disappeared and then reappeared above the kitten with a new message. **Cats are pets to cuddle and play not be Starfleet first officers. ** The display flickered to show another message. **So be a good little kitty and go away. Shame you are not even cute. ** The projection vanished. Jasmine turned to the ExO. “Is that all, Commander?”

“Well, for today yes.” Grimbuir nodded.

Jasmine looked alarmed. “Sir, are you saying this is not the first time you had been harassed and sent racist, derogatory messages?

“Yes, Ensign.” The Caitian sighed, closing his eyes - the hairs on his body raised showing he was clearly rattled. “It’s time I inform the Captain.” His face turned an even darker shade of brown.


TI: Five Minutes later

After Grimbuir replayed the messages to the CO, Jasmine noted the hardened expression meant that Anaqueen was livid. The Asian woman watched the Trill glance around the room. The kitten continued meowing.

“Commander, “Spankryz said, her voice cold as ice. “Let me get this straight. This has been going on for a month?”

“Yes, Captain.” Yu could tell the ExO seemed not only upset about the harassment due to his race but also embarrassed. “And I don’t find any humour in these pranks.”

“No, it’s most certainly not and you know what else I don’t find humour in.” She turned to the Caitian, her eyes blazing with anger – not at her ExO even though it seemed that way – and paced about. “Not reporting these pranks as you call it, until after a month.” The kitten let out another set of meows but no one paid heed to it.

“Captain…at first I thought it was just a harmless prank and I didn’t want to detract from our mission until it just kept getting worse.” he mumbled, his head tilted downwards and shoulders slumped in dismay. “I was embarrassed and I am sorry.”

Spankryz turned her attention to Jasmine. “Ensign,” she ordered. “Find the culprits behind the pranks and arrest them. They will be disciplined severely for their unacceptable behaviour towards Commander Grimbuir.”

“Yes, Captain.” Jasmine nodded, when another meow caught her attention and the young woman sighed gazing into those pitiful, innocent eyes. The poor kitten – lost and scared. She felt sorry for the little feline who eyed the Caitian with fear. Jasmine wasn’t surprised the munchkin kitten could sense the anger radiating from the bipedal feline male. Right now, Jasmine wanted to reach out and hold the kitty in her arms to assure it that everything was okay but didn’t with the Captain present.

“Commander, “Anaqueen addressed the ExO. “We need to speak in private. My Ready Room, now.”

“Understood Captain.” The Caitian nodded before turning to Yu. “Ensign, the items and logs from the previous pranks are at my desk.”

“Thank you, sir.” Jasmine watched the CO and ExO leave the room and sighed, turning to look downwards at the kitten and picked it up. As she gently held it in her arms, the kitten purred, likely having calmed down now that it was being cuddled. “Now I need to take you to the pet room. Your mom must be worried sick.” On cue, the kitten meowed and she allowed herself a tiny smile. Jasmine had heard a female munchkin cat, belonging to a science officer, had recently given birth to a litter.


Scene: Brig
TI: Several hours later

The investigation didn’t take very long. Jasmine, using the communication and security logs, was able to easily unearth the culprit in less than a day. Apparently, the perpetrator turned out to be a single individual who was a crewman amongst the maintenance staff, which made sense. A person from maintenance would have been able to access the ExO’s office via Jefferies Tubes on the pretense of making repairs and place the kitten as well as the other items there. And it was exactly what happened in this case. However, something didn’t make sense for the young woman as she eyed the person placed in the cell, separated by the forcefield – a pale skinned human male with short black hair and green eyes shooting daggers in her direction. How did a mere crewman know to send messages and mask his identity? Programming those holo-projectors might have been something an engineer could do, not someone who was part of the maintenance. She sighed, noting the intense hatred in his eyes.

“So Crewman Connors, you were the only one involved and received no assistance from others?”

“Yes ma’am.” His reply was terse. “I, alone, take full responsibility and I will not apologize for my actions. A cat shouldn’t be allowed to serve as ExO…hell, it shouldn’t even be in Starfleet!”

“Looks like we’re done here,” Jasmine declared.

The prisoner shouted, just as Jasmine turned around. “That cat had no right to be here!”

Jasmine, with her back to him, walked away, her brow furrowed. She wasn’t convinced the crewman was alone. It was only a few days later, she discovered her suspicions were right as the racist attacks towards Grimbuir didn’t end with Crewman Connors’ arrest. Over the next month, she and Haley, from their investigation, caught only three culprits comprising of a human female, an Andorian and an unjoined Trill – both males.

Grimbuir wasn’t the only victim. A few other officers were targeted as well within the same time frame and all of them, including the ExO, shared a common similarity – they belonged to species with animal-like characteristics. Jasmine and Matthew both came to the conclusion the attacks were a coordinated effort by a small – loosely organized- group of extremists but at the time neither had any idea it was all part of a larger plan by Neo-Essentialists to take over the Camelot.


Scene: CO’s Ready Room -> Bridge
TI: One month later

It had been a little over a week since the Excalibur class starship returned to Spacedock. For Jasmine Yu, now promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, she wasn’t in the mood for enjoying her shore leave, considering the task of finding and stopping the tiny cabal of extremists, was becoming more challenging than expected. Her chief was in no better shape, considering some members of the crew were blaming him for the lack of progress in the investigation. But Jasmine knew no one blamed Haley more than the man himself. Matthew was wrought with guilt and so was she. Also, the very fact that he was the Captain’s husband, made matters worse with rumours floating around from those questioning his abilities and even made assertions that he only got this far because of the Trill.

Now both she and her boss were present in the Captain’s Ready Room, attending a rather tense meeting with Spankryz. Jasmine stood at the back of the room, staying as far as away from the rest of the group and was puzzled as to why Haley wanted her there. Also in attendance were Commander Grimbuir, a Kaferian female, an Antican male and a Saurian male. The Kaferian was a science officer with a rank of Lieutenant. Her expertise was in astrobiology and held two PhDs. The Antican, a Lieutenant Commander, was the ship’s Flight Control Officer, while the Saurian was the assistant chief engineer – a Lieutenant, assigned to the vessel to replace Kapoor. All three individuals were subjected to racist attacks.

“It has come to my attention that,” Spankryz spoke in a detached tone, addressing the three non-humanoid officers. “The three of you made claims to Commander Grimbuir that this ship is no longer a safe environment for those of your species. Is that correct?”

The Antican, who went by the name, Grabar, was the first to speak. “Captain, please note, this was not an easy decision for any of us. Each of us value our time and experience on the ship and we have you to thank for, Captain.” He inhaled, wearing a solemn expression. “While it has been an honour and privilege to serve under your command, we believe, despite your best efforts, the Camelot is no longer a safe environment for us.” Anticans were a species with distinct canine features and hailed from the planet Antica in the Beta Renner System. Like members of his species, Grabar was a large, furry individual with leathery skin and was bald with an enlarged rear cranium.

Spankryz sighed before speaking in a calm voice. “Commander, I can understand how the attacks against you in the last month, has made your life difficult here and Commander Haley and Lieutenant Yu are doing everything they can to find the culprits and prevent further attacks.”

“Four have already been arrested and will be court-martialed,” Matthew added. “It won’t be long before we find the rest of the group.”

“Group?” Lieutenant Jiinus, the Saurian assistant engineer, asked, a hint of skepticism in his voice. “Commander, I am confused. You mentioned earlier these heinous acts were committed by some deranged individuals with extremist views against our kind.” The engineer belonged to a reptilian race resembling lizards and had greyish pink scaly skin with black bulgy eyes. Like those of his race, he had six nasal canals.

“Lieutenant, what I meant was we suspect the individuals may belong to a loosely formed group who are just acting out on their own, fueled by their hatred and prejudice towards your kind.” Matthew sighed. “It does not mean the whole ship has become a hostile environment for you.”

Jasmine pressed her lips together. There was no way Jiinus was being serious. From what she knew, Meera had gone out of her way to make sure he had felt welcome in the department. According to her friend, the Saurian had quickly gained respect from the other engineers so how could he claim the ship was a toxic environment for him, just because of a few deranged persons.

Lieutenant Gizzezz, the Kaferian shook her head, her wide-set compound eyes fixed on the Captain. When she spoke, the mandibles attached to her mouth moved, making clicking sounds. “Sending a message, comparing me to a bug as the humans refer to their insects and threatening to quash me does not make for a safe environment.” The Kaferians were an insectoid species.

“Not to mention, a dead and mutilated animal was placed at my front door,” Grabar snarled. “With a holographic message calling me a dangerous beast that should be put down.”

“The animal was only a hologram,” Matthew pointed out.

“Doesn’t matter if it was a hologram,” the Antican bellowed, when the Trill stood up.

“Commander Grabar,” Anaqueen demanded in a stern voice. “You will not address Commander Haley or any other officer with that tone and we will discuss this matter rationally.”

“My apologies, Captain.” Grabar’s voice was low yet filled with anger.

The Trill inhaled, addressing the group in a calm voice or at least trying to be calm. “I can understand your frustrations and sympathize with your situation but I do not agree this ship has become a hostile environment for Starfleet personnel belonging to your species. The attacks against you were committed by individuals who do not represent the views of this crew and security has been doing everything they can to prevent further attacks from happening.”

“With all due respect, Captain,” Gizzezz said in a harsh tone. “You cannot possibly understand our plight. Neither you nor Commander Haley or Lieutenant Yu after all you are all considered what has been deemed as the ‘acceptable’ humanoids. Your own first officer has also been attacked and none of you seem to truly care.”

“Lieutenant, you are not being fair,” Grimbuir chimed in.

“No, Commander,” the Kaferian retorted, her mandibles clicking together. “What is unfair for all my service to this crew, I am treated in such a horrendous manner and can longer tolerate it.”

Anaqueen frowned. “What are you trying to tell us, Lieutenant?”

“Captain,” the insectoid being informed in a firm voice. “Since I no longer have any confidence in your ability to provide an environment that is not hostile to officers such as myself, I hereby request a transfer off this vessel.” The scientist pulled out a PADD and dropped it on the Trill’s desk.

Jasmine noticed her CO’s expression had begun to sour and could imagine just how much the Kaferian’s statement had cut deep. Although she was unhappy about Gizzezz’s claim about the ship, she couldn’t really blame her for it. Perhaps the science officer was right. She, Matthew and Anaqueen could not truly comprehend what persons belong to those races were going through, unless they had experienced it themselves. In a way, as a human, Yu realized, she was enjoying a position of privilege in Starfleet and so was Haley being a Human/El Aurian hybrid, while Spankryz was Trill. None of the victims here were humans or Trills.

Ana turned to the Antican and the Saurian, her expression and voice now turned cold. “And what about you two?” She got her response when Grabar also placed a PADD on the Trill’s desk.

“Grabar, no,” the Caitian said in a pleading voice.

“Sorry, Captain, Commander,” the FCO said in a low raspy voice. “But I can no longer serve on this vessel and so I too request a transfer.”

The CO nodded before turning to the Saurian. “So Lieutenant, is it safe to assume you too want a transfer?”

“Captain,” the engineer began, his voice trailing. “I have not decided yet.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” She then addressed the Kaferian and the Antican. “I will grant both your requests.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Grabar said. “I am sorry it had to come to this.”

“Unless you have anything more to add, then you are all hereby dismissed,” Spankryz said, sitting down. The Antican, Kaferian and the Saurian immediately left the room. “Commanders Grimbuir, Haley, stay.”

Jasmine inhaled and returned to the bridge. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and reopened them, making her way to the tactical station. It was her turn to take a shift in the bridge. She hoped the investigation would end soon and they’d be able to stop the attacks. Unfortunately for the young woman, the situation on the Camelot was only going to get worse.

A week later, Commander Grimbuir had resigned from Starfleet, citing personal reasons and had returned to his homeworld. But Jasmine suspected the racist attacks against the Caitian had likely taken a huge toll, forcing him to leave the service altogether. The loss of Meowi Grimbuir was a blow to the Camelot and what Jasmine didn’t know at the time, it was the Neo-Essentialist’s first major strike against the ship, particularly its Captain.


Location: Hawaii, EARTH
Scene: Beach, near the Yu family home
TI: Present

Grimbuir’s resignation was not the only bad news for Yu. Her chief, Commander Haley had also been suddenly transferred to another posting for reasons no one was sure though that didn’t stop speculations it was because his and the Captain’s marriage broke down. Because Spankryz hadn’t done anything to refute those speculations, Jasmine too bought into them and never discovered the real reason behind Haley’s transfer. In fact, she never had contact with him after that and only knew he still served somewhere in the fleet. She, however, had heard from a former Camelot colleague that Grimbuir had returned to Starfleet a year ago and was given command of a science vessel, including a long overdue promotion to Captain. Jasmine was happy for the Caitian and hoped he would now be able to put all the past suffering behind him.

Something else also had puzzled the Asian at the time. After Grimbuir resigned, the attacks just mysteriously stopped. However, they were just the beginning of what was to come and while Yu didn’t realize it back then, hers and the crew’s problems had only worsened in the next three years following the ExO’s departure.

“Jasmine,” her father called out and Yu glanced behind her shoulder, spotting Victor waving at her. “Lunch is ready. Come join us.” She stood up, dusting off the sand from her T-shirt and shorts and began making her way towards the rest of the family with the dogs tailing her. Her parents had set up lunch on a picnic table and the Asian woman let herself smile as she sat down beside her grandmother.

“When will you be recalled?” Tien inquired, removing bowls from the bag and placing them in front of everyone. The elderly woman then put down a large glass bowl filled with garden vegetable salad dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Jasmine shrugged, picking up her bowl and taking in some of the salad. “Not sure.” She smiled, feeling Wei brush against her leg and yapped.

“Well,” Qui said, sighing. “Let’s just make the most of our time with you here.” She placed down a few blue cups and poured reddish pink liquid – a fruit juice - into each one. Victor then lifted a medium-sized pot and put it in the middle of the table. Jasmine reached out for the pot, feeling warmth from its touch. She watched her father remove the lid, giving off a spicy aroma, pleasant to the nostrils and noticed the pot contained vegetable and egg fried rice, mixed in with lots of fried tofu cubes.

Jasmine then chuckled, noticing Mai Li reach up to the table to eye the food. Wei kept jumping up but the table was too high for the puppy, which then let out a whimper. Her father placed two small round containers on the table, consisting of the appetizers, which looked to have been freshly cooked. They comprised of streamed vegetable dumplings and spring rolls filled with shredded carrots and cabbages. Victor then placed a few bottles containing different sauces beside the appetizers.

“Don’t worry, Mai Li,” Qui assured, petting the corgi. “Your food is on the way.” She smiled, watching her husband grab a small freezer box and placed it at the corner. “I see you brought the dessert as well.”

“Yes a couple of mini-ice cream cups of different flavours,” Victor said.

“Oh and look who decided to get off her lazy hide,” the old woman announced, grinning.

Jasmine turned around and laughed, watching the cat pad towards them. The smell of food often grabbed the attention of even a sleeping cat. Since the family’s arrival at the beach, Hue had been sitting on the beach chair and did not move from under the shade until the food came. The tabby hopped onto the bench in between Tien and Jasmine and let out a loud meow as if letting everyone know she was ready to be served her meal. As the cat attempted to reach out for a spring roll with her paw, Tien slapped it away, scolding the animal.

“Those spring rolls are not for you, Hue.” Tien sighed, when the feline meowed angrily. “Don’t worry, I will have your food ready in a minute.”

Jasmine chuckled, turning attention towards the sea and inhaled. She was going to savour this moment with her family.


NRPG: There will be more backstory to come in the future (not necessarily my next post), detailing Jasmine’s time on the Camelot. Information regarding the Antican, Kaferian and Saurian were borrowed from Memory Alpha and Beta. In future chapters of the backstory, my two former characters, Anaqueen and Meera will continue to feature but some of my other characters (past and present) may also appear.

And finally, Jasmine’s puppy, Cadet Wei will be reporting for duty on the Phoenix for her training mission under Captain Smooshy :)

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