Quadrant, Gamma

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The GAMMA QUADRANT is the designation given by Federation astronomers to one-quarter of the galaxy. From the point-of-view of Federation cartography, the Gamma Quadrant is located in the Denkiri Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, which was first explored by long-range probes in the 22nd century.

The quadrant is home to two major interstellar powers - the ten-thousand-year-old Dominion, which is native to the quadrant and dominates vast swathes of it, and the Borg Federation, which has expanded into it. The borders of the two powers are growing close to one another, and they have already made tense, unfriendly contact.

The Federation has a presence in the quadrant through the Bajoran Wormhole, the only stable wormhole known to exist anywhere in the universe. The wormhole's alien occupants live outside of normal linear space-time, and are central to the religious faith of the Bajoran people.

Although the Federation has allied with and colonised a small number of worlds around the wormhole's entrance, the immediate presence of the Dominion has hampered expansion and resulted in two full-scale wars in the past century. For now, the Federation's policy in the area is to support their Borg allies and to continue to explore areas not ruled by the Dominion.

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