Quadrant, Beta

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The BETA QUADRANT is the designation given by Federation astronomers to one-quarter of the galaxy. From the point of view of Federation cartography, the Beta Quadrant consists of much of the edge of the Orion Spur (the galaxial arm in which the Federation is located).

Qo'noS, the capital world of the Klingon Empire, is located in the Beta Quadrant, and a small part of Klingon territory spills over into this part of the galaxy.

Because of its dimensions, the Beta Quadrant encompasses many planets that were formed billions of years ago, back when our local arm of the galaxy was young. It is a much 'older' part of space than our own, and as a result is home to a large collection of extinct civilisations scattered across hundreds of deadworlds. The Federation has sent numerous exploration missions to chart these extinct civilisations, most notably the five-year mission of the USS Discovery between 2417-2422.

The Beta Quadrant is not deserted, however. A number of minor interstellar powers are in existence there, most notably the Calnarian Solar Empire, with which the Federation fought a brief conflict from 2418-2419.

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