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Posted on Jun 05, 2017 @ 12:59am by Thomas Varn
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Mission: Blue Planet



Location: Elindapole

Scene: Domicle Two Two Beta Charlie

Stardate: [2.17]0604.2246


The air in the room was still for the first time in what seemed like ages. The normality of life, or what was becoming the new normal, had not allowed the smell of emptiness to set it. It was an odd thing this home, not conforming to the true spartan lifestyle currently adopted and dictated by the fledgling governing body on Elindapole and yet simplistic in its true nature given the great deal of time spent by its designer.

The main living space seated nicely in the corner of a right angle formed by two main walls only changing with the curved wall connecting both line segments. Following the curve of the rear wall is a half wall with a planter built inside stopping only to allow a single step from the living area down into the adjacent room revealing a window which encompassed more than half of the rear wall itself revealing the world’s mysterious and deep blue oceans. A small room finishing the remaining small area of the rear curve was a galley like kitchen with a door to a terrace which contained the eating area for all who wished to dine. Along the left main wall rose a staircase leading to the three sleeping chambers for the occupants and guests complete with bathrooms.

In total the house only two more days to construct than the square spartan buildings quickly being constructed by engineers all over town. Each building quickly being occupied by someone as soon as it was complete and certified ready, all but this one. It had taken almost three days after its completion to transfer all the belongs that would remain here and at last the final step, moving the occupants in, was about to begin.

A blue hue filled the main living area as the whine of a transporter and voices materializing along with their bodies began to arrive, “I just don’t see why we had to wait so long.”

“Because it wasn’t a home yet, not ours at least, and I refused to allow our daughter come to Elindapole without a home.”

Laughter filled the room for the first time as the small family of Thomas, Sylvia, and their daughter materialized. Slowly looking around Thomas allowed a whistle to escape his lips as he slowly spun. It was true that both Sylvia and Thomas felt home would be wherever they were together and yet he understood the need to have some place stable for their child. As Thomas continue to spin he stopped and smiled as Sylvia’s hand rested on his shoulder.

“Can I cook, or can I cook?”

“Well, i’m not tasting it.”

Jerking slightly as Sylvia’s fist made contact with his shoulder blade Thomas winked moving through the living area. Everything was neatly placed and all of their belongings already belonging in their new places. Thomas knew that the engineering feet needed for this home was second nature to Sylvia; however, he was equally aware that the meticulous nature of item placement is what caused the delay. He watched as she moved, still inspecting each connection and detail, her mind ensuring it would meet her requirements. As her gaze moved from surface to surface she finally stopped before the large window peering out into the oceans of the world before them.

“Now, allow me to introduce you to your new workstation.”

“Wait, what? I am retired, you know a civilian now.”

“Yes, we both are but we are also colonist and must do our part to help the colony. Therefore, you will work at this station.”

“If I am working here where will you work to help the colony.”

“Never you mind that, now this window is more than just a window. Think of it as a glorified view screen with interactive and holographic displays. It will overlay the ocean before us and is tied directly into the colonies computer as well any sensor arrays that will be deployed in orbit. This will allow you to see what is beneath the waves and store any information gathered from expeditions and survey teams.”

“What’s the catch?”

“Hmm? Catch, what is this catch you speak of?”

“Sylvia, this display is highly interactive which is not necessary for me to work properly. What’s the catch?”

“In order for me to pull this off I had to agree you would do a weekly class for the colonist children as well as be the colonies lead scientist.”

“Why didn’t you just reinstate my commission too?”


There was a pause as Thomas slowly lowered his daughter to the ground and stared out the window. His eyes swirled with colors as he pondered his new responsibilities that were thrust upon him.

“Sylvia, I have purposely distanced myself from Starfleet and now…”

The small hands of his child slowly grasped around the bottom of his pants. Thomas smiled before lowering down on his hands and knees to kiss the young girl’s head.

“Very well, let’s begin.”


Justin K. Owens

Thomas Varn

Civilian Scientist


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