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Rawyvin Seth

Name Rawyvin Seth

Position Agent

Second Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6
Weight 3
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description He appears almost brooding when one takes a look at him initially. His bangs usually cover his eyes somewhat, making it hard to determine what he's looking at from a distance. His hair is about shoulder length, and immaculately groomed. His smile usually is no more than a smirk, and his glare is almost chilling. He also looks withdrawn and introverted. However, he dresses nicely and neatly whenever in civilian clothing, and insists on looking presentable. When he shows his teeth, they are pearly white, and his body is usually very clean, as he loves to take showers. His most notable features are his bangs and the way his foremost canines come to fangs. The effect his fangs have on a full smile make people step back in surprise, as it is rather threatening. Fangs run in his family as genetic. His original eye color was hazel, but due to an eye operation, the pigments in his eyes changed a silvery color.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Aaron Seth, 74, Teacher
Mother Courtney Seth, 71, Unemployed
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rawyvin is quiet and reclusive in public, content to keep out of the limelight. However, he is very charismatic. Rawyvin's high intelligence has caused him to develop quite a significant array of talents, and over the years, he has developed Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Specifically, he expects to be recognized as superior and special, as well as constant attention and admiration from others. He believes others envy him, and lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others. This deepening of his narcissism has turned extremely violent, exploding in anger when mocked or belittled. Finally, Rawyvin's grudges are long held and brooded over; Rawyvin will take opportunities to rectify situations he feels he has been wronged over, and will wait a long time to extract revenge against someone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Extremely intelligent, and physically capable to boot. However, his deepening narcissism can make him act rashly when angered. He also enjoys watching other people suffer, to his detriment (rather than finishing a job quickly, he risks exposing himself by lengthening the process).
Ambitions TBP
Hobbies & Interests Playing guitar, writing, discussing philosophy, playing with his knife. A womanizer of the worst kind.

Personal History Rawyvin lives to prove that he is his own man. It is by strange irony that he has come to Starfleet, his main reason being that it is contrary to his father's wishes. Many times in the academy, he was noted for disturbing the peace, and for testing and breaking many of the campus rules. It was fortunate for him that he managed to dig himself out of each of these messes and come back up.

As a child, Rawyvin was always in trouble in school. He proved to be very bright, but most of his teachers seemed frustrated with his constant questions and contradictions. What seemed to annoy teachers most is when he was right in his contradiction. It seemed to get worse as he got into secondary school. He would always argue with teachers and seemed to bring around their general dislike for him.

Upon entering highschool, his natural rebellion turned on his father, and while part of the reason for this was due to his nature, his fathers attempting to force his wishes on Rawyvin caused him to further attempt to polarize from his father.

Sneaking behind his father's back to join up with Starfleet was Rawyvin's ultimate act of rebellion against his father, even though, truth be told, Rawyvin could have cared less about Starfleet. He went through the academy without fully applying himself, and preformed only well enough to be considered a good student, but not exceptional.

ACT was a surprise for Rawyvin, because he had never expected to get anywhere. He accepted it half grudgingly (to his father's outrage), and did preformed fairly well, with no distinguishing actions.

After serving as a tactical officer, Rawyvin was granted permission to establish an experimental SEAL unit. While at first, the unit's success record lead to approval for Rawyvin's work, this later lead to accusation of heavy handed tactics and abuses of power, though this was never proven. In less than a year following the activation of the unit, he was reported as missing in action after an action separated him from his unit. Subsequent intelligence, however revealed that Rawyvin became a gun for higher, and over the many years, wracked up a considerable bodycount as an assassin. Rawyvin has been named a highly wanted criminal in several empires, and has a kill/capture reward placed on his head.
Service Record * Assigned to USS AVALON SD 2418[2.3]0306.2329
* Assigned to Assistant Security and Tactical officer SD 2418[2.3]0316.1024
* Assigned to Chief Security and Tactical officer SD 2418[2.3]0324.2230
* Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade SD 2418[2.3]0615.1000
* Established experimental Space-sEa-Air-Land (SEAL) unit SD 2418[2.3]0628.1532
* Presumed missing SD 2419[2.4]0623.1200
[Begin Classified Entry]
Reporting suggests LtJG Rawyvin Seth has gone rogue. While on SD 2419[2.4]0623.1200, he was reportedly separated from his team, a subsequent investigation revealed that LtJG's actions were likely intentional. Follow on Star Fleet intelligence reporting suggests that Seth continues to be active, and is using self-developed contacts to carry out contract killings for profit. At this time, we have no choice but to conclude that these are accurate reports of Seth's actions. All Starfleet Captains have been advised to watch for this criminal, and have order to apprehend him and return him to Starbase One, where he is to stand on trial for his actions. [Revision] In the past 10 years, the mounting evidence is overwhelming against Seth, and paints a picture of a highly dangerous and well connected criminal. Warrants and calls for his death/arrest have also been filed by the Klingon and Romulan Empires, amongst others. Starfleet Captains are to capture this criminal if possible, kill if necessary.

Current Charges [Felony]:
37 Counts of Conspiracy to Commit First-Degree Murder
26 Counts of First-Degree Murder
5 Counts of Aggravated Assault
2 Counts of Arson
76 Counts of Fraud
69 Counts of Vandalism
7 Counts of Threatening Officials

Signed Xana Bonviva, Investigating Officer
[End Classified Entry]
Education * Entered Starfleet Academy SD 2413
* Entered ACT Program SD 2417[2.2]1113.8000
* Graduated ACT SD 2418[2.3]0208.1300

Academy Major: Security (Hand-to-Hand combat)
Academy Minor: Operations
Additional Education: Unarmed Combat, small unit tactics, assassination, torture, and Terran musical instruments (Best instrument: Guitar; Has mastered: piano, bass, sax, and violin; Knows a good deal about: cello, drums, flute, trumpet)