Commander Malin-Argo

Name Malin-Argo

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Grazerite
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 230lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Malin-Argo is strongly built for a Grazerite, with broad shoulders, powerful limbs and a stocky, intimidating appearance. His is very thick-skinned, and his hide has an amber-coloured down all over it. When on duty, he wears a tight-fitting black cloth cowl to cover his horns. His voice is deep and rich, and he speaks with a commanding air of authority.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Namul-Argo, deceased
Mother Saama-Malin, deceased
Brother(s) Jopek-Argo, 61, geologist

Personality & Traits

General Overview Malin-Argo bucks every Grazerite trend in the book. Normally, his people are an optimistic, placidly confident sort, thoughtful and contemplative by nature. Malin-Argo is fierce, worrisome, makes (usually excellent) snap decisions, and never seems to remain in one place for long.

Malin-Argo has been in Starfleet for over thirty years. He has amassed enormous amounts of experience as a Chief Engineer and is absolutely not afraid to brow-beat someone with that experience, be it one of his assistants or the ship's commanding officer. He brooks absolutely no dissent in his department and runs the tightest of tight ships. Since he biologically requires very little sleep, Malin-Argo often spends twenty hours a day working, overseeing his staff with the impatience of a never-satisfied teacher. If you don't measure up to his exacting standards, he will come down on you hard.
Strengths & Weaknesses Malin-Argo is a superb engineer, a brilliant motivator, a born organiser, and is utterly committed to being the best engineer in Starfleet. He is well-liked by senior officers, and is tipped as a potential future Admiral.

Unfortunately, he is an abrasive (and sometimes harsh) task-master. He is not interested in 'getting to know' his staff - instead, he requires everyone to work at their best at all times, putting heavy pressure on underlings. Team spirit does not exist in his engine room - he is in command, and he expects his orders obeyed immediately.
Ambitions Malin-Argo is well aware that he is considered a candidate for the Admiralty. As a result, he has become more ambitious in the last few years, and is beginning to see new assignments as stepping stones to that goal, and the people he works with as tools to effect that end.
Hobbies & Interests Malin-Argo has no hobbies. He works around twenty hours a day, every day, so his staff are never free of him unless he's sleeping for the scant hour or two that he requires.

He is generally interested in all disciplines of engineering, but is now also working towards an Admiral's position, and is studying people management on a wider scale.

Personal History Malin-Argo's genius (for that is what it can only be described as) was caught early as a child. He was (and is) a mathematical and technological prodigy, but always felt a need to use his hands in conjunction with his brain. He gained university degrees in Mathematics and Systems Engineering in his teens. A career in research beckoned, but Malin-Argo did not want to become stuffy and hide-bound. Instead, he decided to join Starfleet.

His time at the Academy was not easy. Malin-Argo did not make many friends, and those that he did make often became exasperated by his perfectionist and domineering ways.

He remained very driven all the way through his Starfleet career, serving on several starships and occasionally writing well-received papers for technical journals. A career highlight came in 2428 when he was awarded the Cochrane Medal of Excellence for his skill at his job.

He saw action in the Seventh War of Retribution, receiving a field promotion to Chief Engineer of the USS Repulse when its incumbent was killed in battle against the Kem D'Neel.

With his career partially interrupted by the Neo-Essentialist crisis of 2429-2431, Malin-Argo is determined not to be held back from advancement any longer.
Service Record 2373: born on Vacca III into the stentir tradition

2388: earns university degrees in Math and Engineering

2391: enters Starfleet Academy
2395: graduates Starfleet Academy, commissioned as Ensign

2396: assigned to USS Derrick as Assistant Chief Engineer
2399: promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade

2401: assigned to USS Larson as Assistant Chief Engineer
2404: promoted to Lieutenant

2406: assigned to USS Courageous as Assistant Chief Engineer

2410: assigned to USS Repulse as Assistant Chief Engineer
2411: promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2411: assigned as Chief Engineer of US Repulse

2415: assigned to USS Columbia as Chief Engineer

2420: assigned to USS Constellation as Chief Engineer

2425: assigned to USS Federation as Chief Engineer
2426: promoted to Commander
2428: Awarded the Cochrane Medal of Excellence

2429: assigned to Starfleet Engineering as Deputy Head of Mechatronics

2431: assigned to USS Phoenix as Chief Engineer