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They Want You (Epilogue)

Posted on Jan 01, 2019 @ 7:57pm by Ambassador Xana Bonviva
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Mission: Blue Planet



Location: EARTH
Scene: Venice, Italy - Bonviva Villa

“It’s happening!” Benito William Bonviva-Crichton went running to his sister Dahlia Alix Bonviva-McInnis. The ten year-old azure boy tugged on his sister’s arm. “Dee,” he begged, “it’s happening! There’s a man in a robe here for *Mom*!”

The azure teenager with the Bajoran nose gave a skeptical glance to her brother. “While I love to say your turbolift doesn’t go all the way to the top--” she began as she got up.

“It’s about *Mom*,’ Ben implored.

Dahlia rolled her eyes as she followed her brother. “It’s about Mom,” she agreed. Her younger brother was becoming the quintessential “Mama’s Boy”. If it wasn’t about their Mother, Tribbles or holo-vid games, he didn’t pay attention. Not that the teeanger *cared* (she told herself) but still
if something was happening to their mother…

The Bajoran/Bolian/Human teenager watched out the front window as their mother stood around talking to men who were in robes. “You twit. That man is in *Ambassadorial* robes.”

“Say wha now?” Ben asked, clearly not getting the reference.

Dahlia smacked her forehead for even listening to Ben. “He is an *Ambassador*! As in what Mom used to be.” Looking at her brother and his wide eyes she asked the 8 year old boy, “She’s fine, we’re fine. Is any of this sinking in?”

Ben continued looking out the window. “I still think he’s come for Mom,” he pointed out.


Outside the Bonviva Villa, where Xana Bonviva had been meditating as part of the Bolian holiday of Epiphany, she was (as her youngest child Ben had noticed) being hovered by “man in robes”. However, her acerbic teenage daughter was correct, he was an Ambassador. She recognized this Ambassador from her time in service, many years ago. “Good Afternoon,” she began hospitably as she went to stand up. Dusting herself off, she said, “I apologize for meeting you in such a state.”

Ambassador Myall Tai, a tall Bajoran man with rumpled hair and robes, looked over at his long time friend. “It is I who should apologize to you. I had hoped not to arrive on Epiphany, as I recalled you celebrate this high Bolian holiday, but unfortunately my plans have altered and arrived here
earlier than anticipated,” he said smoothly, calmly, and with the perfect precision one expected of a Federation Ambassador. To finish it off, he lifted up Xana’s left hand and placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

“I understand,” Xana nodded; truly she did even as she rolled her violet eyes at Tai’s dramatics. It was many years since had been an Ambassador but schedules were often...fluid. You could be at the top of the Federation pecking order but really you served everyone else; as such you were
at the mercy of the temperaments and intergalatic wills. Looking at her old colleagues she asked, “I don’t suppose I could offer you a drink?”

“Finally!” Tai exclaimed, all pretense of perfect Federation Ambassador finally dropped. “Onwards, good woman.”


Sometime later, the Ambassador was settled in Xana’s living room; Xana having some tea while Tai grumbling but eventually agreed to have some cappuccino.

“When you said drink, I thought you meant something stronger,” Tai said as he leaned back in the sofa. “I need something stronger,” he admitted. Balancing the delicate cup on his knee he wrapped up his reason for coming to EARTH, “Much as I appreciate your friendship, there is a need for
your services; again.”

The Bolian/Italian woman leaned back in her seat. As she sat across the way on her loveseat she said, “I have not been an Ambassador in quite some time.”

“11 years,” Tai agreed. “You left when you found yourself newly married and then shortly after that pregnant.” The Bajoran man looked out the window where her son was playing with his coterie of Tribbles and her daughter was off in another direction reconfiguring her latest invention. “Your children seem well.” Thinking back he said, “Forgive me but I thought you had more children.” Clearing his throat he admitted, “Although I may have been inebriated so that maybe why I’m not remember all the descendants.”

There hadn’t been much to laugh at lately in Xana’s life, so the bubble in her throat felt good. “My children are well, thank you, but I am no longer married,” the azure woman said. “And yes, I do have more children but my oldest two children are now adults and out of the house.”

“So then there is no need to worry about a posting away from a spouse,” Tai pointed out waving around the cappuccino cup and miraculously never spilling the drink. The man considered his thoughts for a moment while sipping his hot beverage. Carefully he set down the cup as he said, “Your
children are not as young as they once were. Obviously they are still in need of your care, but if I am not mistaken, you are not in the same position as caring for an infant and very young children.”

“In other words, part of my main objections then are either moot or unnecessary now,” Xana smiled knowing how the repartee of political speak went. Tilting her head to the side she pointed out, “However, I have not changed. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a perfectly cautious person.
I know too much, have seen too much, to blindly take orders. You know this, Tai.”

“My dear girl,” Tai said (perhaps being the only person who could call Xana “girl”), “did you forget that Ambassadorial corp has been putting up with *me* for years? *Your* record says nothing about the need to lock up local drinking establishments and characters of *ahem* loose morals.”

There was a weighted silence before Xana burst out laughing. “That is a rather crude, yet effective, way of saying it,” she admitted between laughs.

Tai sniffed as he looked over at her, “Quite frankly I’m a little disappointed in you. I mean if your record doesn’t say that, how can you be an Ambassador?”

“Maybe I was just being a bit more discreet?” Xana grinned.

Tai rolled his eyes. “You are never discreet,” he muttered.

Looking at the Bajoran man she thought about what must have drove the man to come out here and said, “Truly, it must be terribly for you to come out here. But I haven’t been honest with you.” Inhaling she said, “I’m dying.” Well used to the silence that came afterwards with such a proclamation she continued on, “I was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago. Doctors at first were hopefully I’d have ten years. But I can tell you, I don’t think I’ll make it that long. I know I’ve lost weight and I look like shit. Most days when I wake up, I can’t move my legs, or arms, or both. Some days, I do lose control of my limbs. But really...I have no energy. It takes my entire energy just to get through minor tasks. Truly, you must have someone…*anyone*...else that can do this than a woman who is half-dead.”

“Did you think the Ambassadorial Corp did not know that? That I didn’t know that? I’ve followed your career in the Federation Council,” Tai said. Leaning in the Bajroan asked, “And why are you burying yourself when you’re only half-dead? That means you’re still half-alive. You know the
Federation government, they’ll take it.” Leaning forward he said, “Besides you know, once you’re an Ambassador--”

“You never stop being an Ambassador,” Xana finished off. “I thought that was just on the recruiting materials,” she muttered.

Tai sat back on the sofa looking at his friend. “You’ve negotiated with the Dominion--”

“After they kidnapped me. Twice,” she pointed out.

“You negotiated with the inhabitants of fluidic space,” Tai continued on, ignoring his friend.

“They’re actually far more reasonable than what we had in the Ambassadorial notes,” Xana pointed out.

“You tangoed with the Borg,” Tai said.

“It was a *waltz*! Gods above and below, I know I put that in my report,” Xana replied throwing up her hands. She paused thoughtfully and said, “You know they’re not bad dancers.”

Tai smothered a smile at that but continued on. “And you’ve successfully brokered deals with all elements of rogue nations; so how do you feel about talking to the very Shadows themselves?”

The azure woman wryly looked over. “I thought we were past the poetry,” she admonished.

“We were,” Tai said seriously. Tossing over a PADD he said, “Your next assignment.”

Reading through the briefing regarding the activities of the USS ANUBIS, Xana placed down her teacup. It took her a few minutes in silence to read through it. Once she was done, she didn’t ask any questions, but simply got up and walked into another room away from her guest. A moment later she came back in with a large crystal decanter and two crystal glasses. Pouring out the amber liquid she muttered, “Damn it all to 99 hells, I’m going to need something else to drink.”

“Thank the Prophets, I thought you had gone soft on me,” Tai smiled. Lifting up a glass he toasted, “Welcome back, Madam Ambassador.”

Saluting him in her other native tongue she said, “Salute.”


Her children were both pissed at her for being left behind on EARTH while she was getting ready to go off and be deployed to a warzone. But this was something she and Jake *did* agree on (and there hadn’t been much of that during their marriage): the kids came first and that meant that no
warzones (whenever possible).

Unfortunately that meant *another* message to Jake.

“Computer, start message to Commander Jacob Crichton, USS PHOENIX,” she said.

After the beeps died down she fiddled with the edge of her tunic as she said, “Jake, I’ve been reinstated as an Ambassador. My first posting is to a warzone. I don’t want to put the kids in jeopardy. Additionally, they’ve been looking forward to spending time with you. So...they will be on
EARTH, as I said in my last message, but with my family. My family is expecting you, as soon as you’re able, and the kids are looking forward to being with you.”

Inhaling a moment she thought through what else she wanted to say, what she felt she could say...and wound up with nothing else. So instead she concluded with, “Be well Jake. Bonviva out.”


NRPG: This wrapping up Xana’s story for now. I’ll be a guest writer on the USS ANUBIS for the next phase but I’d like to continue being on the mailing list for the PHOENIX :)

Shawn: Jake has multiple notes from Xana and custody of the kids. Have fun!


Sarah Albertini-Bond
~writing for~
Ambassador Xana Bonviva


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