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A Long Time Coming

Posted on Aug 28, 2020 @ 8:40pm by Ensign Lynette Ryan
Edited on on Aug 28, 2020 @ 8:40pm

Mission: Dog Days Of Summer

(Continued from Sarah's "Until Next Time Cap'n Homie")

Location: USS Phoenix
Stardate: [2.20] 0828.22351
Scene: The Vulgar Tribble

“Ensign Ryan!” The booming voice belonging to Malin-Argo reached across all corners of the Vulgar Tribble and heads turned instantly towards the its source and scanning for its potential victim.

“Shit. He found me.” Lynette mumbled to herself.

“Here goes nothing.” She swung her legs off the stool dropping them to the floor in preparation to face the beast as it were, or so she thought. Out of pure instinct her left hand gripped the edge of the counter-top as she felt her legs nearly give way from beneath, her head spinning slightly from the sudden movement.

'Wow. That's something I haven't experienced in a long time' The young inebriated engineer thought as she momentarily closed her eyes in an attempt for the room to stop spinning. It had been years since Lynette had been drunk and that was simply as a dare from friends when she was a teenager. She remembered being violently ill after a few rounds and having a massive pounding headache the following morning as well as an unpleasant mess she had to clean up on her bathroom floor. It wasn't something she had particularly wanted to feel again as she always wanted to stay control not to mention having an uncle that enjoyed his home brew a little too much and witnessing how it had affected him. That is why she stayed from alcohol...except for the tonight and here she was loose, carefree and feeling great but drunk all the same.

It only took that brief moment, after her dizziness had ceased, before in a clear display of sarcasm she stood up straight and tall.

“Yes Sir!” Lynette snapped with a clear...well slightly slurred... sarcastic tone and posture.

“What do you think you are doing!? Abandoning your post in the middle of critical calibrations.” Malin-Argo stepped over the threshold and into the Vulgar Tribble approaching the bar with heavy steps giving off an intimidating presence.

“With all due respect...critical calibrations!? All the calibrations I've been doing have been routine and not a part of any vital system. Nothing critical about them. Besides we are powered down and docked with a starbase.” Her display of sarcasm had dropped and expression instead became more confrontational towards the Grazerite.

“As an engineer you should understand that every ship system is a vital function at all times.”

“Well again with all...” Lynette paused as she was struck with an instant epiphany, the expression on her face hardened with anger as she took a step forward towards Malin-Argo.

“No forget it. I take back my respect. The time has come to say things I have held back for three years serving under you. For three years you have been riding my ass, giving me all the shit jobs while the others got more privileged tasks.” It was either her impaired judgement or simply had enough abuse that she just loose with no reservations.

“It is because you needed to ear....” Malin-Argo had always felt a slight hostility towards him from the rebellious engineer but was taken aback as she had never to do this degree as he responded in a stern but calm manner hoping to defuse the situation. His attempt failed.

“No I'm not finished. Three years you have given me nothing but shit. I give you my opinions, my suggestions on improvements to efficiency but you dismiss everyone of them. You never gave me a chance to develop and grow. Is it because you can't take that I can do things better than you.” Lynette had stepped even closer enhancing her confronting stance before her boss till she was mere feet away and looking him straight in the eye.

“Your planetary sized ego just wouldn't take it, would it?”

“Cease this insolence and insubordination Ensign before I end up calling security.” The Grazerite could no longer contain his anger and he displayed it clearly.

“I'll show you insolence and insubordination.” At that point all logic, reason and thought went out in the window and Lynette just snapped. It took just a mere second for a clenched fist to slam into Malin-Argo's face followed by another. The pent-up force of her rage enough to send the burly Grazerite stumbling backwards. Gasps sounded across the Vulgar Tribble at what its patrons had just witnessed occur before there eyes. They all knew of Malin-Argo's reputation of being hard and intimidating but they never expected one of his engineers to nearly flatten him with a right hook.

Lynette began to pant from the immense amount of energy that she had exhausted and the throbbing pain that ran from knuckles to wrist on each hand after connecting with the Grazerite's solid face. She eyed off Malin-Argo who had regained his footing holding his nose from the pain that shot through it and the left side of his face.

The doors to the Vulgar Tribble once again parted and in stepped Virgo Silsby and one of his colleagues from Security.

“Well that was quick.” Lynette said under her still panting breath. The Grazerite was furious at what had just happened and the pain that followed but he felt a sense of satisfaction upon seeing security enter the establishment.

“Lieutenant, I want you to put Ensign Ryan under immediate arrest for assault, insubordination and dereliction of duty.”

At that point Lynette was frozen in place her mind was torn between what she had done so much out of character but also immensely satisfied at what she had done.

“Turn around, Ensign.” Virgo ordered as he grabbed for the cuffs. Lynette didn't even offer a shred of resistance and complied as she felt the hard snap of metal bind her hands together and a heavy hand on her shoulder that nudged her towards the exit.

Lynette's eyes locked with that of Malin-Argo's on the way out of the Vulgar Tribble and both shared fury as well as satisfaction. In a funny way, Lynette thought that it was the first time in those three years that they shared at least something in common. Not another word was spoken as their eyes did all the talking themselves.

'It was long time coming but I finally got you, you bastard.'


NRPG: Well that was fun!


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