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Ensign So'Mior

Name So'Mior Riad’dikai Ventahn Howards

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown, as flat as possible – slightly unruly. As if it has a mind of its own, despite careful grooming.
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description So’Mior is a pale, thin Vulcan with soft features, wide dark brown eyes and a heart shaped face. He has ear length hair, that is carefully groomed and yet always slightly unruly. A soft, calm voice compliments almost spidery limbs and long thin fingers.


Father Lieutenant David Howards, (50) former Asst Chief Engineer of the USS Narendra, honorably discharged after injury.
Mother Lt. Commander T’Lani, (64) retired Starfleet science officer.
Other Family Staron – Grandfather, (127) Instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy

Personality & Traits

General Overview So’Mior is outwardly very calm, professional, soft spoken and logical. He tends to keep others at a polite distance until he knows them well. Inwardly So’Mior is far too young to feel comfortable in his own skin and secretly believes he is way in over his head when dealing with the challenges of Starfleet despite his skill as a science officer.

Says ‘I mean’ when getting flustered, a Human habit picked up from his father. Hates being wet!
Strengths & Weaknesses So’Mior is a brilliant xeno-biologist with a sharp mind and strong skills across the sciences. He is a compassionate and artistic soul willing to support his friends and crewmates, stand up for what is right and keen enough to think through logical solutions to difficult problems.

However, he is an untrained telepath who, despite Kolihnar training, has incomplete control over his emotions. He struggles with self-doubt and fear, and has trouble openly admitting this to people. Unable to feel fully Vulcan despite his training gives him low-level social anxiety.
Ambitions Deeply unsure of himself, So’Mior wants to feel stable and find supportive friends who he can trust. He wants to find a mentor who will help him navigate his human emotions and help him realize – or calm – his telepathic abilities.
Hobbies & Interests Meditating, reading scientific journals, creating sculptures with silver wire (a talent hidden deep within the recesses of his quarters), breeding tribbles.

So'Mior is very graceful, good at dancing, very good at sculpture and drawing. Has a license to legally breed and keep tribbles.

Favorite Drink: Ivantha Tea
Preferred Food: Brussels Sprouts

Personal History So’Mior is the child of two Starfleet officers who were longtime friends, finally lovers and mates who both served on the USS NARENDRA.

He was raised on the ship for the first seven years of his life, until the Narendra was attacked by Orion pirates in 2420, causing significant damage. Lieutenant Howards was injured in a warp plasma explosion which caused him a traumatic brain injury. Shortly afterwards T’Lani moved her mate and child to Vulcan to help Howards recuperate and raise So’Mior in a peaceful setting.

On Vulcan, T’Lani’s father Staron took an interest in training So’Mior in the Vulcan way. The young Vulcan/Human hybrid was placed in challenging science courses – which he did well at – and challenging mental discipline studies, which he did not do well at. While he was never harshly bullied or reprimanded, So’Mior always felt his performance was a disappointment to his grandfather.

After one particularly poor showing at Vulcan mental discipline, So’Mior’s growing telepathic capabilities manifested, reaching out to read the thoughts and emotions of his grandfather and teachers. As a complete amateur, he read only the thoughts he expected to read – all the frustration and disappointment with none of the compassionate nuances behind it. He composed himself outwardly, but inwardly panicked, and immediately started looking for legitimate ways off Vulcan. He applied to Starfleet Academy as a fresh secondary graduate of the Vulcan Training institute at the tender age of 18, not expecting to be accepted, and yet he was eagerly accepted. He confirmed without telling his family and left in a whirlwind.

That was four years ago. So’Mior hasn’t had a long sit-down talk with his family since, though he has talked with his mother and father enough to let them know he’s doing well. He believes his grandfather hates him – as much as Vulcans can hate – and is terrified of facing Staron again. Of course, So’Mior’s perceptions are youthful and flawed – but he doesn’t know that.

In the Academy, So’Mior performed well. His training benefitted him and he was an above-average student in most subjects and he excelled in the sciences. With a calm, compassionate and polite personality, he was liked well enough without making many close friends. He graduated with honors and was quickly posted to a ship.

Maybe it all went a little too quick. On paper So’Mior is a strong new addition to the fleet with a keen intellect and a talent for science. But in reality, he’s too young. With his Vulcan genes, he hasn’t yet reached the age of maturity and he can sometimes struggle with emotions he doesn’t fully understand or cannot process. He’s a wide-eyed youth on the edge of the frontier, ready to sink or swim.
Service Record * Entered Starfleet Academy: 2430
* Graduated Starfleet academy: 2434

2434: Assigned to USS SATET
Education Academy Major: Science (Xenobiology)

Academy Minor: Science (Particle Physics)