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End Of The Year

Posted on Dec 30, 2017 @ 11:30pm by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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Mission: Fear Itself

“End of the Year”

(contd from Jerome’s ‘Promotions’)


SD: [2.17] 1230.2040
Scene: Jasmine’s personal quarters

Yu had attended the funerals to pay her respects to the fallen officers – killed on the line of duty by the phobophage. She wasn’t close to any of them. Arak Schad, Jasmine only had a few conversations in the last year with the assistant chief science officer and their interactions were only professional. Chaucer, well she saw him here and there – a Gorn with a Vox was hard to miss, but barely spoke with him. As for Petty Officer Carter, well, he was part of her staff and while she often coordinated with him and team two, she didn’t really get to know the man. In fact, in the year she had been serving on the Phoenix, Jasmine realized, she still didn’t know a lot of officers and enlisted personnel in her department and apparently got a memo that there were new transfers. It seemed, she and her deputies had some work to do in helping the new crewmembers to acclimatize themselves to their new postings.

As Jasmine picked up a mug of hot, steaming green tea, giving off a lemon and pear scent, she spotted, at the corner of her eye, yellow flashing on the computer screen. Curiosity peeked, the young woman made her way back to the desk with mug in hand and settled down on the black, swivel chair. Placing the mug on the side, her gaze moved to the screen – she got a subspace message from Earth. “Computer, play message.”

The blue screen switched to a bright room with large oval windows, where one glimpsed at the ocean through them and the sun high up in the sky. Facing her were an older couple in their fifties with distinctive Asian features and wearing warm smiles. Her parents. Jasmine was filled with joy as it had been a while since she’d last seen or spoken with them. Taking a sip of her tea, she listened quietly as the message played.

{{Hi Jasmine,}} her father spoke, {{your mom and I aren’t sure when you will get this message as most likely, you’re in the middle of an assignment. It’s close to the end of the year and so when you get the chance, do call us and hope everything’s okay with you. Talk to you soon. Love mom and dad. }} Thus the message ended and the screen reverted to the blue background, emblazoned with the Starfleet logo. Jasmine checked the chronometer for Earth and realized it was evening where her parents lived.

Jasmine ordered, sipping her tea, “Computer, open a channel to Yu and Chung residence, Hawaii, Earth.”

[[Channel open.]] Within moments, the screen changed to what Jasmine expected would be her parents in their living room, however that wasn’t the case. Well it was still their living room but she couldn’t see her mom and dad and was instead gazing at a ginger coloured furball, accented with a touch of white spotting and it had whiskers. Bright, inquisitive green eyes stared back, bringing out a chuckle from the young woman.

{{Hue, get down from the console,}} came an elderly woman’s voice from behind. What a pleasant surprise. Her grandmother was there and so was her cat, who settled herself comfortably on the console, blocking everyone’s view. Hue, yes the orange tabby, who was always at her grandmother, Tien Chung’s side, even when she was at work at the university in Rochester, NY. Jasmine had spent a great deal of time with Hue and adored the orange furball.

A loud meow came out of Hue’s mouth as the feline didn’t budge. Jasmine greeted, “Hey Hue, how’s it going?” Another meow. “A very happy new year to you.” As expected, Hue meowed again, when Tien managed to pick her up, the cat letting out a loud whine– not eager to move, apparently.

Then her parents appeared, while her grandmother was spotted in the background, struggling to set the cat down in her basket. {{Hue can get fussy sometimes,}} her mother, Qui Chung, said, smiling. {{So nice to hear your voice, Jasmine. I feel like it’s been so long since we last spoke.}} She was right, the last time Jasmine really communicated with her parents was prior to the ship’s departure for the Neutral Zone – so quite a long time. Then again, it wasn’t like she had the opportunity to do so while in Romulan space.

Jasmine nodded. “It’s been a while, I know but I didn’t get an opportunity until the ship docked at the starbase.”

{{Oh we understand.}} This time, her father, Victor Yu, said, giving her a smile of assurance. {{Your mom and I knew once the Phoenix headed near Romulan territory, we wouldn’t hear from you for a while.}}

“Thanks for being understanding.”

{{Why wouldn’t we be?}} Qui said. {{Your father and I used to serve on starships that took us away on various assignments.}} That was true. Part of Jasmine’s childhood until high school, was spent on different Starfleet vessels and bases due to her parents’ jobs. They were still Starfleet officers. Her mother worked at Starfleet Engineering, while her father did research at Starfleet Sciences.

Victor sighed. {{Well, it wasn’t like how it was on the CAMELOT, when we couldn’t speak to you for two years because of the Neo-Essentialist crisis.}} Those were tough times, the CAMELOT was far away from Earth during the whole conflict, making contact nearly impossible. Jasmine recalled about worrying whether she’d ever return home and feared, even if she did, that her family wouldn’t be around. Luckily, her fears didn’t come to fruition and she was now talking with them.

Her grandmother joined them, giving the security chief a warm smile. {{Hue is occupied with her holo mouse.}} She let out a sigh of relief. {{She’s a sweet kitty but sometimes she can be really fussy.}} Tien sat down next to her daughter. {{So how are you Jasmine?}}

“I’m doing fine, Grandma.” Jasmine smiled. “And how about you?”

{{Oh the same. Work. Busy as usual,}} came a reply from all three in unison. But Tien’s expression filled with concern. {{Everything okay, Jasmine? You look a little pale.}}

Yu sighed. “Well, I’m okay. It’s just that I had to attend some funerals earlier today, so that worn me out a bit.”

{{I’m sorry to hear.}} Victor inquired, softening his tone, {{Were you close to them?}}

The dark haired woman shrugged. “I only knew them at a professional capacity.”

{{Starfleet life’s tough,}} Qui remarked, giving her daughter a sad look. {{Anyway, what was it like with the Romulans? Did you get a chance to visit Romulus itself?}}

Glad for the change in topic, Yu answered, “It was interesting and I got the opportunity to be part of the team that went down to their homeworld.” She watched her parents’ and grandmother’s eyes widen.

{{That’d make you amongst the first Federation members, who set foot on Romulus in fifty years,}} her dad commented, smiling at her.

Her mother asked, {{Jasmine, have you met or seen the Praetor?}}

{{Well, I hope his name isn’t really Poxy Toerag,}} Tien chimed in, {{as that fool, Karimi claims.}}

“What!” Jasmine was surprised – wow, she was very much behind on galactic news. “No, of course not.” Yu began recounting her experiences on Romulus, limiting her account to just dinners, receptions, meeting with Senators and the tour around the capital. While she was talking, a small furry head popped in between her parents, bringing out a smile from the young woman. “Mai Li, so nice of you to join in.”

Qui and Victor shifted a bit to leave room for the family dog – an adult Corgi who snuggled in quite nicely between the couple. The light brown and white animal greeted her with a bark. {{Mai Li’s happy to see you, Jasmine,}} her mother said with a laugh, petting the small dog. {{She missed you.}}

“Awww, I missed her too.” Jasmine laughed, when Mai Li barked again, lifting herself up and wagging her tail.

Scene: Gymnasium, saucer section, deck 10

A group of security personnel huddled together at the corner of the large, spacious room, warming up for an upcoming session of security drills. Crewman Enzo Fonti sighed, adjusting his boots. “I’m going to miss, Carter. It’s weird not seeing him around.”

Another crewman, a human male with Asian features nodded, standing up. “Yeah, he was a funny guy, man. So much fun, hanging around him.”

Fonti commented, stretching his arms. “Yeah, Ku. He always had our backs.”

“I wish that thing didn’t take him away,” Crewman Manchu Ku said, bending forward and then backward.

“Well, he’d still be alive if we had better leadership,” came a new male voice, filled with a mix of cockiness and bitterness. The other two tilted their heads to find a tall and young human male with short, brown hair and pale blue eyes, approaching them, his lips pursed together to form a thin line.

Ku blinked. “What do you mean? Are you referring to our chief or the Captain?”

Crewman Christian Bieber shook his head, speaking in a tone filled with derision. “I’m referring to Yu.”

“Chief?” Fonti wore a bewildered expression. “Do you have a problem with her?”

“Yeah I do,” Bieber replied emphatically.

Ku asked, crossing his arms over his chest, “But why? The chief’s a capable officer, isn’t she?”

“I tell you, why,” Christian said, glancing behind him before turning his attention to his fellow crewmen. “Carter. He’d still be with us if she wasn’t in charge.”

Fonti shared an awkward look with Ku, both shrugging. “Look, Chris. There’s nothing she could do. You knew what we were up against – an entity that was too powerful and couldn’t be seen. Lieutenant Yu, like everyone else, did their best.”

“You’re right on point,” Bieber said, his lips curling into a mild sneer. “It’s not Yu’s fault that she’s born a woman and is limited by that biological fact.” It seemed he wasn’t bothered, when the other two security guards’ eyes widened.

Ku asked slowly, “Are you suggesting our chief failed to save Carter because she’s a woman?”

“You have a problem with that.” Bieber glared at the Chinese man. “Look, if I’m being honest, she has no business running a security department, especially on a warship like the Phoenix. I mean, what was Starfleet thinking, assigning her to lead us?”

“Correct me if I’m wrong.” Fonti narrowed his eyes. “You think she’s not fit to be our chief because of her gender or lack of experience?”

Crewman Bieber scowled, clearing becoming agitated. “Frankly, she’s not tough enough physically and mentally to be in charge. It’s not her fault – she was born that way. I mean, it’s ludicrous when she and that uptight bitch Procter are numbers one and two in the department. You can’t have someone so emotional like Procter with her unpredictable mood swings in charge around here.”

“But I have never seen Yu lose her cool at all,” Ku pointed out.

“Look if you ask me.” Clearly Bieber just brushed away his fellow crewman’s remark. “Males are better suited to running departments like security, marines, where they have to be tough and make quick decisions. I think people like Yu or Procter should have chosen something less demanding and more nurturing, you know, like Counseling or Nursing.”

Fonti said, a look of discomfort in his eyes, “Somehow I doubt the Counselors or the nurses would agree.”

“And Yu has kicked my ass a couple of times during training sessions,” Ku said.

Bieber snorted. “That’s because you and everyone else are allowing her to win so she won’t look bad and you get to score brownie points with her.”

“No she’s not.” Enzo glared at him. “Yu’s a highly capable officer who can easily hold her own in a fight.”

“Well, guess what, Fonti.” Bieber sneered. “I won’t go easy on her. In fact, when I get the chance to fight her, I’ll humiliate her, showing everyone here how unfit she is to lead us.”

“Whatever you say.” Ku shrugged, not eager to argue with Bieber anymore as he made his way to the centre of the room with Fonti following him. However, none of the security guards realized their entire conversation was overheard, when an Andorian female stood a few feet away – looking clearly disturbed. She cocked her head, when the doors parted with a whooshing sound, permitting a tall human female with blonde hair tied in a ponytail. The blue skinned woman walked towards her.

TI: A few minutes later

“Lieutenant Yu.”

Jasmine turned around and let out a sigh, noticing the darkened expression on Procter’s face. “What is it, Lieutenant?”

“We have a serious personnel problem.” The blonde deputy in charge of the tactical side, didn’t waste time, jumping straight to the point. Clearly, she was quite troubled.

The training session was about to start as everyone was already assembled, awaiting their chief. Jasmine sighed, turning to Virgo Silsby, standing in front of the group. “Lieutenant Silsby, begin warm up. I’ll join you shortly.”

“Yes ma’am.” The blond’s gaze shifted to the assembled officers and crewpersons alike and started issuing commands.

Yu turned to her other deputy. “Alright, go ahead.”

“Crewman Sh'overrih came to me in confidence about a very serious matter,” Procter began, her tone curt, yet professional. “Well, she overheard a conversation…”

TI: Later, during the training session

The session was on a short break to allow the group to replenish themselves with liquids and Jasmine leaned against a wall, thinking of what Procter relayed to her earlier. MacKenzie actually came to the gym to speak with one of the crew in attendance at the start of the session and already left after speaking with the person in question and Yu. She took a sip of water from a tiny bottle, deep in thought about the personnel problem and also quite bothered about it. Then she had a light bulb moment. She nodded at Silsby, who clapped loudly.

“Okay, everyone.” Virgo’s voice echoed all over the room. “Pair up. Hand to hand combat drills.” While everyone was lining up the area with their partners, the doors opened again. Yu looked in its direction and saw no one enter, perplexing her before returning her gaze to the floor. She had missed something small and black, wearing a red uniform shirt, sprinting across the warm up area as much as his tiny feet could carry.

Jasmine strode to the middle of the gym and stood, taking a quick glance of her surroundings, when her gaze stopped on Crewman Bieber. “Crewman,” she called to the young man, who immediately sported a rather puzzled expression. “You’ll be my partner for this session.” With no choice, Bieber left his post and made his way towards the security chief with some eyes on his back. Virgo moved to take his place.

An awkward silence fell between the pair. Yu took a moment to observe her session partner. Crewman Christian Bieber, a security guard assigned to team four, fixed his gaze on her. Until today, Jasmine didn’t have the opportunity to meet the man properly. Sure she’d seen him in passing, when he was out and about in the security centre or during his rounds. Until her conversation with Procter, Yu didn’t think much of the crewman.

“Mr. Bieber,” Jasmine began in a calm yet professional voice. “For our hand to hand tactics session, I expect you to put your best foot forward and do not hold back on me.” She watched him raise an eyebrow. Raising her voice, the Asian woman addressed the whole room. “This applies to all of you. Give everything you got, except fatally wounding or killing each other. Do not hold back for whatever reason, regardless of whether your opponent is a superior officer, friend, a different species or gender.” She noted at the corner of her eye that Bieber paled. “Okay let’s begin.”

After a couple of training rounds, Jasmine discovered the crewman was competent with his basic techniques and so far he followed her lead without question. However, the few times he made mistakes and Yu corrected him, Jasmine noticed his expression darken. If Procter hadn’t told him about the conversation between Bieber and the other two guards, she’d have hardly noticed.

Yu addressed the whole group. “Well, now the part you always eagerly wait for. A round of free sparring.” The others shuffled themselves to both corners of the room, paying no attention to a cute little pug, trotting alongside sniffing the air as it rushed towards an open cabinet, containing an assortment of training weapons.

Turning to Bieber, Jasmine suggested, “Okay with us going first?”

“Ma’am?” The young man blinked in confusion.

“I asked, if you don’t mind we spar first.” Yu maintained a calm tone and her expression was serene as if she just returned from doing an hour of yoga.

“Oh I don’t mind.” Immediately, he took on a fighting stance. He was taller by a couple of inches with a heavier build than her. Jasmine was used to it – most of her opponents had been bigger than her anyway.

She went into fighting stance and nodded to Virgo, who gave a hand signal for them to start. Yu locked eyes with the crewman, waiting to see what move he was going to make. Bieber swung a punch, straight for her chest and missed, when Yu turned, stepping out of his way and grabbed his hand, locking her fingers over the inside of his wrist. In one quick motion, using the full weight of her body, she bent his elbow with her free hand, took a deep step behind and then pushed him to the ground. She released him from his grip.

The crewman stood up, a little stunned as he returned to fighting stance and wore a shocked expression. They circled around each other for a moment until Bieber delivered an elbow to her cheek but Jasmine stepped off the line of attack, missing the strike. Growling, Christian followed up with a back fist, striking the air. Yu grabbed his wrist and in fell swoop, twisted his arm, forcing him around until he went face first down. After pinning the man to the ground for a moment, Yu released him from her grip. She asked, calmly, “Are you sure you’re not holding back on me?”

“No, ma’am,” said Bieber, his voice hoarse.

“Good, because you’d be disobeying my orders if you were.” She studied him, his mood clearly soured and if looks could kill, Bieber would have vaporized her with his eyes. Yu was going to let him attack again, so waited.

With a roar released from his mouth, likely hoping to intimidate the security chief, he snapped out a front kick, striking the air, followed by a side kick to her mid-section and missed, when Jasmine turned. Yu then dove to the inside, while Bieber’s leg was still mid-air, sweeping her foot around his other leg, fixed on the ground and struck the back of his ankle. Her opponent then lost his balance and with a push from her elbow against his chest, he slipped backwards, hitting the ground with a thud.

“Thirty seconds left,” Virgo announced, grinning.

Jasmine inhaled deeply, watching the crewman get up to a standing position. Last chance for him to bring her down. “Ready?” At his nod, both in fighting stances, circled around each other again. They stopped moving.

With their gaze fixed on the other, Bieber stepped forward and lifted his leg for another kick but then something unexpected happened. His foot stuck mid-air, the crewman let out a yell and slipped, his body once again on the floor. “What the….”

Jasmine narrowed her eyes, moving forward, confused at why Bieber just slipped and then her expression softened, letting out a sigh. The Phoenix’s resident pug trotted beside the fallen crewman, holding a short stick in his mouth. “Smooshy,” the Asian chided. “What are you doing here and…” Noticing the stick, she sighed again. “He went through the weapons cabinet again.”

As the pug sniffed at Bieber, the young man pushed him away, yelling. “Get away from me, you stupid dog.” But Smooshy growled, followed by a muffled bark and gave him an angry look.

“Come on, Smooshy,” Jasmine waved her hand at the pug. “Give me the stick. It’s not a toy.” To her dismay, the pug shook his tiny head as if to say no, he wasn’t going to give it back. Jasmine sighed, turning to her deputy. “Lieutenant, take over the session, while I escort our little guest out.”

“Sure thing, chief.” Silsby nodded, moving to the front.

Jasmine knelt down and whispered, her gaze on the dog, “Okay, Smooshy. Like playing fetch?” A woof from the pug and the wagging of his tail meant an affirmative. “Good, so, if you just give me the stick, I will throw it over there.” She pointed at the back of the room in the warm up area. “But first you need to run fast so that you’ll be able to catch the stick. Okay?” The pug nodded, opening his mouth. Jasmine reached out and grabbed the stick. “Okay, now. Run!” At her command, Smooshy darted off but Yu didn’t throw the stick and made her way back to return it to the cabinet, though she needed to wipe off all the drool from it.


Ranjani S.
Writing for

Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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