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Third Mission, Part XVII

Posted on Mar 13, 2020 @ 10:10pm by Chloe Nielsen
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Mission: Section 31

“Third Mission, Part XVII”


Location: Simlran, NUMINO
SD: [2.20] 0306.1600
Scene: Mirror Kate’s Laboratory
TI: 0245hrs (Simlran), 0745hrs (Ciris/Riivenvale, Ithlirin)

“Why don’t you tell me about the weapon?” Captain Anaqueen Spankryz demanded, giving the tall woman a fixed stare. “Tell me, is the intention of deploying this weapon to create political instability on this world? Why the need to take lives to achieve your goal?”

“So many questions, Captain.” The Lady’s mouth curled into a smile, a wicked gleam in her blue-green eyes. As the Lokustaar operative had expected, Spankryz had managed to hold in her anger so far but for how long, she wondered, letting out a dry chuckle. “Why does Starfleet care so much for the well-being of an insignificant world such as Numino? I mean, on the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter if this world gets torn apart by a civil war, does it?”

“I refuse to play your games.”

“I don’t think you are in the position to make any demands,” the Lady said in a cold voice. Well, it was no surprise to her that the Trill was determined and was going to be a challenge, breaking her. But she had always relished a challenge. “Very well then. I will answer your questions after all it doesn’t really make a difference as there is nothing you can do to stop us.”

“Well, we’re finally getting somewhere,” came a sardonic remark.
“But I’d like to tell you a little story first.” Her smile widened when Ana’s glare intensified. “Do you know how I first met Doctor MacNeil?” She paced about and then stopped, her gaze meeting the Trill’s angry stare.

“Let me guess. You were the one who helped her escape from prison?”

“You’re correct that I did arrange for her escape following the Neo-Essentialists’ defeat.” Elena nodded. “But that was not when I first met her.”

Anaqueen raised an eyebrow. “When?”

Interesting. She seemed quite curious about Kate’s past – enough to not demand information on the weapon. “Around seventeen years ago, when I was in the dimension that you refer to as the Mirror Universe…” She paused, noting the stunned look in the Trill’s eyes. “I was visiting Earth…”


Location: London, England, EARTH (Mirror Universe)
Scene: Courtyard, outside a medical research facility
TI: 17 years ago (2417)

Yeelixa leaned against a tree, its shade blocking the sunlight from reaching her. A cool breeze brushed against her cheeks, gently ruffling her reddish brown hair, tied up in one loose, messy up do. Two children and a black pug puppy ran past her. The puppy stopped, circling around the operative’s legs, sniffing and looking up but she ignored it. Then the pug trotted away. Her attention was fixed on a tall Human/Nuimon woman, approaching a park bench, accompanied by a large dog with snow white fur – a Siberian husky. She watched the woman with keen interest, the latter flinging her auburn ponytail forward and then back as she sat down on the bench. The dog stood beside her, laying its head on her lap and letting out a soft wine, when the woman began stroking its fur.

The Lokustaar operative glanced away upon hearing footsteps behind her, then tilted her head to the side. She curled her mouth into a thin smile, spotting an elderly human woman stand next to her. The newcomer, who was in her early seventies, had a lithe figure and white hair cut short at the nape. She noticed the other woman’s cheeks seemed hollow and dark circles found around her green eyes.

“Why did you ask to meet me?” The woman demanded, speaking with a Scottish accent.

“To check on your protégé,” Yeelixa replied, gesturing towards the half-Nuimon.

“After ten years,” the human hissed, her voice dripping with venom. “Ten years since you convinced me to adopt this half-breed from that wretched orphanage in the highlands.”

“And look how wonderful Kate has turned out, having spent years training under your guidance, Doctor Fraser.” The agent’s smile widened. “From what I have seen, she is now considered a rising star in the medical sciences, particularly genetics and the military values her work.”

Doctor Fraser pursed her lips together, forming a thin line. Adorned in a black uniform comprising a full-sleeved jacket and pants, the old woman was part of the military – a high ranking scientist, judging by the blue colour and rank insignia on her jacket. In fact, the operative observed Kate to be wearing the same uniform with the blue on black but no rank insignia found – of course the hybrid wasn’t part of the military - just working for them like many civilians. “I believe we may have created a monster,” Fraser said, shuddering.

“Why so concerned, Claudette? You did train her after all.” Yeelixa raised an eyebrow. “It was you who drilled into the poor orphan girl’s head that the ‘end justifies the means’. I mean that is sort of the motto for you Terrans to justify your actions, is it not? Your goal is to rid this universe of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance at all costs.”

“I am proud of the contributions the lass has made but…” Her voice lowered to a low whisper. “I do not believe she cares at all for our cause and has…these disturbing views.”


“She does not think the Alliance is any different from us and that we are all a bunch of barbarians, fighting over mundane issues. Yes, she thinks our fight against the Alliance oppression in this galaxy is mundane and that we need to pursue enlightenment - whatever that means. That wretched child.” She cursed under her breath. “If I hadn’t this motherly affection for that lass, I’d have reported her to Security for her treasonous views.”

“Why are you upset when her designs for bio-weapons have been a success, especially for one at such a young age?”

“For a 23 year old lass, she thinks too highly of herself,” Fraser retorted angrily. “She’s becoming quite the narcissist in fact – bragging about her genius to anyone who will listen – which no one does, considering she’s a social outcast. She shows off as if wanting the whole galaxy to know she designed our biogenic weapons, which is beginning to ingrate on my superiors’ nerves.” She sighed. “I believe she is mentally deranged and worry her actions will be our downfall.”

Yeelixa sighed, shaking her head. “Claudette, I see, despite your brilliance, you do have a small mind, unable to grasp the fact that Kate MacNeil is not mentally ill as you suggest - when in fact, she is the only one here who truly realizes what is more important for the evolution of your species.” Fraser was right, regarding Kate – the young woman had a brilliant mind but she was mentally unstable.

Fraser’s jaw dropped, her eyes widening in shock. “You are just as deranged as that lass. Don’t you as a fellow Terran care for our cause?”

“No.” The operative’s prompt answer, expressed in such a cold manner, alarmed the scientist. She leaned towards the old woman, whispering in her ear. “By the way, I’m not human.” Her smile widened as she watched in amusement as the elderly woman staggered back with a pained expression. Clutching her chest, she turned around but not without sending a harsh warning.

“I will report you to security…” She coughed.

“And tell them what,” said the Lokustaar agent calmly. “A quick scan will reveal I am one hundred percent human and you will be dismissed as a crazy old bat bordering on senility. I think it’s time for you to retire.” Doctor Fraser took off without saying another word. “Happy Independence Day.” She called after the scientist, referring to the day when the Terran rebellion wrested control of Earth from the Alliance, thus declaring their independence a few decades ago. Not all humans had chosen or been able to return to Earth and join the new empire. There were still many humans held at the Alliance’s prison camps.

Yeelixa then made her way towards the park bench, walking into the middle of a heated confrontation between MacNeil and another human woman with long, light brown hair tied in a loose braid and blue eyes filled with anger. The husky dog was standing protectively by its mistress, releasing a low growl in the Terran’s direction.

“You know what you’re problem is, Eunice,” Kate said in a condescending voice.

“Isn’t it obvious?” The Terran, named Eunice, said loftily, speaking in the Standard English accent. “You.” Like Kate, Eunice also adorned the same uniform except it was gold on black with a rank insignia pinned. Another notable difference was the belt around the young human’s waist - a handheld weapon snug in its holster.

“No lass.” Kate chuckled with derision. “It’s because your intellectual capacity is vastly inferior to mine.”

“How dare you!” She brought her hand down to the holster and at the same time, the dog growled, baring its teeth. “That beast will be shot if it attacks me.”

“Don’t you dare harm my precious baby,” Kate warned and the dog released another growl. “It’s not his fault, he was born enlightened and you are not.”

The Lokustaar agent sighed, deciding to intercede. “Excuse me,” she said in a calm, yet firm voice, drawing their attention.

“Yes?” Eunice snapped. “How can I help you?”

“Actually,” Yeelixa said. “I need to speak with Doctor MacNeil so you better leave, Lieutenant.” She gave the gold-clad officer a cold smile.

“Fine,” said Eunice with gritted teeth. “I have other errands to complete.” The Terran turned on her heel, walking away in a huff.

Yeelixa shifted her attention from the officer’s retreating back to MacNeil. The dog crept towards the operative and was sniffing around her. She petted the dog’s head and began stroking his fur, the animal releasing a soft howl.

“I see William Wallace likes you,” Kate remarked, the dog returning to the Scot’s side and snuggled against her leg, his gaze fixed on the operative. “And you do not seem to mind me.”

“Of course not,” the agent said, smiling.

Kate smiled, wrapping her arms around the dog’s neck, pulling him closer. “So, who are you and why did you want to speak with me?”

“Well,” Yeelixa began. “I’m a great admirer of your work, Kate and believe you have an extraordinary mind.” At the compliment, Kate’s violet eyes glittered with excitement.

“Aye! I did not expect to find someone on this world full of barbarians another enlightened person like myself and William Wallace.” The husky howled, wagging his tail.

“Kate, I agree,” she said, taking the hybrid’s hand in her own. “This universe and all the others need healing and enlightenment.” She grinned, giving the dog a sidelong glance. “I believe all animals are precious just like you do.” Nearly every word that had come out of her mouth was a lie.


Location: Simlran, NUMINO
Scene: Mirror Kate’s Lab
TI: 0301hrs (S), 0801hrs (C) (2434)

“Then soon after that encounter, I departed from Terra, leaving Kate to her own devices. As for Doctor Fraser - well that poor woman ended up retiring to her country home, never to be heard again until her death a few months later,” the Lady said, watching Anaqueen digest all the information with a frown. “I had figured the Terrans were going to turn against Kate at some point and she’d end up working for the Alliance but I underestimated her fondness for her dog.” She grinned, noting the sigh of exasperation from the Trill. “In her desire to keep her precious ‘William Wallace’, Kate ended up, working for this mentally unstable pirate Captain of the BFOV SHIV, which I’m sure you are familiar with.”

“What does the SHIV have to do with your weapon and plans for NUMINO?” Ana demanded.

“Nothing.” The Lady shrugged. “Just that those unexpected turn of events in MacNeil’s life benefited my people in the process. The next time I saw Kate was a little over two years ago – a few months after the Neo-Essentialists were defeated.” She grinned. “After we helped her escape, I began making preparations to execute our plans for Numino. It is thanks to her, we now have the opportunity to help the Nuimons evolve into a much stronger and better society.”

“You are just as insane as MacNeil,” Spankryz remarked harshly.

“That’s your perspective, Captain and a narrow one at that.” Yeelixa turned around and left the room.


Scene: Underground Caves
TI: 0407hrs(S), 0907hrs(C)

Section 31 agent Chloe Nielsen, along with her two companions, Kate MacNeil and Mirror Anaqueen had been swimming through a series of underwater caves for nearly the past forty minutes. Chloe sighed, glancing around her surroundings – the view was breathtaking. If only she was on a holiday and not on a mission to capture a mad woman and prevent a bio-weapon from launching. Diving through those caves would have been a fun adventure and the Canadian enjoyed those risky outdoors activities.

Purple walls surrounded them on both sides. Chloe guessed the walls were made up of the same rocks that had blocked the psionic energy back in the jungle. A myriad of small bioluminescent, multi-coloured creatures had been passing them from both directions– perfect scene to record a holo, Chloe grinned. Many of those creatures had originated from the lakes and rivers in the jungle with some from the ocean itself, navigating their way through these caves to the next water body of their choice. She stifled a laugh, watching the publum attempting to grab a couple of tiny glow orbs with its long tongue. The agent had sent nanobots ahead on their route, set to warn them of any dangers. So far they were fortunate to not encounter any of Mirror Kate’s genetic monstrosities but that might change the closer they were to the lab.

Chloe frowned, feeling something pull at her leg and tilted her head downwards, finding nothing. Then she had been dragged forward and then downwards. She glanced behind – her companions were pulled down along with her. The current was getting strong there but where was it taking them.

“What is happening?” Kate asked, sounding panicked. The publum, lagging behind the women, started letting out ‘ooma’ sounds, its eyes widening and its hide shifting to a green colour.

“We’re being pulled by a strong current,” Chloe replied, her attention fixed forward. The women and the amphibian continued to be dragged towards a large hole, jutting out of a rocky surface and then pulled through the opening. Nielsen sighed, closing her eyes for a brief moment, feeling a splash against her visor. When the agent opened them, she found herself sliding down in a gush of water at top speed. Kate and Ana were screaming from behind, reminding the blonde of those natural water parks she used to enjoy as a kid. The water slide inclined down in a winding path. She glimpsed ahead. “This is going to be fun.” Soon, she was sliding over the edge and carried down by a waterfall. The drop wasn’t steep as she soon landed in a pool of water, sending a splash in all directions.

Chloe was soon joined by first Kate who landed less than a feet from her and then Anaqueen a further few inches away. She glanced behind her when the publum dropped on Ana’s head. The Trill yelled, grabbing the creature off her and tossed it into the water. The publum immediately resurfaced, its hide now a bright crimson and swung its tail across the pool, splashing large amounts of water in the asset’s direction.

Now wet from the splash, Ana roared. “Why you little…” The Trill swung her right arm, splashing water back at the amphibian. “Take that!”

“That’s enough, Ana!” Kate shouted, swinging both arms and splashed a bucket load of water at the other woman.

Ana now glanced at the hybrid, glaring. “What was that for?!?”

“Stop bullying it!”

“Absolutely not!” The Trill splashed water at the taller woman.

Chloe rolled her eyes, shaking her head. **Seriously, they have to do this now! ** The publum dove in and resurfaced again, its cheeks all puffed up and mouth filled with water. Nielsen raised an eyebrow, watching the creature in mild amusement as it opened its mouth, spitting out a stream of water in her asset’s direction.

“Wha…”Ana jumped back before the water could reach her. Turning to the publum, the Trill growled. “Alright…”

“Ana…” Kate warned.

Chloe had enough and swung both her arms across the water, splashing large amounts at the two women and the publum. As Ana and Kate turned around to face her, the Canadian narrowed her eyes, folding her arms across her chest. “Okay, play time’s over,” she said calmly yet there was a sternness in her voice. “We have a mad woman with a dangerous weapon to stop.”

“Sorry.” Kate sighed, turning to glare at Ana just as the Trill shoved past her. “I just can’t stand it when people are abusive to animals.”

“You sound just like her,” Ana retorted, stopping beside the blonde.

“I am nothing like her!” Kate was fuming and so was the publum, the amphibian giving the Trill an angry look. “I would never mess with nature and if it were up to me, Matilda would have still been a wee arachnid but instead thanks to that mad lass, the poor thing is left to suffer with being hungry all the time.”

Chloe sighed, when Ana rolled her eyes. “Look Kate, I get it but we have a mission to complete and we can’t afford unnecessary distractions.” She glanced at the publum, meeting its gaze. The creature began letting out a series of ‘oohmas’ and ‘alooos’. Nielsen shrugged, when Kate began to stroke its chin and then the creature rolled over, sending tiny splashes around, to allow the Scot to rub its belly. The publum’s hide now reverted to its neutral state – a glowing yellow. **Good, it’s calmed down. ** She waved at the other two women. “Come, let’s head to the bank.” Slowly, the trio and the publum made their way towards land. Pulling themselves out of the water, they sat down on the rocky surface to catch their breath. The publum just stood on all four legs, its tail gently tapping the ground.

Nielsen stood up, studying the data displayed over a rock through her lens, which projected the image directly onto her retina. They were now off course and the tricorder was plotting a new route based on their current location. “Well, that little side trip down that water slide has veered us off course.”

“How long it will take now to reach the lab?” Ana asked, approaching the agent.

“Well, the good news is our new route will cut our trip short by around ten minutes.” She began moving, waving at the other two. Kate, Ana and the publum followed the blonde agent through a large opening, leading them to an enormous cave with a high ceiling. They stopped a few feet from a river flowing downstream, giving off a bright blue glow originating from bioluminescent plants. “This river connects the ocean to the lake where the lab is.”

Kate raised an eyebrow. “So we are going to swim all the way?”

“No. Too risky.” Chloe stared at the river. “Apparently, the feed from the tracker returned images of few genetically engineered creatures floating around in that lake.”

“Kate’s pets.” Ana’s expression darkened. “They guard the lab.”

“So how are we getting there?” Kate inquired, stroking the publum’s hide, the creature releasing more ‘oohma oohma’ sounds.

“Well,” Chloe explained, checking the holo map that seemed to be hovering above the river. In the map, the route between the ocean and the lake was plotted and her eyes followed a tiny flashing green dot moving along a blue line, marking the river. “The trackers picked up an underwater shuttle about twenty minutes ago, entering this cave from the ocean and is making its way to the lab.”

“What? Do we plan on asking them for a lift?” Kate arched a brow.

“Not exactly.” Chloe nodded. “We are going to hitchhike on that shuttle without the pilot’s knowledge.”

“How?” MacNeil blinked in confusion.

“By temporarily shutting down its engines that will allow us enough time to sneak onboard.” The agent grinned, turning to Anaqueen. “Ana, you’re up.”

The Trill curled her mouth into a smile. “Well, an EMP charge should do the trick. Just need to find the perfect spot.” She glanced around, turning to the river. The Trill removed the bag off her shoulder, dropping it to the ground next to Kate. She bent forward, lifting open the latch of a side pocket and removed a palm sized, black prism shaped device.

“Do it quick,” Chloe said, checking the holo map. “That shuttle’s ETA is approximately five minutes.”

“I’ll do it in half that time.” Anaqueen smiled, beaming with confidence as she strode towards the edge of the bank with the device in hand and jumped into the river.

Nielsen accessed the tracker attached to the Trill’s diving suit, displaying the feed next to the map. She watched the silver haired woman diving deeper underwater, stopping at about ten feet deep. Ana turned to her left, swimming towards some purple rocks. She began swimming up and down, attempting to find a suitable spot to place the EMP device.

[[Found a spot.]] Ana announced through the agent’s communicator.

Chloe sighed, watching the Trill lift her right hand, the EMP charge clutched amidst her fingers. Ana extended her arm forward, attaching the device on the purple wall. **Three minutes to spare…no wait. ** The agent shifted her attention to the map and frowned. “The shuttle increased its speed and will here in 55 seconds.”

[[I’m coming up now.]]

Chloe turned to Kate. “Get behind those rocks.”

“Understood.” The Scot nodded and along with the publum, scurried behind a large rock.

“Ana?” Chloe called out and turned at the sound of water splashing – her asset had crawled onto the river bank, lifting herself to a standing position. “Come on.” The agent waved at her. Both she and the Trill rushed to hide behind the same rock as MacNeil and waited. Chloe watched the shuttle approaching their position through a visual feed, sent back by the nanobots tracking the bluish green pod-shaped vessel. In any second, it was going to enter the EMP charge’s blast zone and the device would detonate upon detecting the shuttle crossing the threshold.

The shuttle came to an abrupt stop, the EMP charge having denoted, sending an electromagnetic pulse that disrupted the vehicle’s systems. Chloe’s gaze fell on the shuttle’s top floating above water. The section of the top facing the trio parted, revealing an opening through which a tall humanoid man climbed out, wearing an aqua blue diving suit. From the bright blue glow emitted through his visor, Chloe deduced he was Nuimon. The pilot then jumped into the water and from her feed, Chloe saw him swim down the length of the shuttle to the bottom. Turning to the other two women, Nielsen nodded towards the shuttle. “Let’s move now while the pilot’s down there.” The three women and the publum stepped out from behind the rock and quickly made their way to the river with the agent keeping one eye on the pilot, who had now opened a panel. It shouldn’t be long – the effects of the EMP were only temporary.

They entered the river, swimming towards the shuttle. Well, a good thing it was parked close to the bank, making their trip short. Chloe stopped upon reaching the shuttle, checking the feed - the pilot was still occupied at the bottom. She waited, allowing Kate and Ana to climb inside the shuttle. The publum hopped onto the shuttle before leaping inside. Chloe then climbed onto the shuttle, then swung both her legs through the opening.


Scene: Inside shuttle

Kate let out a sigh, stroking the publum’s head as she watched the blonde jump off the spiral staircase. She could hear her heart beating against her chest. The half-Nuimon was shaking with nervousness at the risky move they had just made in sneaking onboard the shuttle. She couldn’t help feeling impressed with Nielsen’s ability to stay calm and focused on such a dangerous mission – one in which they could all die. Kate was at her best during medical situations but here she felt a bit helpless, still reeling from the trauma endured at the hands of her doppelganger. There was no medical emergency for her to focus on.

“Okay,” Chloe said, glancing around her surroundings. “Let’s find a place to hide. The pilot is heading up here.”

“What about that storage compartment?” Ana suggested, pointing at a large, rectangular coffin-like structure, lying against the wall to their left. “It should fit us three in there.”

**Three! ** Kate gave Ana an incredulous look as in how could she be so cruel. She turned when the publum let out ooh sounds, its big round eyes widening and its hide now glowing green – the wee one was frightened. She turned to Chloe, a pleading look in her hazel eyes.

Chloe sighed, glancing at the amphibian. “It will need to stay out.” The publum burst out a series of loud ‘oohmas’ – it understood her.

“Wait, you can’t leave it out here,” MacNeil protested.

“It will give us away with its nonsensical babbling,” Ana snapped, tapping on a console by the storage module. The top panel slid, revealing a large opening.

Kate turned to Chloe, who shook her head.
“Sorry Kate but it can’t come inside with us.” Chloe’s voice was calm yet firm. The publum now released some loud ‘woomwoo’ sounds. “Ana’s right, it will give us away.”

“I can calm it down,” Kate pleaded.

“No time, he’s almost here.” Chloe sighed. “Look, Kate. It will be safe, trust me.” She gave the tall hybrid a gentle nudge.

Kate stood silent for a moment, glancing at the publum, unable to bear the sad look in its eyes and then at Chloe. There was a look of sincerity in the blonde’s blue-grey eyes. She sighed, slowly making her way towards the compartment. Ana was the first to step inside and the Scot followed, lifting one leg over the edge and then the other. She then sat down, holding her knees together. Chloe took one quick look around before jumping in beside her. Anaqueen reached up to tap the console and immediately slipped her hand back inside as the panel slid above, plunging them into darkness.

Outside, the publum began wailing more ‘woomwoos’ and ‘oomas’. Kate’s eyes welled with tears, feeling her heart break for the poor creature, left all alone and then realized she was feeling more sentimental than usual. Perhaps, it was the pain from missing her children and fur babies and the publum was a source of comfort for her. She froze upon hearing footsteps. The pilot had returned. She tightened her grip over her knees, her heart rate and breathing increasing. **No, please don’t hurt the wee one. **

[[How did you get in here?]] came a soft, friendly voice.

MacNeil let out a huge sigh of relief, loosening her grip over her knees. She tilted her head towards Chloe, her eyes widening. **How did she know? Did she make a calculated guess that the pilot would be friendly? ** Kate wasn’t sure how to feel about the agent’s decision to leave the publum out, wondering if she should be cross with her for taking such a risk with the wee one’s life like that.

[[Come here.]] The publum let out a soft oohma. [[Do not be frightened, little one. I will take you back to your family.]]

**Family? ** Kate raised an eyebrow. The publum released a low ‘ooh’.

[[How did you manage to swim out this far from the lab? Being so tiny, you managed to avoid Emma.]]

“Emma?” Kate whispered.

“I do not want to know,” Ana grumbled. “One of that mad bitch’s pets I guess.”

MacNeil sighed. The shuttle’s systems were back online and they were on the move.


Scene: Mirror Kate’s lab - Room
TI: 0417 hrs(S), 0917hrs(C)

So the Lady had returned and resumed their so-called chat, though in Spankryz’s view, it was mental torture. Clearly, Djiktra or whoever she was, had been attempting to break the Trill – for what purpose, she wasn’t sure. Information – no, the Lady had the means to obtain that on her own. Pleasure – that was possible. But what she knew was the Lady abducted her to put a wrench into the Camelot’s plans to end the hostage crisis and subsequently stabilize the planet – which went against the Lady’s goals for political instability. However, the planned launch of the bioweapon troubled her. “How does deploying your weapon come into your plans of destabilizing this world? You can achieve your objective without murdering others.”

The Lokustaar operative’s lips curled into a sinister smile. “You are persistent, Captain. Asking the same questions for an answer you will not like.”

“Just answer the question.”

“Captain. I’m not one of your crew to order around.” The Lady narrowed her eyes. “But I will, out of pity for your desperation.”

The Trill rolled her eyes, hoping she didn’t sidetrack again.

“Now,” the taller woman began. “As for how this weapon will lead to a collapse of Nuimon society. Well, you are already aware of the growing friction between the progressive and conservative factions, which had been worsening over the years.” The Lady had begun describing the political history of Numino, which the Trill was already familiar with.

Anaqueen had remembered from reading reports and her few conversations with former Chief Consul Dahlis Alenvin about how the Nuimon political landscape had changed in the last decade or so. For a long time, the number of progressive Nuimons – the ones who believed in having relations with other races – were so small that the Conservatives who were the majority, dismissed them as nothing more than a nuisance. However that had changed with Alenvin’s election to the Council and in her second term, the first progressive to become Chief Consul in Nuimon history.

It was during Alenvin’s third term that the first contact with Starfleet had happened in 2421 and the planet had never been the same since then. Because of the first contact, certain laws had been removed as they were no longer necessary and that incensed the conservative faction, who had made it their top priority to oust Alenvin from office. That faction’s extremist elements had demanded she be locked up in prison for having an offspring (Kate) with a non-Nuimon. That didn’t happen because the law forbidding Nuimons to have conjugal relations with non-Nuimons was abolished following the initial first contact with the Federation. But their numerous attempts led to failure and Dahlis, on her own accord, chose to not contest the election for a fourth term in the beginning of the year 2425, thereby ending her political career as the planet’s most successful Chief Consul, despite being a polarizing figure.

The conservatives had blamed Alenvin and the progressives for destroying (in their view) the Nuimon way of life by inviting the Federation and later other foreign groups to their world. Even after Alenvin had left politics, the tensions between the factions had only continued to worsen. However until recently with the Free Nuimons, neither faction had resorted to violence against the other and used dialogue to argue their viewpoints, knowing at the end of the day, they were all Nuimons who cared for their planet’s wellbeing and after a good debate, they’d all get together as friends for food and drinks. In fact, both factions did agree on the importance of preserving the environment and not permitting immigration or permanent residence of off-worlders. Nuimon law did not permit granting asylum to anyone due to not wanting trouble with other groups.

In the Trill’s view, Dahlis was a skilled politician who had managed to find common ground on numerous issues. She had made an effort to listen to opposing viewpoints and had been willing to work with the other side for the sake of the planet. She had compromised with the conservatives to not apply for Federation Protectorate status, discussed after the initial first contact but agreed to maintain trade relations with the Federation, while Numino remained independent. Ana sighed. Alenvin would have handled the current crisis a lot better than Hollande, whom the Trill considered to be inept. Dahlis wouldn’t have been so easily manipulated by a foreigner such as ‘Elena Djiktra’.

“The intention of using the weapon is not to eradicate Nuimon lives,” the Lady said, confusing the Trill. “Though I can’t guarantee there will not be any casualties as the effects of the weapon may be a little unpredictable.”

“What?!?” Anaqueen was fuming. Unbelievable but not surprising this woman didn’t care if anyone lived or died.

“But it will have achieved its purpose,” the Lady continued. “Once the dust settles, the Nuimons will know an off-worlder built the weapon and that’s when the fun begins.”

Ana clenched her fists, now realizing the likely outcome.


Scene: Shuttle
TI: 0424 hrs(S), 0924hrs(C)

The shuttle had come to a full stop. They had arrived at Mirror Kate MacNeil’s underwater facility and now the hard part – getting out of the docking area and then to MacNeil’s lab. The pilot’s footsteps were heard as he began ascending the steps. The three women would head out once he left. Then, ‘ooma’ sounds and padding erupted. Chloe stifled a groan, realizing the publum headed their way.

[[What’s going on?]]

**Damn. ** Chloe bit her lip in frustration. That creature was going to alert the pilot of their presence. The publum began tapping against the box, continuing to make those ‘ooma’ sounds. The agent sighed, knowing it wanted to reunite with Kate, considering the bond the two shared.

“We really should have left that beast back in the cave,” Ana grumbled.

Kate couldn’t resist from responding, much to Chloe’s chagrin. “You have such a black heart! How…”

Chloe interrupted by shushing her. “He’s here.” They waited in silence with only the sound of their breathing heard.

[[What’s wrong, little one?]] More ‘ooma’ sounds. [[Relax, that module is empty.]] The publum kept tapping. [[Come on, I’ll return you to your family.]] But apparently the creature didn’t budge and the pilot sighed. [[[Alright, I will open the box.]]

**Guess we’d have to do it the hard way. ** Chloe frowned, moving her right hand down to her belt. She took in a deep breath as the panel above them slid open.

“Who are you?” The pilot demanded. “How did you…”

Chloe shot up to her full height, jamming a hypospray on the side of his neck, rendering him unconscious. As Nielsen stepped out from the module, the man’s body slithered down to the floor. “Come on.” Nielsen turned to the other two women, who had followed her out of the compartment. She then noticed at the corner of her eyes, Kate bending down to touch the pilot’s neck, checking his pulse. “He’s alive.” The trio, along with the publum – happy to reunite with Kate – had begun climbing up the staircase.


Scene: Docking Area -> Corridor
TI: A minute later

Chloe glanced around her surroundings just as Kate and Ana stepped out from the top of the shuttle. The publum stuck close to MacNeil, its eyes widening in fear and its hide changing from yellow to green. They were standing in a large cave, surrounded by walls, made of the same purple rock found in the underground cave network that they came through. The shuttle was parked between two tritanium piers with just the top floating above water. The trio stood on the left pier, their backs to the cave entrance, where a large tritanium door separated the docking area from the lake outside. Chloe tapped the side of her diving suit’s hood, which slid the visor open and then pulled back the hood. The others did the same with Ana letting her long hair down.

The three began walking on the pier before turning right on a walkway that led them directly to two large double tritanium doors. They began passing a few more shuttles when a female voice called out from behind them.

“Stop and identify yourselves.”

Chloe stopped before turning on her heel and at lightning speed, flicked a tiny pin shaped blade in a female Nuimon’s direction, striking her neck. The woman fell backwards to the ground with a thud. Nielsen turned around and sighed, noting the look of disapproval in Kate’s eyes. “She’s just unconscious. The blade was laced with a sedative.” She pushed past the taller woman towards the exit and heard Ana urge the half-Nuimon along. The publum made loud ‘ooh’ sounds.

They reached the exit, the doors parting upon their arrival, leading to a dark corridor, illuminated only by the purple glow from the rocks that made up the walls on both sides. “Let’s head to the nearest station and get the layout of this facility.” Nielsen moved forward, followed by MacNeil and then Anaqueen with the publum padding alongside them. They had walked barely an inch when three male Nuimons appeared in front of them. Two of them had weapons drawn, while the third was struggling to pull his sidearm from the holster. **Free Nuimons. ** Chloe narrowed her eyes.

“Come with us, intruders,” one of the guards, a tall, young man with short brown hair, demanded, raising a disruptor pistol of Cardassian origin in his left hand. So the Free Nuimons had been supplied smuggled weapons by the Lady with the late Lord Percy’s assistance.

Chloe in a quick move that stunned the guard, grabbed his arm, twisting it into an elbow lock and forcing him to drop the disruptor. Before he could react, she pushed out a kick to his gut, sending him back against the wall. A stream of orange energy beam passed her by, hitting the second man squarely in the chest. Nielsen glanced behind her shoulder, nodding at the Trill, who held a phaser rifle, pulled out from her backpack a moment ago.

When the blonde turned her head to the third man, he was fumbling with his sidearm. At blinding speed, the agent swung around, snapping out a sidekick to his chin with the full force of her body, sending the man flying back against the wall – the weapon falling out of his hands. But it wasn’t over, when five more Nuimons – three men and two women had arrived, weapons drawn.

Nielsen pulled out more pin shaped blades and swung them at top speeds, knocking out two males and a female in one fell swoop. The other female lunged at her but the agent grabbed her arm and shirt, flipping the guard over her shoulder.

The Nuimon fell beside Kate with a thud but before she could recover, Ana shot the guard, knocking her unconscious. When the last remaining guard rushed towards them, the Trill promptly sent another shot to his chest, sending him into the realm of unconsciousness.

They waited for a moment but when no more guards appeared, Chloe signalled the others to move and the trio headed further down the corridor.


Scene: Holding Room
TI: 0425 hrs(S), 0925hrs(C)

Captain Spankryz glared at the Lokustaar operative, who looked cool as a cucumber. She needed to get off this facility and find a way back to her ship to put an end to this madness. But first she’d have to get past the Lady, which was going to be quite challenging, considering the latter had managed to sneak upon the Trill back at the council building.

Alarm klaxons blared off. The Trill wondered if the alarms going off meant that intruders had breached the facility – Chloe Nielsen and her group were here. She had decided now was a good time to make her escape. The Lady, who to her bewilderment, smiled as if the woman wasn’t bothered by the security breach.

“Well,” the operative said, a gleam in her eyes. “It looks like that intelligence agent has anticipated the possibility of me pushing up the schedule of the weapon’s launch and it is 0425hrs now.”

Anaqueen realized Chloe and her company weren’t aware the weapon would be launched in twenty minutes. The Trill mentally cursed herself – if only she wasn’t stuck inside this room, then she could have warned them.

The Lady let out a dry chuckle. “And she and her companions have dispatched eight guards with relative ease.” She shrugged. “But that was expected and they will be in for a rude awakening.”

The Trill rolled her eyes. The Lady seemed a little too sure of herself. However, the Captain believed there were some positives that came out of Chloe’s arrival. If the agent and her small party of three could defeat eight guards easily, then it shouldn’t be much trouble for a single squad of marines to take over this entire facility. A squad of marines would be more than enough to capture the Lady. She watched the Lady turn around and exit the room. Ana sighed - now was her chance to make her escape. Then the doors parted, dashing her hopes or did it?

A petite Nuimon woman with long, curly brown hair strolled inside, carrying a hand-held disruptor. A scowl marred the new arrival’s features. “You,” she demanded, aiming the weapon at her. “The Lady wants me to bring you to the main lab.”

“Does she now?” came a sarcastic remark from the Trill, standing up.


“And if I refuse.”

“Then I will shoot you and have your body dragged there,” the Nuimon snarled.

The Trill furrowed her brow, noticing something odd about the disruptor’s positioning and shook her head in mild amusement. The Nuimon had been holding the weapon backwards. Since the disruptor was Romulan, Ana knew the weapon had only two settings – stun and kill - and knew the Nuimon was screwed if it was set to kill. The Captain began moving towards her. “Hand me the weapon before it kills you.”

“Are you mad?!?” The guard hollered. “Move any further and I will shoot!” But the Trill promptly reached out and grabbed the weapon with ease, much to the Nuimon’s surprise. “Ho…How?”

Now in the right direction, Ana pointed the disruptor at the guard and then tilted it away from her. Pulling the trigger, she fired, a greenish hue beam streaming out of the muzzle, burning a large hole in the wall. The Trill aimed the weapon back to the Nuimon, giving her a cold stare. “If you had pressed the trigger, then you would have died.”

The Nuimon gulped, looking wide-eyed. “What do you want?”

“Take me to the nearest communication station.”

“Okay. Follow me.” The Nuimon turned around, slowly making her way to the exit.

The Trill followed, changing the disruptor’s setting to stun.


Scene: Main lab
TI: 0432 hrs(S), 0932hrs(C)

The Siberian husky puppy let out a soft howl, getting picked up by MacNeil. The mad scientist cooed at the puppy, cradling him in her arms. “Oh my precious baby, in exactly thirteen minutes, this entire world and the universe as a whole will witness my genius in action.” The puppy howled again, enjoying the warmth of his mistress’ arms. “My design for the weapon is beautiful, will put us all on a path of enlightenment, where you and I will lead the charge in healing all universes.” She sighed. “We have a lot of work cut out for us as enlightened ones because there are too many with small minds.” Her expression soured. “Take that blonde agent for instance. She is no match for my brilliant mind.”

“Doctor MacNeil,” a male Nuimon assistant said, glancing at his co-worker, a female Nuimon. “We may have a problem.”

“I’m well-aware of that blonde intruder,” Kate retorted, stroking the puppy’s fur.

The assistant shook his head. “It’s not about the intruders.”

“Then what is it?” Kate asked.

“Well,” the female assistant answered. “We were running the final diagnostic checks on the system and came across a rather small problem.”


“Receiver four is returning an error in response to our test signal,” the male explained. “We will need to perform a thorough diagnostic of the receiver components in Ithlriin to find out what’s wrong. It is possible that receiver four has shut down.” The male sighed. “Doctor, I recommend we delay the launch to give us time to resolve this issue.”

“How much time?” MacNeil’s voice betrayed her disappointment.

“Ah…” But another harsh female voice cut him off.

“Delay?” The Lady stood at the entrance, her cold gaze fixed on the Nuimon assistants. The Lokustaar operative marched towards them. “Why?”

“Problem with one of the receivers,” Kate replied.

“So, there is a problem with one of the receivers,” the operative admonished, her ire directed at the two Nuimons. “And you want to delay the launch because of that?”

The male nodded, his eyes shifting down to avoid the Lokustaar agent’s gaze. “We…want to be sure.”

“The system will be running at eighty percent efficiency without that one receiver, which is quite sufficient and I see no reason to delay,” The Lady said in a condescending tone. “Honestly, even if the system is only working at ten percent efficiency, that is still enough to fulfill our objective.”

“But there is a lot we do not understand about this ancient technology,” the female assistant said with hesitation in her voice. “There are some unknown variables to consider and the system itself is unpredictable so chances are a lot of things can go wrong.”

The Lady gave her a sinister smile. “A little unpredictability is what I’m counting on.” She turned around, heading towards the entrance and left.

Kate frowned. **Those assistants with such small minds. What a bother. ** She turned her attention to a holding cell in which a light purple creature with feline features prowled. **Abigail must be hungry. Maybe I should feed one of my mundane assistants to the wee one. ** One shouldn’t be deceived by Abigail’s size, which was of an adult house cat. As a moochi moochi/hetla hybrid, the genetically engineered feline was lethal. The creature opened its mouth, where glowing multi-coloured tentacles shot out and then pulled back inside.

The puppy whimpered. Kate smiled, gently lifting him up to her face and gazed lovingly into those adoring eyes. “My precious baby, you will grow up to be strong and enlightened just like William Wallace.” Kate glanced at a holo of an adult Siberian husky with the same white fur as the puppy. “Once I have made the same improvements to you, of course.” By improvements, she had meant genetic modifications.


Scene: Corridor
TI: 0437 hrs(S), 0937hrs(C)

The trio and the publum had managed to reach a console without incident. At the console, Chloe had quickly accessed the layout of the facility and downloaded the info as well as other data to her tricorder. After leaving the console, the team had split with Chloe and Kate making their way to the lab, while Anaqueen headed for the main computer core to upload a virus, created by a Section 31 engineer, into the core mainframe.

The virus would shut down critical systems of the facility including security and the power grid as well as corrupt all data, thus preventing anyone else from accessing the information. However, from what Chloe gleaned from the data, collected about the facility, the weapon’s system wasn’t connected to the main computer and the facility’s power grid. The weapon ran on its own power source and had a separate, yet isolated computer, both of which were located in the main lab itself. So to shut down the weapon system, she’d have to go to the lab anyway.

The publum broke out into babbling ‘omama omama’. Chloe raised an eyebrow. Kate looked alarmed, bending down to pat the amphibian’s head.

“What’s wrong, wee one?” She asked in a gentle voice. The creature tilted its head to her, its big round eyes widened.

Chloe nodded, raising her hand for them to stop and leaned against the wall, her eyes fixed forward. Moments passed in tense silence, then broken by sounds of footsteps and female voices from down the corridor. She sighed, listening to the publum babbling ‘omama omama’, whatever that meant. She raised an eyebrow when a brown haired Trill woman in a Starfleet uniform appeared with a Romulan Disruptor pointed at a Nuimon female guard.

“Ana, I didn’t realize you’d go so low,” Kate rebuked, wagging her finger at the Trill, while the publum nodded its head in agreement. “I mean really, you use a holo-emitter and pretend to be her because you just love to wallow in your misery.”

Chloe scanned Ana, a blue outline forming around the Trill – her quantum signature matched that of this universe. “Kate.”

“Yes,” replied Kate abruptly.

“She’s not pretending,” the blonde said. “This is Captain Spankryz.”

Kate flushed with embarrassment, giving the Trill an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, Captain. I thought…”

“My doppelganger obviously made quite an impression.” Ana’s remark was sarcastic before softening her tone. “I’m glad to see you’re okay, doctor.” The publum crept forward, blinking and giving the CO a closer look, releasing an ‘hmm’ sound. The creature glanced behind at Kate, who smiled.

“Yes, she looks the same as that other one but it’s not really her.” Then the amphibian nodded, walking back to the Scot.

“Captain, what are you doing here?” Chloe inquired.

“I was abducted by the Lady just outside the Chief Consul’s office and brought here.” Spankryz’s expression hardened. “She had interrogated me for about two hours and during the interrogation, I had learnt of her true intentions for this world.”

Nielsen nodded. “I’m guessing her intention is to create political instability, likely to increase hers or her organization’s weapons business.”

Ana shook her head. “She isn’t a weapons dealer.”

“They why?” Kate asked.

“All I know is the Lady and the group she is a part of, are extremely powerful, dangerous and insane,” Spankryz said, anger seeping through her voice.

“We’re headed to the lab right now,” Chloe informed. “Where are you going?”

“To the closest communication station – apparently not quite close.” Ana frowned, giving her Nuimon hostage a sidelong glance. “From there, I will contact my ship, let my crew know I’m here with MacNeil and then have a marine team sent down to not only extract myself and Doctor MacNeil but take over this entire base.”

Chloe frowned, not liking the idea of marines running around. “Captain, need I remind you that the mission to capture the alternate Kate MacNeil is under the strict purview of Starfleet Intelligence.”

“I know.” Spankryz sighed. “Don’t worry, I have no intention of getting in your way and I’ll make sure you leave with MacNeil in one piece, while my people secure this facility.” She paused, a dark look in her blue eyes. “And arrest Ms. Djiktra, the Lady or whoever she is.”

The agent nodded - the interrogation seemed to have been a harrowing experience for the Captain, judging from the hatred and fury emanating from her. “Sounds good with me.”

“We’ll need to hurry,” Ana urged. “Time is of the utmost importance.”

“Don’t worry, Anaqueen,” Kate assured. “We still have less than two hours left till the launch.”

The Trill shook her head. “No, the Lady moved up the launch to 0445hrs.”

“0445 hrs,” Chloe said, checking her chronometer. “We only have around seven minutes left.”

“Well, let’s get moving,” Ana ordered.

“Understood.” Nielsen nodded, turning to MacNeil. “Kate, go with the Captain.”

“You’re going alone?” Kate asked, sounding concerned.

“No.” Chloe nodded. “Ana and I will take it from there. It’s time for you to leave with Captain Spankryz.”

“Okay.” Kate swallowed a lump down her throat, looking nervous. The publum nudged her leg, sensing her apprehension. “It probably is best I don’t face the mad lass again…after what she…”


Scene: Corridor outside the Computer Core Room
TI: 0439 hrs(S), 0939hrs(C)

Mirror Anaqueen grinned, leaving the computer core room as she strolled down the corridor, pleased with the awesome work she had done in uploading the virus to the facility’s systems. The virus was currently dormant, set for a timed release to be done remotely by Nielsen. Ana wasn’t pleased about that. **When will Miss Bossy realize I’m capable of more than just these mundane tasks she keeps giving me? Do I have to remind her of how I single handily blew up a parasite breeding factory back home and assassinated a parasite - an aristocrat no doubt? **

{{Well, isn’t this my lucky day.}}

Ana’s expression darkened, her gaze falling on a taller humanoid woman. “So, the Lady bitch is making her appearance,” she spoke in a harsh voice before aiming the rifle at her. “Any last words before you die.”

The Lady smiled, looking mildly amused. {{I wouldn’t shoot if I were you.}}

The Trill pressed the button and an orange beam streamed out towards the other woman. Ana gasped when the Lady’s form flickered as the beam went right through her and blasted a hole in the wall. “You…aren’t here…”

{{I see you aren’t as pathetic as I thought,}} the Lokustaar operative said out of derision. {{But yes, I’m not here and communicating to you via hologram.}}

“What do you want?” Ana demanded angrily.

{{My heart breaks for you,}} the Lady said with feigned sincerity. {{You place all your trust in a woman who has been playing you like a fool.}}

“I’m no fool!” The Trill shouted, raising her rifle, preparing to fire again.

{{I agree, you aren’t.}} She sighed. {{But Chloe Nielsen and Starfleet have been lying to you and treating you as nothing more than a tool that they will toss away once you’re no longer of use to them.}}

**She knows Chloe’s identity. ** Ana’s jaw dropped but then her shock turned to anger. “You’re lying, Lady bitch. Chloe, despite being a ‘Miss Bossy’, has always got my back.”

{{Does she now?}} The operative needled, sneering at her. {{Ana, are you aware that Starfleet has the means to cross dimensions?}}

“You’re a liar, bitch,” Ana roared. “Chloe told me they do not have the means to send me back!”

{{Well, she lied,}} the Lady said in a flat tone. {{You do realize that woman lies for a living, right. Starfleet has the means - but will they lift a finger to return you home? No! Because you are worthless to them!}}

“Lies!” Ana screamed, stomping her foot on the ground. “Chloe would never betray me.”

{{Chloe Nielsen is a professional liar. Time to face facts,}} she said, unfazed by the Trill’s outburst. {{But my people have the means to move across dimensions. If you choose to work for us, then I promise we will take you back to your dimension.}}

“Lies…” But Ana’s voice trailed when doubts started creeping into her. She had wondered what if the Lady was right and that Starfleet…Chloe lied and used her – lying was part of the agent’s profession after all. Then again the Lady could be lying too. But what if she wasn’t?

{{I know for a fact the Free Trills are still around, continuing their struggle for freedom against the symbionts,}} the Lady revealed. The Trill’s eyes widened in shock. {{Their numbers have dwindled and struggling with recruiting new members however, a few months ago, they has been given a new lease on life.}}

Ana gasped, unable to contain her shock. The Free Trills still existed. For over a decade, she had feared the parasites, with the help of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, had wiped out the rag tag freedom fighting group.

{{The Free Trills and the Insurgents have formed an alliance to jointly overthrow both the Trill Hegemony and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and my sources tell me they may have also gained a new powerful ally as well.}}

Anaqueen inhaled in a deep breath, suddenly feeling confused. The bitch was claiming to have the ability to cross over to her home dimension. A sense of apprehension had crept up. The promise was too good to be true. The Lady had to be lying to possibly distract her. And this little bit about the Free Trills and the insurgents – that seemed too good to be true. As far as she had remembered, her freedom fighting outfit had wanted nothing to do with the insurgents’ cause for fear of Alliance retribution, which had happened anyway after those parasites framed the Free Trills for destroying an Alliance outpost. The actual culprits behind that outpost had not been caught but Ana had suspected it to be the parasites themselves. New ally? Another major power? She recalled rumours about the Terrans supporting the insurgents, which had humans amongst its ranks.
However, there was a longing that began to gnaw at her – a longing to return home and rejoin the Free Trills to overthrow those parasites once and for all. “Why should I trust you?”

{{Well.}} The Lady smiled. {{I’m sure you are dying to reunite with your long lost love. It must have been painful for you to be around that pale imitation of your ‘Chloe Nielsen’ - seeing that intelligence agent reminds you of the person you had lost and yearn to reunite with. My source tells me your lover also misses you greatly and if you join us, we will reunite you with her.}}

Ana finally broke down, her eyes now welling with tears. **Chloe, I can finally be with her and we can finally fulfill our vow to find and kill that aristocrat parasite, Spankryz. **

Anaqueen didn’t realize then was that not everything the Lady told her was true. What was definitely true, however, was regarding the Lady’s news about the Free Trills so it wasn’t a complete loss for the former freedom fighter.


NRPG: Here’s Part XVII. Next up, the finale!

Finale – Chloe heads to the lab to get Mirror Kate and stop the weapon’s launch. Captain Spankryz and Prime Kate attempt to contact the Camelot. Will the Lady succeed in turning Mirror Ana against Chloe? Explosive confrontations all around! Information (about the weapon and stuff) revealed! The grimdark may be lurking and sniffing around ;)

Note, the timeline of this story (late 2433 to early 2434).

Ranjani S.
Writing for

Chloe Nielsen
Section 31 Agent


Special Appearances by

Captain Anaqueen Spankryz
Commander/Dr. Kate MacNeil


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