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Ensign Arak Schad

Name Arak Schad

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Aaamazzarite
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 135lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Small in stature, Arak stands shorter than most human females. His skin is a pale yellow in tint only matched by his the tint in his eyes. There are no bulging tri or biceps upon this man, as his arms and legs are lean. Generally his hands will be found clasped together in front of him while standing, as he seems to almost be scared by those around him.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tarakk Schad, 47, local politician
Mother Veeneer Schad, 47, educational instructor
Other Family Several other siblings, born from his cluster

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Crafting, entomology

Personal History Born and raised in the handcrafted environment of the Aaamazzarite home world, Arak was one of many children in his cluster. His father, a politician assigned to the lower hives always demanded perfection and accuracy from Arak, which would become a reason he second guessed all he did.

Having chosen a career in Starfleet, Arak was met with ridicule and disgust by many of those that he called friends. Starfleet to many of his people meant a means to inhibit their natural ability to craft items that they used on a daily basis as they would wear an inhibitor. Arak never seemed to stand out in a crowd or even in class. His grades were second to none; but, intentionally lowered to hide his skill. It was in Starfleet that he was able to pursue his passion of entomology and learn more about his own ancestry through studies.
Service Record 2427 - entered Starfleet Academy
2431 - graduated Starfleet Academy