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Ensign Lynette Ryan

Name Lynette Amelia Ryan

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 9'
Weight 68kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brunette
Physical Description Slim athletic Build
Feminine appearance but acts more like a tomboy.
Always wears her hair short.


Father William (Unknown)
Mother Madeline Ryan. Age 52 (Groundskeeper, Melbourne Botanical Gardens)
Other Family Aunt: Caroline Morris 67 (Retired Business Owner)
Uncle: Arthur Morris 65 (Retired Farmer)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lynette Ryan has a very outgoing and fun personality, but she is impulsive and tends to speak her mind even at the most inappropriate moments and she tends to take risks alot. Working with computers / machinery are her passions in life, even greater is having fun while doing it. To relieve frustration, Lynette likes be at the controls of a shuttle in open space performing various maneuvers. In her down-time, she enjoys sketching / painting and spending time with her cat, Mackie, who she treasures greatly.

She is stubborn and will go to great lengths to prove she is right in an argument, even though she really is wrong. But with all her faults, Lynette in herself strives to have some stability in her life and she is hoping that one day she will find it whether with her feet on Earth or up in the stars, she will find it and her place in the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Flying
Sketching / Painting

Personal History Lynette grew up as an only child with only her mother and Aunt & Uncle, she never knew her father. Growing up on her uncle's farm she always displayed an interest in how machines worked and loved taking them apart and putting them back together (Most of the time unsuccessfully) Usually with her Uncles farm equipment. She expressed also an interest in flying as her uncle always would take her on shuttle trips to places to get equipment.

Growing up on the farm, she developed no real career goals or drive. She simply would just take the family shuttle out and just fly even for the whole day. It was only when her friends headed off to Starfleet Academy that Lynette just tagged along, but then came to realize that there was alot of fun and excitement away from the farm and couldn't wait to get herself knee-deep in it.