Lieutenant JG Virgo Silsby

Name Virgo Silsby

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 176lb
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Silsby carries himself with an easy, debonair air. His outward ease, handsome face, and casual nature allow him to make quick, uncomplicated friendships, which tend to collapse due to those same tendencies. He is quick with a joke, complimentary, and gracious. However, he is also self-centered, egotistical, and unreliable. He considers his inclinations to be pragmatic, not believing in getting caught up in “causes”, and finding a way to avoid “drama.” He doesn’t actively plan to manipulate or take advantage of people, but his devotion to the path of least resistance has resulted in exactly that before, which he acknowledges but is neither proud nor ashamed of. To Silsby, it’s all part of keeping one step ahead of trouble.

Silsby is given to opposing authority , which he perceives as only interested in imposing rules and exerting control over people. He’s not amoral, and he wouldn’t consider hurting people or stealing from those with less than he has, but he’s also inclined to ignore any rule or law he can’t see an immediate justification for. He has never been a patriot or a revolutionary, content to remain ambivalent on any given issue.


Personality & Traits

Personal History Silsby's early years were unremarkable. He was born on a long-time colony, the son of a farmer and a schoolteacher. There he was exposed to the Federation’s schooling system, which both showed him how clever he was, and also bored him. For years, he received exemplary marks without the slightest expenditure of effort. As he aged, he partook in a number of hobbies, none of which inspired a passion in him. The onset of puberty changed that, and the pursuit of female flesh became his only calling. As his schooling advanced, his effort didn’t, and his previously stellar marks crashed.

Weary of hearing from his parents and teachers about “wasted potential,” Silsby discovered what he believed to be a particularly elegant solution, and with a handful of latinum stolen from his parents, he bought passage off of his colony world and slipped away into the stars. He bounced from port to port for years, usually staying for only a handful of weeks or months, surviving on a mixture of menial work, the indulgences of his never ending stream of female admirers, and the winnings produced by his undeniable knack for gambling. Then, inevitably, the menial work would dry up, the female admirers would grow to admire him either far too much or dramatically too little, or he would experience one good hand of cards too many and it would be time to move on again.

He'd arrived on LIMBO eleven months prior and had become a resident when the owner of the ship he was travelling on opted to strand Silsby instead of honoring a sizeable poker debt. He quickly went to work in the sanitation division and began acquainting himself with the female population. For ten months, he’d been as content as ever. A month before the Phoenix’s evacuation, he’d begun to feel a familiar sense of wanderlust, but had neither found passage away from LIMBO, nor begun to despair of doing so, when Tella Yavin gave her evacuation orders. Though leery of Starfleet, which he considered to be a natural response to any organization that specialized in giving orders and dictating behavior, he’d recognized the Phoenix offered his best hope of escape. He’s curious as to their destination, but doesn’t share the same desperation for security so common amongst his shipmates and former neighbors. He’s content to, yet again, see where things lead.

Virgo doesn't think about his legacy. He doesn’t dream about achieving bigger or better things. He absolutely believes that love, purpose, and faith exist in the galaxy, but he also believes those things are the purview of other people, which he neither covets for himself nor looks down on them for possessing. He contents himself with being a fixture on any social scene he encounters, with sex, and with the thrill of the wager.