Lieutenant Karrington Crow

Name Karrington Crow

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 163lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Karrington has a wide, curious smile and wavy hair that she usually wears in a bun, but which falls to her shoulder when worn loose. Her hands are rough from years of field work under hard conditions. Usually dresses practically and isn't especially stylish.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Karrington is confident in her abilities, and carries herself with a certainty gained from years of self-reliance. She doesn't see problems, she sees opportunities, and does her best to approach all situations with pragmatic optimism. She is driven by curiosity rather than glory, which historically has led her to place her research above her career.

Karrington is used to commanding teams in the field, and while she has little practical combat experience, she is comfortable leading people through dangerous situations when necessary. She isn't one to be pushed around, though she will typically meet negativity with an almost maddening amount of calm and patience, and she has trouble letting things go until she gets what she wants. This hasn't endeared her to many of her commanding officers through the years, but Karrington isn't the sort of person to be subordinate or to ignore orders; rather, she's more likely to follow her CO into their ready room and attempt to privately badger them into submission.

Karrington is passionate, loyal, and friendly. She loves life, and while she's deeply committed to her work, she's also no stranger to late night drinks or nights on the town. She prefers to be called Dr. Crow in professional settings (she's a little sensitive about her relatively low rank), but she prefers her friends call her Karri.

Personal History Dr. Karrington Crow is a renowned field researcher, carrying PhD’s in Xenobiology and Xenolinguistics, and with decades of experience in the field working solo or leading small research teams. The crowning achievement of her career was a series of papers charting evolutionary differences between microbial lifeforms of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants; as part of the research for these studies, Dr. Crow lived alone in a small research vessel on the Gamma side of the wormhole for three years, including the two years of the Second Dominion War.

Though she is recognized throughout Federation space as a respected scientist and researcher, Dr. Crow’s dedication to science came at the cost of her Starfleet career, leaving her at relatively low rank compared to many of her (arguably less qualified) contemporaries.

While studying at Starfleet Academy, she studied under the renowned physicist and kineticist, Lorraine Eden. Crow idolised Eden, despite her mentor's abrasive manner, and has found it difficult to break out her shadow.