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Lieutenant Eve Dalziel

Name Eve Dalziel

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Humanoid (Cardassian)
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Almost black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description * General: Eve is a tall, pale figure, often seen as imposing to those who don't know her. Her features seem unusual and exotic, although one might be hard pressed to figure out why.
* Height: 5'10"
* Weight: 165 lbs
* Eyes: large, gray, expressive eyes- probably her most noticeable feature other than her height.
* Hair: almost black, long, and straight, often pulled back or up for active duty


Spouse None
Children None
Father Adoptive Father: Seamus Dalziel, 67, Human, Engineering Professor, Starfleet Academy
Mother Adoptive Mother: Kell-Dalziel Patrice, 64, Bajoran, Psychologist
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview In general, Eve is a very detail oriented and observant person, cerebral by nature, but ready with a pragmatic comment where needed. She counts on the study of and interaction with others in order to discover more about herself.
Ambitions To help others and make a difference
Hobbies & Interests Eve is somewhat of a workaholic and is most in her element when she's working. When off duty, she tends to rest, relax, or throw an occasional impromptu get-together. She does have a fondness for vacationing on RISA, and visited the planet several times during her years at Starfleet Academy. Because the nature of her assignments tends to be immersive and stressful, she needs down time in order to recharge her batteries.

Personal History In 2406, the USS EVEREST, an Alliance-class research vessel, stumbled upon the wreckage of a small shuttle drifting in space. An approximately five year old Cardassian female was the only survivor. The Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Seamus Dalziel, felt a stong connection to the child, especially after it was determined that the other passengers had been her immediate family and she was likely an orphan. With strong support from his wife Patrice, who was the assistant Medical Officer and ship's Counselor, they adopted Eve and raised her as their own.

Due to her immersion in such a supporting environment, and due to the negative stigma that the Cardassian people continued to evoke some 54 or so years after the fall of CARDASSIA PRIME, Eve chose to renounce her Cardassian heritage at the age of 16, even going as far as to surgically alter her features to appear human. In an odd sense of irony, she has adopted much of her mother's religious compass, celebrating Bajoran ceremonies and customs.

Eve excelled at the Academy, where she specialized in psychology, the study of other races. Even though she downplays her physical prowess, she is hell on wheels in combat situations where needed. This combination of abilities brought the attention of the more covert side of Starfleet.

She was groomed for Intel through a series of activities and training in the hopes that she might be able to infiltrate different cultures, planets, and organizations for the purposes of gathering information. Part of her final exam required her to spend time on CARDASSIA PRIME with her original appearance restored. Despite being out of her element, Eve came away from the experience with a better understanding of her heritage and an appreciation for the second chance at life that she had been given years earlier.

Her last off-Earth assignment was an Intel Officer on STARBASE 22, an undercover reconnaissance mission to see if the planet DOLAC III had developed its warp capability and social infrastructure enough to make it worthy to join the Federation. She enjoys deep cover missions where she can take on a different appearance or persona.
Service Record 2419- Entered Starfleet Academy
2423- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2426- Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2428- Promoted to Lieutenant
2.14[2429]1004.1500 - Assigned to the USS PHOENIX as Cns
Education * Academy Major: Counseling (Psychology)
* Academy Minor: Intel
Additional Training
* Advanced Combat Techniques (during two summer workshops at Starfleet Academy)
* Graduate Mission to CARDASSIA PRIME during senior year at Starfleet Academy [Classified]