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Ship Life

Posted on Jul 25, 2019 @ 10:47pm by Ensign Allison Samson
Edited on on Jul 25, 2019 @ 10:47pm

Mission: Last Days of Empire

“Ship Life”

(Continued from “Meanwhile, Back on the Farm”)


Location: USS Phoenix
Stardate: [2.19]0716.2110
Scene: Main Sickbay

Allison blinked a few times at the rather effervescent and rapid-fire conversation with the Marine. What was she to do? She was normally a loner, immersed in her research and not really part of the ‘crowd’. But then, joining Starfleet was supposed to be her first step to changing those habits.

She contemplated the repercussions of taking her work to this ‘Vulgar Tribble’, wondering if it crossed some line of duty/professionalism. However, it was being suggested by Dr. Bartlett, so perhaps this wouldn’t be such a bad idea. After all, she was supposed to use this time with Dr. Bartlett to ‘learn the ropes’, so it seemed like she should just follow his lead.

“Yes, all right,” Allison finally replied. “Just give me a moment.” The younger doctor returned to her office and grabbed a PADD. It took her a few minutes to transfer all the tracking data to the mobile unit, ensuring a ‘real-time’ update. She was already intrigued by the periodically spiking readings from the away team and didn’t want to potentially miss any important changes. Was it a bit over-the-top… perhaps, but that fact didn’t bother Allison.

A very short time later Allison rejoined her companions for the journey to this ‘Vulgar Tribble’. “Okay, Major. Lead the way,” Allison suggested with a tentative smile. She did her best to set aside any social anxiety that was beginning to stir, and reminded herself this would be a great opportunity to start to meet her fellow shipmates.


NRPG: My apologies for pulling a disappearing act. I hit a hectic couple of weeks. I would have liked this to be longer but until I get used to the ship scenery and other crew personalities and dynamics I am afraid my posts may be quite short.

Shauna Dean
Writing as
Ensign Allison Samson
USS Phoenix


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