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Ensign Lysander Elgin

Name Lysander Elgin

Position Counselor

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Copper
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, slender, elegant. The splitting image of Kassandra, but rather good-looking. Generally gentle expression, sensitive, nearly always smiling. The sort of person who is either able to stand out, or fade into the background depending on what the situation demands.


Father John Elgin
Mother Cyril Elgin (deceased)
Sister(s) Ensign Asta Elgin (33, an assistant chief engineer on the USS Phoenix)
Other Family Kassandra Thytos, Aunt

Personality & Traits

General Overview Likeable, outwardly a people pleaser, but with an ability to gently nudge people in the way that he wants, and surprisingly not a pushover. A little bit of a clown, and sometimes a show-off under the right circumstances. Easy-going and an impressive ability to just go with whatever is thrown at him without becoming flustered.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Adaptable, kind, a good understanding of what makes other people tick, nurturing.

Weaknesses: Occasionally not able to remain objective with patients, gets overly involved. Too permissive of other’s transgressions or misbehavior. Not a planner, his strategy is usually to wing it. Sometimes temperamental, with occasional moody funks.
Ambitions He’d like to kick-start a cultural renaissance in the Federation, bringing a new focus to the arts.
Hobbies & Interests He’s a well regarded cellist, and an avid knitter. Passionate about all forms of music.

Personal History Born to a one-time famous pop-star mother, Lysander (and his twin sister Asta) spent the first seven years of his life as part of the Federation’s favorite family with all the glamour and pomp that implied. At seven, his life was turned upside-down when his parents went through a nasty public divorce. His mother was killed when the transport his father was driving crashed off a bridge. Professional consensus was that it had been an intentional act - their father was convicted of manslaughter and Lysander and Asta were removed from his care.

Their mother’s will had named her sister Kassandra as the twins' guardian, much to the surprise of Kassandra, who had been estranged from her sister since before their birth. Kassandra initially refused to take responsibility for them, citing the fact that she was recovering from an illness that had left her blind. Their teacher, Erik Chen, was determined to keep the twins on Earth where they had grown up rather than shipping them off to Sherman’s Planet to live with their grandparents against their mother’s wishes, so he took them in while he slowly worked on convincing their aunt Kassandra to honor their mother’s wishes. Their aunt was very reluctant to become their guardian, even after the installation of sensor nets that allowed her to effectively ‘see’, and tried to skip out and display behaviors that would get her barred from accepting custody. Finally after a year, Kassandra Thytos was finally convinced to take custody of them.

While there is a great deal of affection between the twins and their aunt, they will be the first to admit that their aunt was not an ideal mother. While never negligent and always present for the twins, she had a decidedly hands-off approach to parenting, never issuing curfews and rules, and expected the twins to make good decisions based on the lessons and advice she gave. Consequences of poor choices were to be borne by the twins, although she’d help them out of any trouble they got in to. Their aunt was also not particularly aware about how her own actions, especially her lack of self-care and drinking, affected the twins.

The twins adapted in different ways to this, with Asta becoming highly independent, able to take care of herself so Kassandra wouldn’t have to, and Lysander becoming a nurturing influence, always looking to take care of his aunt.