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Creepy Crawlies

Posted on May 30, 2017 @ 3:31am by Ensign Arak Schad
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Mission: The Romulan Way

“Creepy Crawlies”

(Continued from “Mixed Messages” )



Scene: Primary Science Center

Stardate: [2.17]0529.2118


The science center was filled with the hustle and bustle of several officers occupying various stations belonging to several fields of scientific study. Today was a very different day than the other days while amongst the stars as the children currently living aboard the PHOENIX were scheduled to arrive with their teacher to begin a field trip. Arak, unlike those around him, stood in an open area doing his best to understand why a classroom of children were arriving to the Primary Science Center when the activity all but demanded a trip to a field.

As the main doors opened and several children filed into the doorway followed by an human adult female Arak smiled. Straightening his uniform as he moved to greet the group he held up his pale yellow hand, “greetings and salutations adolescents of various species I am Ensign Schad.”

The troop of children did not respond only watched the young Aaamazzarite as he stood there slowly lowering his hand. Only a moment passed before the chorus of soft voices rang out with various forms of hello, due in part to the verbal prodding of their instructor. Arak continued to smile before nodding stepping back slowly and directing the group to move into the empty space he had been occupying. As the main doors slowly closed the group formed a two lined semi circle facing Arak, who had moved to better hear and be heard from the group, “we are very pleased to have each of you with us today. I understand that many of you may be disappointed that you were not able to visit the field you were hoping for; but, I hope to be able to show you what you may have seen.”

Raising his right hand in the direction of several large windows Arak slowly walked directing the group. As each small face moved closer to opening wanting to get as close a possible Arak’s voice rang out with a small warning about the force fields currently in place to help keep the occupants of the spaces safe and anyone from breaking the glass. Inside the rectangular window on the left was a complete replication of the canopy of a tree complete with leaves, branches, and what seemed to be a sack or webbing enclosing a small portion. In the window to the right was a recreation of the bottom section of a tree during what appeared to be the autumn months of Earth.

“This is one of a few exhibit and observation stations for our entomologists aboard the ship. Currently we have the two stations occupied by the same occupants in various stages of their life. Allow me to introduce you to Hyphantria cunea, or Fall Webworm from the planet Earth.”

Almost in immediate reaction a small chorus of sounds of disgust and intrigue alike filled the air as the group sorted into those who wished a closer glimpse and those who wanted no part of the creatures. Arak laughed, which sounded air being sucked into a small hole in someone’s teeth, as the group continued to watch.

“Would anyone like to take a guess as to what entomology means,” the groups teacher chimed in causing all the small faces to turn giving undivided attention.

Several nervous and unsure glances were exchanged before a voice rang forth declaring the field of science the study of creepy crawlies. Laughing slightly the female teacher nodded, “you could say that but more specifically it is the study of insects.”

“Like Ensign Schad!”

Arak’s eyes scanned the group as he processed the words. He had never truly considered himself insect like or even given thought to how insectoid like his race is. In fact, he was not sure he had ever even considered it a possibility that someone would see him that way; but, anyone that had study anything about his people would see the similarities.

“I’m not sure that some of our Xenobiologists and Biologists would agree with you; but, there may be some that actually do. That’s the thing about science we discover many things through a process that allows us to know that the answer we have is true. It is why we have the Fall Webworm here currently as we are studying their life cycle and how they construct their nest structures to try and help further our understanding of those species who are insectoid.”

“Ensign Schad, why don’t we just study them?”

“A most interesting question. Let’s figure this out together ok. Let’s say that I wanted to study the habits of you and your family. Would you feel comfortable if I were to be with you all day, in your home, recording everything you do, watching your steps, the way you talk, dress, build, eat, sleep?”

The faces of each child slowly turned into an expression of realized distaste in being observed. Nodding in agreeance with the newly expressed point of view Arak waved his hand sweeping across the entire science center, “you see that is what takes place here. We study various things from civilizations long gone from the galaxy to the structure of the subatomic world. Now, we have set up stations with officers prepared to show you various things feel free to explore the main area.”

Looking to their teacher the children smiled before scattering like Rutilus rutilus, the common roach. Shaking his head Arak watched as each officer began engaging and explaining various items before turning back to the window and the children who had returned, “Very well, who would like to know more about entomology?”


NRPG: Short; but, well...yep XD

Justin K. Owens

Ensign Arak Schad

Assistant Chief Science Officer



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