Quadrant, Delta

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The DELTA QUADRANT is the designation given by Federation astronomers to one-quarter of the galaxy. From the point-of-view of Federation cartography, the Delta Quadrant is the farthest away from the borders of the Federation, approximately 30,000 light years away.

Most of what the Federation knows about the Delta Quadrant comes from the journey of the USS Voyager sixty years ago. During her travels, the Voyager made contact with dozens of new species on behalf of the Federation and charted many more star systems. The data she brought back was invaluable to Federation scientists and cartographers.

Today, the Delta Quadrant is home to the Borg Federation, the successor-state to the old Borg Collective and allies of the United Federation of Planets. Modern Borg are no longer the undead cyborgs of the last century - they are a vibrant, technologically-advanced civilisation made up of many different formerly-assimilated species. Other species living there include the Hirogen, Talaxians, Ocampans, Kazon, and many more.

Given the distance between the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, travel between the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Federation was unthinkable a half-century ago, but the advent of transwarp conduits in the twenty-fifth century have dramatically cut the travel time between Borgus and Earth. When it comes to making new friends in this far-off part of the galaxy, the future holds much to be hopeful for.

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