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Emotional Moments & One Pinata

Posted on Jan 08, 2017 @ 10:31am by Ensign Lynette Ryan
Edited on on Jan 08, 2017 @ 10:33am

Mission: Aftermath



(Continued from Ranjani's “Coming Aboard”)



Location: USS Phoenix

Stardate: 2.17.0901.0055

Scene: Dreamscape


Lynette wrestled against the opposing force that attempted to restrict her movement and pin her down. The young australian woman resisted using the muscle strength of her forearms and managed to keep the figure at bay.

“Ha! I’ve got you now.” The human male said with a confident grin as he now gained the upper hand and managed to overpower her. Lynette looked into his eyes trying to read his thoughts in glint and shine and what she discovered ultimately was overconfidence. Strength alone was not the answer but with some agility she may well have a plan in store.

*Only my arms are pinned….so if i just do this.* Lynette thought her grin now mirroring his. With a quick powerful sweep of her lower limbs she managed to catch him by surprise and his legs, which had kept him stable, now collapsed beneath him. With further swiftness Lynette seized the further opportunity flipping him onto his back and instantly straddled his chest.

“Nice one. You’ve got me now. What are you going to do?” A defeated Sam smiled as he stared upon the victor of this personal contest. Lynette did not hesitate with her response as she immediately moved in and began to intensely kiss him. Her body was on fire with passion for Sam and she felt so alive.

“I love you, Sam.” Lynette said her eyes still closed in between the passionate kisses that Sam now returned with greater intensity. Those powerful feelings expressed without a single thought, her heart having bypassed her brain.

It was for a brief moment that she opened her eyes to look into Sam’s captivating face, his gorgeous eyes. As they flickered open she was still straddling Sam but what she looked upon made her immediately withdraw in terror. Beneath her was a pale and withered body, eyes sunken in, a gaping hole in the center of its chest showing decayed insides. The now quiet air was now conquered by Lynette’s piercing scream.


Scene: Lynette’s bedroom


Lynette’s nightmare scream now ripped into reality as she shot upright in bed, sweat pouring from her brow. The scream lasted a few seconds before it died down as she realised where she was, back in her room aboard the Phoenix and in her bed. Sam’s withering and decaying corpse that had induced this terror was gone, but also in the same instance his striking and insatiable body that fueled her passion was gone too.

Her dying scream now was being replaced by sobs as tears began to flow from her eyes and she moved her knees inwards towards her chest and held herself tight. She couldn’t believe that her mind was still torturing her with these memories. She missed Sam so much that her heart ached with his absence, not seeing him everyday and being able to work beside him. The depth of her feelings for him were strong and intense but the painful memory of his murder and the continuous nightmares that plagued her were bearing to be too much for her. What was she to do.

Lynette felt a familiar feeling brush against her legs and she opened her eyes to see Mackie rubbing up against her, tail high in the air and purring loudly. She reached out and ran her hand across his back and his back arched high at the feeling of her hand.

“Thank you boy.” Lynette’s sniffled and the tears began to cease as she continued to caress her furry companion. She felt extremely grateful he was here as he always knew exactly what to do to help when she was down or in emotional distress.

“Lynette, are you okay!?” Sofia’s voice filled with concern sounded as she rushed into the room and immediately sat down beside her distraught room-mate. Mackie continued to brush and rub himself against his owner, still comfortable even with Sofia’s presence.

“I’m okay now….It was….just a nightmare.” Lynette explained still catching her breath a little from her awakening terror.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“I’m not so sure if I can.” Lynette replied softly avoiding eye contact with Sofia as she felt a light sense of shame.

“It’s okay. I’m sure it will help.” Sofia said not wanting to convey that was being intrusive and persistent, but wanting to lend a helping hand judging by the ordeal that had warranted such a scream that roused her from her sleep.

“Okay.” Lynette gathered enough courage to overwhelm her shame to raise her head back up and look Sofia in the eyes.

“Just wait there a moment.” A wide smile appeared on the aCMO’s face and she disappeared from the room. Seconds later Lynette could hear Sofia’s faint voice from the lounge.

“What’s your favorite flavor of ice-cream?” Her voice shouted from adjoining room which left Lynette with a slight puzzled look on her face.

“Honeycomb.” Lynette answered stretching her legs back out across the bed feeling more calm from Sofia’s kindness and compassion. Her room-mate returned holding two bowls that both contained mounds of ice-cream with an embedded wafer.

“I may not be the best counsellor but as a woman I know that ice-cream can be just as good a remedy in most cases.”

“Thanks Sofia.” Lynette thanked receiving the bowl immediately feeling the cold that it radiated in her hands. The slight yellow scoops of ice cream looked absolutely delicious and it didn’t take long for Lynette to grab the spoon between her fingers and dig in.

“Now, do you still want to talk about what happened?” Sofia asked again after they each enjoyed a few spoonfuls.

“Yeah.” Lynette replied again softly sitting the bowl back down in her lap and looked upon her room-mates face. Her smile was very comforting and in turn Lynette felt very comfortable around Sofia in the short time that they had met. She wasn’t simply a room-mate but a friend that she trusted and could rely on.

“Take your time and let me know if it’s too much and we can stop.” Her new friend said and Lynette sat for a second and took a deep breath and she began to explain her pain and trauma, bearing her tortured soul.

“Well... there was this man. His name was Sam.”


Scene: Deck 37 Turbolift

Time: Six Hours Later


The doors closed sealing Lynette into the turbolift pod and it was then when she was now alone and isolated from any other soul that she let out a massive yell of anger comparable to that of a Klingon and similar fashion she slammed her fists against the sides of the turbolift.

The ability to vent her built up fury and frustration was relieving. The engineer had been able to maintain her composure until now and that was a remarkable feat for her. She had been on the verge of telling the CEO, her boss, where to stick it after he had summoned her to his office. It was then that another contest for the day had been played out this time in reality than her dreamscape from the early hours of the morning.

This certainly wasn’t playful or fun but rather tense and unpleasant. It was a psychological battle and test of resolve that was being played out. Lynette had been in the middle of running diagnostics on the environmental systems as there had been problems with life support in sections of Deck 10 when she received the summons.


Scene: CEO’s Office

Time: Thirty-five minutes ago


“Ensign. I have called you into my office as I have grave concerns in regards to your performance and your capability to be a member of my team. I have reviewed your academy records and studied your psychological profile and I am deeply troubled by what I have read. I have concerns of your effectiveness to be a productive member of my team based on your past history.” She remembered the uncomfortable feeling that washed over body as her boss made judgements of her. The Grazzerite had been thorough in his research which could be seen as commendable but in this instance she felt a little violated by him digging through her records as if she had been some criminal. Lynette had already had enough of that from Inquiry only a few days ago.

“I have kept a close eye on your performance in the past couple of days and I can say that it is...adequate. Adequate is not what I expect from a member of my staff.” It was that this point that Lynette had the passing thought of leaping across his desk and giving him a right hook across his smug and arrogant face, but she continued to be a good girl and just sat and listened to the remarks that were spouted from his mouth.

“But I am being too hasty though and I am not a cruel person. From what I understand you recently experienced some trauma while in the field as of recent. It is with this that I am not going to make any decisions at this point, but I will continue to observe your performance over the coming weekends. If I see no significant improvement then I will see you back here for a discussion about your future aboard this ship.” Lynette’s hands, hidden from view beneath the desk, began to harden into fists and she felt her temper rising more. Thoughts of the right hook were beyond satisfying at this point and now turned oddly to that of stringing up the CEO from the ceiling and playing Pinata with him. The thought of hitting him repeatedly with a large wooden stick was greatly appealing but she severely doubted that any bright colorful candy would fall out of him.

“Any questions?” Her bosses question drew her thoughts back to the present moment as he waited for a reply but Lynette remained silent, afraid that she opened her mouth now it would put her into further trouble so in response she shook her head.



Scene: Deck 37 Turbolift

Time: Present


“That total asshat!” Lynette screamed and she now paced around the turbolift pod still containing fury that her venting scream hadn’t been able to satisfy. As she continued pacing, she needed something to do to rid herself of his remaining anger and thumping the turbolift was not going to cut it. She needed somewhere she could isolate and let herself go without any repercussions.

“Deck 27.” Lynette ordered with an air of frustration still in her tone. There was a place aboard ship that fit the criteria perfectly and she had the perfect program in mind as the turbolift made its ascent. She was going to enjoy this.


Phillip Wright

Writing for

A very angry and emotional Lynette Ryan


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