Lieutenant JG Sotaar

Name Sotaar

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slightly built with thin arms and legs, Sotaar does not look especially physically hardy, but there is a certain pleasing aesthetic to his angular, sharp cheekbones and piercing dark eyes.


Father Stelott, 90, judge (estranged)
Mother Dr. V'Luta, 86, physicist working at the Science Academy (estranged)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sotaar is a careful and guarded speaker, and tries to be as professional as possible when working. He dislikes talking about his past, especially his criminal past, and tends to be somewhat introverted until he trusts someone. He practices kolinahr semi-regularly, and this makes him seem somewhat cold. Under the surface, however, lies a shrewd, calculating man, who has been blessed with an uncanny ability to accurately evaluate people, places, and situations at first glance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sotaar is very perceptive. He trusts his instincts because they have served him so well in the past, but balancing them with the suppression of his own emotions is not always easy for him. When faced with a dilemma, it's possible that he may lose control of himself.

He has not played dabo in many years, although he often feels the compulsive need to gamble.
Ambitions Sotaar joined Starfleet for the discipline. He needs that kind of thing in his life right now, and beyond that, he simply wishes to be.
Hobbies & Interests Sotaar meditates on the kolinahr almost daily.

Personal History When he was a younger man (he doesn't think of himself as old), Sotaar did not have a goal in life. He tried to follow in the paths of both his parents but was unsuccessful. However, he was good at two things - getting the measure of people, and piloting shuttles. He got a job as a shuttle pilot for Pangeos Pathways, ferrying cargoes on milk runs through the Core Worlds, supplementing his income with plenty of dabo on the side. The fact that he was a Vulcan and a gambler was often enough to get opposing players to inadvertently reveal their 'tells', and Sotaar made quite a bit of money for himself on the side.

In 2416, he crossed paths with Lieutenant Commander Kevin Johnsen, the executive officer of the starship STRICKLAND, while both of them were playing in a dabo tournament aboard the pleasure liner LUXOR - a tournament that Sotaar borrowed heavily for to finance his buy-in. As the hours passed and more and more players were eliminated, Sotaar and Johnsen were scheduled to play one another in the final.

Unsure if he could defeat the Human, and facing a personal crisis when he realised how much money he stood to lose, Sotaar panicked. The evening before the final match, he slipped through the benighted corridors of the ship until he came to Johnsen's room. Once the Human answered the door, Sotaar attacked him, attempting to mind-meld with Johnsen in an effort to cause the Human to back out of the match. The meld went disastrously wrong - Johnsen became a screaming lunatic, and in a desperate effort to silence him, Sotaar strangled him to death. He was discovered by the LUXOR's Security staff with his hands locked around Johnsen's throat.

Sotaar was tried and convicted of Johnsen's murder. However, the judge took into account his own temporary insanity as a result of the failed mind-meld, and mercifully (and controversially) sentenced him to ten years imprisonment.

Sotaar was released in 2426. His time in prison had cost him his career and his relationship with his parents and anyone who ever knew him. With nowhere to go and no prospects, Sotaar joined Starfleet as a flight control officer, gaining a commission as an ensign in 2430.

Since then, he has kept his head down and moved forward, but cannot forget what he did in one fit of madness those many years ago.
Service Record 2426 - joined Starfleet

2430 - commissioned as Ensign; assigned to USS Dauntless as assistant flight control officer

2433 - promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade; assigned to USS Phoenix as chief flight control officer
Education Graduate of Starfleet Academy, class of 2430