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Iphigenia Bonviva

Name Iphigenia 'Iphie' Bonviva

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian-Human Hybrid
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Blonde (naturally) to the middle of her back. Typically Iphie will dye it whatever color(s) she’s in the mood for. When on duty in the kitchen or at a bar, she’ll have it up in pigtails or a ponytail.
Eye Color Gray


Spouse You've got to be kidding!
Father Marcus Bonviva
Mother Yanthe Bonviva
Brother(s) Horatio Bonviva - Starfleet medical officer, USS Commendation
Sister(s) Xana Bonviva
Corinia Bonviva (twin to Xana) - deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Iphie comes from a long life of chefs and bartenders, and spent a fair amount of time in restaurants. She likes to figure out what people like to eat/drink when she sees them. Iphie is a fairly happy, honest and laid back woman to the point of driving her more ambitious siblings crazy. She did go through a stint as a young adult where she got in trouble with the law on various planets; has reformed herself, so she’s inclined to want to believe in the power of redemption.
Ambitions To not be boring!
Hobbies & Interests Experimenting with new foods/drinks/flavors, singing and playing the air drums, and gambling.

Personal History 2416-2418: Attended school on Gateway Station.

2416: Banned from entering Vulcan for 20 years (reduced to 10 with community service)

2417: Infraction received from Bajor

2418: Banned from entering Dosa II for 15 years
Banned from entering [REDACTED] for 5 years
Banned from entering [REDACTED] for life
2- year infraction received from [REDACTED]

2418-2422: Attended Federation Culinary Institute aboard SS Julia Child, concentrating on advanced concepts ("farm to replicator to table"), and also becoming an accomplish sommelier and bartender.

2422-2423: Externship as a chef aboard the USS Stonehenge

2423-2425: Employed as chef aboard the USS Athena

2426-2431: Employed as chef and manager of Angel's Angst aboard Gateway Station