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Getting Answers

Posted on Jul 03, 2018 @ 3:18am by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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Mission: The Trouble With Triticale

“Getting Answers”

(contd from ‘Ultimatum’)


SD: [2.18]. 0703.0043
Scene: City Hall - Sherriff’s Office

While Captain Kane and Lieutenant Dalziel followed Governor Chisum, Sheriff Edwards and two other humans, likely aides or members of the Governing council, up the stairs to the top floor, Jasmine and Deputy Hobbs headed down another flight of steps to the Sheriff’s office. Before entering the office, Yu glanced behind her shoulder and spotted Sompek and two other Klingons walking past them and climbing the stairs. She let out a sigh. There was going to be lot to discuss in that meeting but the young woman decided she’d leave it up to the Captain and the Counselor to handle things, while she had an investigation to complete.

She continued trailing the deputy inside the office, located in the basement of the building. There were two ways to enter the Sheriff’s department – one was through the main entrance, which right now, was heavily under guard by the marines and the other, at the back of the corridor, closest to Edward’s office, was a door that led outside. The city hall stood atop a small hill so the back door from the basement led directly to a narrow and quiet street, overlooking the river. The young woman could hear the shouts outside from protestors, both human and Klingon alike. The Klingons were likely furious over Kane ordering Is'toQ and the Imperial troops to leave and the human colonists were upset over a variety of reasons. The situation had the potential to turn even uglier if they didn’t find a way to diffuse it soon.

“Boy, what a mess out there,” Treena remarked, sighing and wiping a sweat off her brow. “If the folks in the top floor don’t find a solution, then we’ll have riots all over the planet.”

Jasmine nodded. “This means it is of vital importance we find those behind bombing the float sooner rather than later before the situation blows up.”

Hobbs smiled. “Well, now that the rioters are processed, awaitin a trial date, ya’ll and ah can speak to Jimmy about drugging Rusa.” She made her way to the jail cells with Yu following suit. The pair walked down a corridor, surrounded by cells on both sides. Security didn’t seem as technologically sophisticated as it was on a starship, which didn’t surprise the Asian woman. All the cells had forcefields separating the prisoners from the outside. Jasmine noticed K’lag and two other Klingons, who were part of the mob, rioting earlier in the night, rushing forward, yelling to Hobbs.

“How long are we going to be here?”

Hobbs didn’t answer and just pushed ahead to the last cell in the hallway, where the pair stopped. A young man, whom Yu guessed to be in his late twenties, with light brown skin and short, black hair, sat in silence, staring up at the ceiling. “Hey Jimmy,” Treena called out, catching his attention.


The deputy said, giving him a smile, “Lieutenant Yu and Ah wanna have a chat with ya.

Rao frowned, his gaze moving downwards. “What’s there ta talk about? Ah’ve already made mah confession.”

“Yeah, Ah know,” Treena said. “But Ah’m interested ta know why ya did it? Did Rusa say or do anythin bad ta ya? Ah mean we all know she can be a pain.” But he didn’t answer and just crossed his arms across his chest, giving them a sullen look.

Jasmine asked, “Deputy Hobbs, may I ask the prisoner some questions?”

“Be my guest,” the other woman replied, sighing.

Yu approached the cell, maintaining a calm and professional demeanor, briefly checking the tricorder that was attached to her waist, on standby to record his bio-readings. In a polite voice, she questioned, “Mr. Rao, I’m Lieutenant Jasmine Yu, Chief of Security and Tactical on the Phoenix.” She paused to inhale a breath. “Have you had an encounter with an individual, described to be a human male, tall, thin with very pale skin, bald and middle-aged?” She raised an eyebrow when Rao blinked.

“Sorry ma’am.” His voice was calm with no traces of fear, unlike with Lenny Ngo. “Ah met no such person.” He shrugged, giving off a dry chuckle. “Ah mean, come on, if there was such a person, then the whole town’d know about him.”

Yu quickly checked the readings on her tricorder and to her surprise, his bio-readings were normal. Either he was an expert liar – cool under pressure, which seemed unlikely for a denizen of this colony, or he really was telling the truth. She sighed. “Okay, Mr. Rao, can you confirm that you did indeed drug the Klingon woman by the name of Rusa?”

Rao’s mouth was left hanging, his eyes widening in disbelief. “Why’re ya’ll asking me this question? Ah already confessed. Ah drugged Rusa.”

No change in his bio-readings. Jasmine sighed, it looked like he might have been telling the truth. So was he coerced into the act? “Mr. Rao, was there anyone else involved or you did this all on your own?”

“Ah don’t follow.” He blinked.

“Did you work with others to commit this crime?” Yu pressed on. “Or did someone tell or force you to do it, using threats against yourself or your loved ones?” She watched the man’s eyes widen and for the first time, there were traces of fear in them. She checked the tricorder again, which displayed elevations in heart rate, breathing and so on. He was definitely hiding something or more specifically, covering for someone else.

Hobbs assured, “Look Jimmy, tell us if ya’ll are being threatened? Ah’ll make sure ya’ll are protected.”

“Look Ah didn’t mean to,” he suddenly revealed, the outpouring of words from his mouth like a deluge. “Ah don’t know who but when ah came home from work, ah saw this message written in animal blood on mah front door, along with a package with a…note.”

“What did the message and the note say?” Jasmine asked.

“The message on mah door said mah livestock’ll die if Ah ignore it,” he confessed, his voice shaky. “And the note contained a set of instructions to drug Rusa to keep her from talkin.”

“And the package contained the actual drug?”

Rao nodded. “Yes ma’am.”

Jasmine closed her eyes for a brief moment and reopened them. Although she wasn’t sure if Rao was telling the truth, it all made sense. The Klingon woman possibly possessed information that could have revealed the identity of the culprit(s), who in order to silence her, had likely coerced this young man to drug her into a comatose state. If that was the case, then Rusa was in real danger and was most likely watched by the persons responsible for the bombing. Jasmine made a mental note to request protection for the Klingon, in case she woke up. “That’s all from me. Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Rao,” she announced and nodding to Hobbs, the two women returned to the office area.

Scene: City Hall – Meeting Room

The meeting was underway with arguing from both sides with Kane and Dalziel, stuck in the middle, trying to act as facilitators. On one side of the table was Governor Chisum, Sheriff Edwards and two others, making up the human contingent and on the other were Sompek and his fellow Klingons. Not surprisingly, the discussions were heated with both humans and the Klingons, allowing their emotions to spill out, when presenting their arguments. Decades of strife, anger and bitterness that had been building up underneath the pleasantness, had now burst into the open.

[[Yu to Captain Kane,]] came the voice of Jasmine Yu.

Kane got up. “Excuse me, I’ll need to take this.” The colonists paid no attention to him as they were too engrossed in their ongoing debate. Nodding at Eve, the CO walked a few feet away from the table and finally replied. “Kane here. Report.”

[[Sir, I just returned from interviewing Jimmy Rao,]] Jasmine began. [[Young human male, who earlier confessed to drugging the Klingoness named Rusa.]]

“Go on.” Kane nodded, his interest peeking.

[[From his bio-readings, I can confirm Mr. Rao did indeed drug Rusa but not willingly.]]

“So he was coerced then?”

[[Yes, however, unlike the other witnesses, Edna Miller and Lenny Ngo, Rao didn’t encounter the holographic projection but a message, written on his door in blood, along with a package, containing the drug and a set of instructions to use it on Rusa.]]

Kane pondered in silence for a moment. “Why?”

[[To keep her from talking,]] Jasmine answered. [[Captain, I believe Rusa had information on the people behind the bombing, may have known or even worked with them and was attempting to come clean.]]

“Considering she’s still alive and may be our only link to the culprits who could return to finish the job.”

[[Yes,]] Jasmine said. [[It’s the reason for my call. Captain, in light of the risk to her life and the fact that she has vital information, I recommend she be transported to the Phoenix for her safety and current medical condition.]]

Kane paused, his gaze moving to Chisum and Edwards and sighed. “Thank you, Lieutenant. I will bring up the matter to the relevant authorities. In the meantime, post guards outside her room.”

[[Yes, sir. Yu out.]]

The Phoenix Captain quickly returned to the table and as he sat down, Eve inquired, a concerned look in her eyes, “Captain, is everything okay?” It was at that moment, the arguing stopped and all eyes were on the Irishman.

Scene: Sheriff’s Office

Jasmine informed, “The Captain says he will speak with them.”

Hobbs let out a sigh of frustration, running a hand through her black hair. “Ethan ain’t gonna agree. His pride’ll be hurt at the suggestion that his lawpersons ain’t up to the task.”

“Treena, you know this isn’t about your law enforcement’s capabilities,” Yu said, softening her tone. “It’s about Rusa’s safety and the criminals can’t touch her on my ship.”

The deputy nodded, giving her a weak smile. “Ah know and if at was mah call, she’d have been up there by now.” She shrugged. “But at ain’t mah call. Ethan’s a good man but very stubborn and proud.”

“Treena. One of my people will be posted to guard Rusa,” Jasmine informed. “I’ll leave it up to you if you prefer to have one of yours there as well.”

Hobbs nodded. “Fine with me. All mah lawpersons are occupied with helpin to keep the peace in town. So if ya’ll wanna post two guards, ah won’t stand in your way.”

“Thank you.” The Asian smiled – it was a relief that at least there was one colonist who was at least reasonable. She contacted her assistant, Silsby on the Phoenix and arranged to have two security guards beam directly to the hospital. Yu froze for a moment, listening to shouts becoming louder – the crowd organized outside the building were getting more raucous. Then she could hear the familiar voice of the Phoenix’s MCO yelling over the shouts – something about warning them to back off. As Jasmine began to take a step forward, she heard Crichton’s voice through her comm badge.

[[Phoenix to Yu.]]

“Yu here,” Jasmine acknowledged.

Jake informed, [[Commander Malin-Argo has located the holographic tech.]]

The Asian woman’s eyes lit up, glancing briefly at Hobbs, who listened with great interest. “That’s great news, Commander.”

The ExO ordered, [[Lieutenant, you are to head there immediately with a small team as back up. Sensors so far have picked up no life signs in the vicinity, so you are clear to go. When you are ready, let us know and we can transport you there.]]

“Understood, sir. Yu out.” Jasmine turned to the deputy, already grabbing her holster, getting set to go. So there might be a light at the end of the tunnel after all. The location of the tech used to project that strange holographic man and who knew, what other technology would be found, might be the break they needed for the investigation.

Scene: Field near trees -> warehouse
TI: Couple of minutes later

A bluish hue light materialized, brightening the dark field, soon dissipating to reveal a small group of Starfleet personnel and locals alike. Hobbs stepped forward, her eyes widening in shock. “Hang on a darn minute, here.”

“Something wrong?” Yu raised an eyebrow, briefly glancing at Captain Thytos, who also wore a puzzled expression. The MCO and a small marine team came along, now that the angry mob outside the city hall had somewhat calmed a little after Kass yelled at them though how long that’d last was anyone’s guess. Leaving another in charge, Kass joined Jasmine and Hobbs, along with a small team as back up, in case things went south.

Hobbs informed, sighing. “We’re on the Millers’ land.”

“Huh?” Kass gave her a sharp look. “John and Edna Miller? The tech’s on their property? What in hell?”

Jasmine asked, blinking, “I don’t understand. Edna Miller, the woman who runs the bakery and one of the witnesses, incriminating those two Klingons.”

Hobbs nodded. “Yeah, that’s her. Ya’ll sure this is the right location. Ah can’t imagine the Millers havin such tech. They’re like well-liked in tha community and harmless.”

“And John’s the groundskeeper at Chisum’s estate,” Kass added. “Apparently, those two weren’t originally from here.”

Hobbs nodded. “Born on Earth but decided to settle down here many years ago to start a new life.”

Yu suggested, “Perhaps they’re held as hostages by the culprits. If that’s the case, then we need to proceed with caution.”

“Ah’ll have mah team search the grounds for hostiles,” Thytos informed, turning around to bark some orders to her marines, who immediately dispersed in different directions.

Hobbs turned forward. “Alright, let’s go have a friendly chat with ole John and Edna.” The deputy moved forward, trailed by both Jasmine and Kass. Both Starfleet officers moved slowly, glancing here and there for anything suspicious. They stood a few feet from Hobbs as the latter approached the front door. Jasmine noticed the lights were out – well it was quite late at night or was it early morning, she couldn’t tell as it was so dark out there. Either the couple were asleep or out, considering half the town was up due to the riots. She watched with baited breath as Hobbs knocked on the door.

“Hello!” The deputy called out. “Anyone there? John? Edna?” She knocked again. No answer. “Hmm, Ah think they may be out. They ain’t known to be heavy sleepers.”

Jasmine frowned. Something wasn’t right and then she heard the leaves ruffle and a shadow zooming across the fields and then she shouted, “Hobbs, look out.” A figure jumped out of the shadows, a shawl wrapped around the head, covering the face, brandishing a dagger. Treena, at lightning speed, moved out of the way, missing the tip of the blade by an inch. Both Yu and Kass dashed towards her with the Asian raising her phaser and firing a shot at the assailant, who hopped to the side, the energy beam hitting the wall instead. The figure turned around the corner of the building and ran. “Okay, Treena, you and I follow her. Kass, take the other side.”

[[Captain Thytos, hostile located by the warehouse,]] one of the other marines yelled.

Jasmine heard Kass order her man to capture the hostile alive as she and Hobbs ran in the direction, where the shadowy figure went. They ran as fast as their legs could carry, managing to gain on their target and were now at the back of the building. The Asian then spotted the marine up ahead, the copper haired woman positioning herself to take a shot. The target halted for a brief moment, upon spotting the marine and turned to race towards the woods but Kass fired her phaser, the energy beam successfully hitting its target. The individual collapsed to the ground, having only been stunned. Yu and Hobbs caught up with the MCO, just when two other marines, both Privates arrived on the scene, their rifles raised.

Kass ordered her subordinates, “Secure hostile.” She approached the fallen individual and snatched the blade and lifted back the shawl. “John! What the hell is he doin with a daqtaq?”

“Daqtaq? A Klingon knife?” Hobbs questioned, approaching the body as it was being lifted by the two Privates. “No way! John ain’t a violent man. I mean…”

[[Captain, located hostile at the warehouse,]] another marine called. [[Hostile, a human female, armed and dangerous. Engaging her now…ahhh!]]

“Private…” Kass ordered before swearing. “Dammit. Ya’ll need to head to the warehouse.” The MCO dashed towards the warehouse, followed by the Phoenix security chief and the deputy Sherriff, racing against time. When they reached the warehouse, they spotted the marine private in a struggle with the petite figure of a human woman, likely to be in her fifties, who swung her blade around. Jasmine noticed the young man was clutching his arm, which was bleeding from a stab wound. Both she and Kass reached the woman, who turned to face them as Hobbs helped the marine to safety before rejoining the duo.

The woman held a mek’leth, her eyes blazing with anger as she was surrounded by the three women. Hobbs spoke, “Woah Edna. Ah ain’t realized ya’ll knew how to use Klingon blades and damn good at them too.”

Kass remarked, “And here ah thought ya’ll were just a sweet lady baking delicious pies.”

“You will not win,” Edna declared, her voice cold and distant with not a trace of the farming colony’s accent in it. She raised the blade to her throat.

“Ah no ya don’t.” Thytos grabbed her from behind and caught her hand, holding the mek’leth. “Ya’ll ain’t gonna take the easy way out and die on us.” She snatched the blade from the woman and pushed her to kneel on the ground. Kass, immediately handed the weapon to the deputy, who examined it with a shocked expression. Edna Miller then began shouting some words in Klingon, stunning Hobbs.

“Edna, ya’ll know how to talk Klingon too?”

Jasmine waved towards her. “Let’s check out the warehouse.” The three women approached the building with the marine dragging Miller along with her.

[[Phoenix to Yu,]] Crichton spoke through the Asian’s comm badge. [[We detected weapon’s fire. Status report.]]

Jasmine explained as Kass forced their prisoner to open the door, “Sir, area secured. We encountered hostiles, two humans, apparently locals but they’ve been neutralized and are now about to enter the warehouse.”

[[Good, this channel will be open, so we can hear what’s happening there.]]

“Understood, Commander.” As the door opened, Jasmine followed Kass, who handed Miller to another marine, and Hobbs inside. They had entered a large, spacious room with a high ceiling. Yu made her to the front of the pack and pulled out her tricorder and scanned the area. “I got some readings. Up ahead.” She moved forward, the two following her. “Can we get some lights in here?”

Hobbs commanded, “Lights.” On the deputy’s command, the lights turned on, suddenly illuminating the whole room. The deputy let out a gasp.

Jasmine informed, “Commander, it’s here. The tech.” The three women were faced with a small console and other equipment with Klingon lettering on them.

[[Well done. Stand by for further orders.]]

“Unbelievable…” Treena was clearly lost for words. “John and Edna with Klingon technology and weapons. Who’re they really?”

Jasmine said, “Well, you said, they claimed to have come to settle here from Earth many years ago. But what if that was a lie and they were…Klingon spies or someone else altogether?”

“Could they’ve been behind the bombing as well?” Hobbs asked.

Jasmine shrugged. “Not sure. We’ll have to interrogate the Millers or whoever they really are as well as examine this tech and remnants of bomb, the debris.”

NRPG: A little rusty. It’s been a while.

Ranjani S.
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Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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