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A Show Of Unity

Posted on Aug 13, 2018 @ 11:26pm by Lieutenant Eve Dalziel
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Mission: The Trouble With Triticale

“A Show of Unity”

(Continued from “Running Out The Clock”)


Location: Port Emily, Sherman’s Planet
SD: [2.18]0730.2135
Scene: City Hall, Basement

The communications room was by far the most technological thing Eve had seen since their arrival on the farming world. It was still at least forty years behind what they had on the PHOENIX, but perhaps what it lacked in cutting edge telecommunications, it would provide some backward way to last longer than what had already been silenced by Is’toQ’s jammers.

As Chisum began to activate the panels and Sompek adjusted the microphone tentatively, the Counselor’s comm badge beeped. [[Kane to Dalziel.]] “Excuse me,” she said to the Governor and Sompek as she walked over to the stairway to answer it.

"Dalziel here.” She paused as she heard voices that did not belong to the Commanding Officer. “What's going on behind you, Captain?"

[[A mob is forming outside city hall,]] said Kane quickly. [[What's your status?]]

"Sompek's just about to make the broadcast. Governor Chisum has also decided to say a few words."

[[Good. I'd like you to rejoin me, Lieutenant. This situation is delicate and I could use your backup in talking these people down.]]

"On my way, Captain." As she ended the transmission, She saw both of them stare at her apprehensively.

“As you can guess, there’s been a slight change of plans,” Eve admitted to the two men. She turned to Dick Chisum. “We’ve got people milling about outside. Can you transmit to the public also?”

He mopped his brow for the umpteenth time and nodded heartily. “Yup. We got amplifiers put out yonder for the festival, that we never got ta use.”

She nodded. “Then it’s time you did. I’m going back to assist Captain Kane. Good luck.”


Scene: Steps of City Hall

Eve frowned as she exited the municipal building, finding Kane much closer to the doors than he had been a few minutes earlier. It was easy to understand why; the colonists were carrying torches, weapons and dour expressions of doubt. They felt threatened.

Michael Turlogh Kane’s voice carried slightly above the rumble and din of disgruntled townsfolk.. “You have my assurance that we are working in conjunction with the Governor to end this matter peacefully and without-” He was interrupted by a burly man near the front of the group.

“Oh looky, it’s two of ‘em now.” The group rumbled in response. “We’re sooo skeered!” echoed from a couple of rows back, a faint catcall.

“Please stand by,” Dalziel said forcefully to the assembled rabble. “Governor Chisum is about to issue a statement regarding the current situation.”

“We’ve had plenny o’ words- we want action!” A chorus of affirmations followed. They did not advance on the two officers, but there were no signs of retreat either. They were at a stalemate.

“Are they going to get on with it?” Kane asked the Counselor while glancing back at the building. Everyone was on edge.

She shrugged. “They’re supposed to.”

There was a pinging noise, resembling an alarm or emergency broadcast system alert. [[Residents of Sherman’s Planet, Governor Dick Chisum here. I speak ta you from City Hall in Port Emily.]] His voice sounded a little tinny but was still clear and loud enough.

[[As yer already aware, we have some unwanted guests. The visitin’ Klingon ships are tryin’ to swipe our precious grain. But they’s an unpredictable lot, and bein’ safe is more important than the quintotriticale. I ask that ya stay indoors and outta harm’s way.... I’m beggin’ ya. We can grow more crops, but nunna ya can be replaced. Don’t jes’ take mah word fer it. I give the floor ta Sompek.]]

There was a pause before the unofficial voice of the native Klingon colonists began to speak. [[I agree with tha Governor. Do not engage ‘em. Is’toQ came here with promises of reunitin’ us with our kin, and it was easy ta believe his offerin’. I ain’t the only one who was tempted by the idea of makin’ peace with our history, in tha flesh. But his were lies, under which he wanted nothin’ moar than ta take food for his ships o’ violence. We may be borne of warriors, but we have more honor than our own brothers and sisters. They insult our way o’ life.]]

[[I know some o’ ya have felt pushed down and trampled on each year at festival time, on account of how we been done treated. But the Governor and I have talked out our wrangle and I promise ya they’ll be changes for good. Better than the false witness that Is’toQ was bearin’. We done lived together for generations. I ain’t sayin’ it’s been easy, but we’re more family ta one another than I’d thought. We ain’t opposed to one another- we are on the side of our home, Sherman’s Planet. Our bearin’ may be different, but we agree when it counts. I’ll repeat this here message in a few minutes, Sompek signin’ off fer now.]]

While it was true that it did not have the same eloquence as a speech in Federation Standard, it was clear that both men cared about their home and the food source they provided to places that would otherwise not have one.

There were smatterings of conversation and critique as Sompek’s plea was issued. Their faces slowly softened, from rage to guarded interest, anticipation, and confusion. It sounded like he and Chisum were much more on the same page.

Speaking of which, Dick Chisum rushed out as fast as his portly physique and stubby legs would allow. While he wasn’t exactly the calvary, the CO was grateful for the man’s attentiveness to his people. “Nice of you to join us,” Kane offered.

The civil servant didn’t stop to acknowledge the Captain’s remark. He was utterly focused on the gathering of people in front of City Hall. He waved his arms wildly. “Y’all gotta git off tha streets! Aren’t ya hearin’ what’s bein’ said?”

A sandy-haired man in his forties stepped forward. Kane recognized him as the one who had spoken to him when the mob first approached. “Mah name’s Clem Wilson. Is that *all* ya have fer us, Governor? That we stand back while they up an’ take what belongs ta us?”

Chisum sputtered like a clogged irrigation line. “W-whut do ya mean, Mister Wilson? This is a matter o’ security-”

Clem chuckled in spite of how serious things were. “You surely ain’t a-spectin’ us ta go home an’ hide all lily-livered like?”

The Governor hung his head, exasperated. “Naw. I can’t make ya do nuthin ya don’t wanna. But thar’s a better chance you’ll stay in one piece if ya do.”

Wilson seemed to reach a reluctant understanding, if not an agreement, with Chisum. “We ain’t gonna pick no fights,” he said, but didn’t sound pleased at all.

The Governor laid his proverbial cards out on the table, gesturing to Kane and Dalziel. “The fleeters are workin’ with us. An’ we’re workin’ with each other. Ya havta trust we can handle it.”

Clem had called for a hasty conference with the front line of the mob., maybe about eight or ten men. After less than a minute, he spoke. “We can’t sit idle either. I’ll tell ya what we’ll do. A small group of us can go ‘round and help persuade other ta go back inside til this whole thing blows over.”

For the first time all day, Chisum looked a little relieved. “That’s right neighborly of ya. ‘Preciate yer concern.”

The men who had been speaking with Clem Wilson split off from the majority of the horde, with Clem still in makeshift command. “You heard the man! Git on home, we’ll handle the rest.” The gang of citizens took heed and began to make their ways in separate directions. Clem then turned his attention to the three people on the landing at the top of the steps. “Sorry fore yer trouble,” he apologized before taking the core group up the street towards the edge of downtown.

Eve looked at both men, noticing the collective weight that had lifted from all of them. “I guess compromise is contagious.”


NRPG: Finally! You’ll recognize the dialogue in the first scene was taken from Jerome’s last post to allow a smooth transition.

Susan Ledbetter
Writing for

Lieutenant Eve Dalziel


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