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Third Mission, Part XIII

Posted on Jul 20, 2019 @ 6:52pm by Chloe Nielsen
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Mission: Section 31

“Third Mission, Part XIII”


SD: [2.19] 0720.0130
Scene: Holding cell, Deck 26

Kate didn’t move - much to the consternation of the other two women. The Scot/Nuimon narrowed her eyes, which shifted from purple to hazel. “Wait, you two know each other.”

“No.” Chloe shrugged. “This is my first time meeting the Captain.”

“Not from the wee signals you two were giving each other.” Kate’s tone was forceful, glancing back and forth between Nielsen and Spankryz. Her attention was now on the CO. “Captain, is my doppelganger out of prison and here on Numino.”

Chloe sighed, hoping Spankryz would not divulge information about Mirror Kate to the doctor. She glanced behind at Mirror Anaqueen and narrowed her eyes. Her asset really did have a penchant for trouble. If only the silver haired Trill had kept her mouth shut.

Captain Spankryz inhaled before meeting MacNeil’s gaze. “Doctor, my doppelganger is lying to rile you up.” The Trill glared at her double. “As you can see, that woman is mentally insane and is spewing all kinds of nonsense. She has proven to be a danger to herself and others by hurting not just herself but you as well - especially after you treated her injuries.” She paused for a moment. “After having witnessed her behaviour yourself, I believe you can draw your own conclusions as to whether she is truthful or not.”

Mirror Anaqueen - not one to keep quiet - growled before exploding in rage. “You have got some nerve, you parasitic bitch!” She raised her right middle finger, flipping it towards the Captain. “When I get out, I’m going to make you pay!”

Nielsen grit her teeth and clenched her fists, turning on her heel and gave the silver haired woman a cold stare, followed by a strike – in slow motion- across her neck. Mirror Ana fell silent. The agent returned her attention back to Spankryz and MacNeil. Apparently, the Trill Captain was glaring at her mirror counterpart – the latter did make an outright threat against her.

Kate sighed, turning to Chloe. “So, did you check into a medical facility like you promised? It looks like you decided to change your hair colour rather than take care of your health.”

“If you mean my twin,” Chloe said, gently touching her blonde- now turned black- hair. “Then, yes, she did check into a facility and is now resting back in our hotel room.” The agent then curled her lips into a smile, filled with warmth and gratitude for the half-Nuimon, who was sporting a confused expression.

“I…don’t understand. Twin?” MacNeil blinked.

“Yes, Emily, my twin,” Nielsen continued. “The woman you found by that lake.”

“Oh yes I remember.” Kate let herself smile for the first time. “How is she doing?”

“Better but she still needs more rest.” Chloe nodded. “I just want to say, she and I are so grateful to you and your family for taking good care of her. It means a lot to both of us. So thank you very much.”

“It was no bother.” The Scot blushed. “I am a doctor after all so it’s all part of the job. And if she need anything, please contact me even for a wee problem.”

“I will.” The Canadian nodded.

MacNeil turned to Anaqueen. “Captain, I’m ready to speak to you about the hiker.”

The Trill CO shook her head. “That won’t be necessary.” She gave Nielsen a quick glance. “I have the hiker’s twin here. She will lead us to her.”

“Understood.” Kate nodded. “Oh well, I better return back to my family otherwise my wee ones will start fighting again.” She let out a sigh, turning to Chloe. “Tell your sister to take care and it was nice meeting you both.”

“Likewise.” Nielsen smiled as she watched the tall woman turn and make her way towards the exit. When MacNeil stepped out and the door closed behind her, both Chloe and Spankryz remained silent for a minute.

[[Bridge to Captain.]] Sol’s voice broke the silence.

“Yes,” Ana replied.

[[It’s about that woman, Elena Djiktra that you’ve asked me to look into,]] the ExO began. [[Well, I checked the databases and turns out there’s not much information on her.]]

“What did you find?”

[[Well, just that she was found as a baby on New Sydney and sent to an orphanage, where she had resided till age fifteen and then it’s like she had just vanished into thin air. ]] Sol cleared her throat. [[Until about a year and a half ago, when she resurfaced as this immensely wealthy entrepreneur who owns her own cruiser and doesn’t call any planet home. Always mobile and has conducted business ventures in the alpha quadrant and is now allegedly expanding into the gamma quadrant – hence her presence on Numino.]]

“Anything else?”

[[No, Captain. That’s all I could find.]]

“Alright. Spankryz out.”

[[Bridge out.]]

Chloe cleared her throat. “Captain, perhaps I can shed some light on Elena Djiktra’s activities.”

“Go on.”

“Djiktra is a high ranking member of the Syndicate,” Chloe informed, noticing the Trill’s expression souring. “She is at an equal level to Mwangi and also reports to the same boss, Klars. Basically she’s in charge of advancing Syndicate operations into this quadrant.”

Spankryz set her jaws and was fuming. “Hollande has been taking counsel from a Syndicate member.” The Trill’s tone was harsh. “What’s with the leadership on this world? Colluding with criminal elements. Breg with the Lady and apparently Hollande too with Djiktra. Two chief consuls in a row.”

“Well, if you delve into both Breg’s and Hollande’s political histories, you will understand it is not all that surprising they’d attract shady persons.” Chloe then handed a data crystal to the CO. “This device contains the images your chief science officer will need for her scans.”

Ana nodded, eyeing the crystal. “I’ll pass this along to Lieutenant Lith and we should have some results for you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” The agent gave her a wry smile. “You know how to reach me.” She began heading towards the door, when Mirror Anaqueen hollered.

“Where are you going? You can’t leave me in here - not with *her*.”

Nielsen sighed, knowing very well, the ‘her’, the asset was referring to was Captain Spankryz. She glanced behind, spotting the CO following her out of the room. Well, apparently the feeling was mutual as Spankryz too didn’t want to stay any longer than necessary with her doppelganger.

Location: Ciris, NUMINO
Scene: Luxury Guardians Inn – private dining area
TI: Next morning

Chloe sighed, standing outside a private dining room in the Luxury Guardians Inn – an establishment under the ownership of a Ferengi conglomerate and also most popular amongst patrons with wealth or high name recognition. While many of the employees were local, the inn wasn’t frequented much by the Nuimons except for high ranking members in the government. Firstly, the inn was established in a tritanium building, which was enough to keep Nuimons away and secondly, its interior was very gaudy and opulent – considered too excessive for the locals.

Lord Percy was inside the dining room as per the information sent to her by the nanobots. One of her Section 31 issued devices had the ability to generate nanobots, which akin to tricorders, had the ability to collect data and could travel at long distances. Chloe had been tracking Percy’s movements since the previous night and that was how she had discovered his current location.

The blonde casually strode inside the room, twirling a strand of her hair – now back to blonde. She stopped at the other side of a large round table, which was covered in a reddish brown cloth, edged with golden embroidery. The Deltan was engrossed with a PADD, sipping from his glass of wine.

“Finally, my breakfast is…” Percy’s voice trailed as when he looked up, his eyes widened and mouth hung open. “Wait…you…are supposed to be dead.”

The agent’s lips curled into a cold smile. “It looks like you’ve seen a ghost, Percy.” As she expected, the man was shocked and did not expect her to survive his grenade blast. She watched him nervously scratch his bald scalp and gulping down his drink. He then inhaled – a smile gracing his lips. His eyes widened, filling the pale blue orbs with feigned warmth. “Oh, I am so glad you are alive.” He touched his right eye, pretending to wipe away a fake tear. “When I heard you were killed in the valley yesterday, I was devastated and I had felt my heart ripping from my chest…I cried for hours, mourning your death.”

Chloe narrowed her eyes and a frown marred her features. **Such melodrama. Maybe he should have taken up acting. ** She picked up the bottle – already half-empty- and poured wine into two glasses. As she was pouring the wine with her right hand, the agent used her left forefinger to briefly touch the edges of both glasses.

“You have no idea how sorry I am,” he continued with his fake melodrama, “to not realize the pilot was going to betray us by his attempts to kill you and Breg. If only I was there, I could have…” He sniffled. “Oh will you forgive me for my oversight and carelessness.” Beneath all that faux self-reproach, Nielsen noted the hint of a sly smile forming at the corner of his lips.

Chloe was tempted to roll her eyes but instead the blonde produced a warm – yet slightly pretentious- smile. “Don’t beat yourself up over it. I am here, alive and well.” She picked up both glasses and extended one towards the Deltan. “So all is forgiven.”

Percy took the glass and gulped down the wine. When he had finished, he exhaled before his eyes shifted to her – gone was all the shame in those orbs, replaced by savagery. Well, it looked like he was no longer faking. “I have to admit, blondie.” He let out a wry chuckle. “I am impressed at how you managed to fool all of us, including Mwangi.”

The agent gave him a fixed stare, devoid of emotion, remaining silent for now.

“Poor Gaven, oh how heartbroken he’s going to be,” the bald man said, grinning, “When he finds out you are spying for Starfleet Intelligence.” He chuckled. “That’s right. I got a little anonymous tip about you and cannot wait to expose you to everyone in one hour. What a pity for Mwangi and Gaven, when they vouched…” His mouth hung open and his throat stuck – no more words coming out. His knees began to buckle as he reached out for the table and then when his gaze shifted to her, they were filled with shock. When his legs gave out, the Deltan slid backwards, his hand pulling the cloth with him, along with all the items on the table. As he toppled over and fell to the ground with a thud, followed by a smashing of glasses and plates.

Chloe smashed her glass on the table before striding over to the fallen man and knelt down beside him. She met his shocked gaze with her cold one. “You were saying, ‘Satchel’.” She then tapped on her full ring, which was encircled around her left forefinger. The ring made up three-quarters the length of her finger and was metallic silver, etched with bright blue designs. The front end of the ring was thin and pointy, which hovered over her finger tip. The ring held a tiny container filled with a deadly toxin. Using the ring, Chloe managed to inject the toxin into both glasses.

Percy attempted to shake his head to indicate a ‘no’ but couldn’t as the toxin had paralyzed his chest and throat. Then he became still and was dead.

Chloe circled around the Deltan’s still form and peered outside the room, calling out with panic –feigned obviously– filling her voice. “Help, a man suddenly died!”

A moment later, a young Nuimon man, one of the waiters, arrived and his eyes widened in disbelief, when they fell on Percy. “What happened?!?” He shifted his gaze to the blonde.

“One minute he was alive and chatting away and the next, he just suddenly dropped dread.”

“Wait here,” the waiter instructed before taking off at top speeds to contact the relevant authorities.

Chloe let out a sigh, when she tilted her head at the sound of footsteps and found Eric Mwangi standing with one foot inside. His eyes widened, their gaze fixed intently on her.

“You are alive,” he said in a low, raspy voice, sporting a puzzled expression. “But how?”

“I managed to jump over a waterfall and was rescued by one of the locals.”

The black man nodded, satisfied with her answer. “What happened here? How did Percy die?”

“Well,” Nielsen began in a calm voice with icy undertones. “I found our double agent, ‘Satchel’ and eliminated him.”

Mwangi raised an eyebrow, giving Percy a sidelong glance. “So it was Lord Percy all along then.”

“Yes.” Chloe nodded. “And I have the proof but would rather show it to you in a more private setting.”

“Of course,” Eric agreed, just when the paramedics and two enforcers entered the room.

Scene: Bridge

“Captain, we received a message from the Nuimon police,” Commander Azula Sol informed, just as Spankryz entered.

“What did they want?” The Trill walked down the steps and took her seat on the command chair.

“They want us to bring the doppelganger down for them to interrogate.”

“Why?” Anaqueen wasn’t liking the direction this conversation was going to take.

“Well, according to them, she was brought on by the Free Nuimons to serve as a consultant and want to question her about her involvement with the group.” Her ExO let out a sigh. “They will return her to us once they are done.”

The Trill set her jaws, feeling a burning ire rise within her. Consultant for the Free Nuimons – the very same group that attempted to assassinate Ambassador Glina and herself. Nielsen apparently left the part about Mirror Anaqueen advising a terrorist group on tactics, considering the doppelganger’s history as freedom fighter back in her own universe. She already knew from the agent that the Free Nuimons were supported by an off-worlder known as the Lady and wondered if the same individual also hired the Trill’s doppelganger to consult the group. Then again, if what Nielsen said was true and Mirror Ana was her asset – then the whole ‘consulting the Free Nuimons’ were all part of an intelligence operation. She hadn’t yet viewed the chip about her doppelganger that Chloe gave her.

“Commander,” Ana ordered. “Assign a security escort to the doppelganger and also tell Commander Cato to meet them at the police station. Inform Cato that he and the escort remain at the station till the interrogation is complete and the prisoner has been returned to the ship.”

“Yes Captain.”

Anaqueen sighed again. The Dominion and the Klingons were silent since the hostage crisis first began. She wasn’t surprised, considering none amongst the hostages were Klingons or members of the Dominion. Of course, neither wouldn’t care and were likely using the incident to increase their efforts to locate Mirror Kate MacNeil. But unfortunately there were Federation citizens that were captured as hostages and it was the Federation’s relationship with the Numino that was at risk. The Klingons and the Dominion could really care less what the Nuimons thought of them as long as the former two got what they wanted from this world.

There was also another pressing problem. Elena Djiktra – a high ranking Orion Syndicate member – whom Hollande had been confiding in more so than the other members of the Council. Frankly, she found the Chief Consul taking advice from a Syndicate member to be rather disconcerting. Ana was determined to find a way to break Hollande’s heavy dependence on Djiktra and rely more on her fellow Nuimons for counsel if there was to be any hope of preserving the already volatile relationship between the Federation and Numino. Perhaps there was someone who could help. Dahlis Alenvin. Kate MacNeil’s mother and a former Chief Consul – an individual whom the Captain found to be an excellent leader, who didn’t let herself get manipulated by off-worlder criminals. The Trill made a mental note to set up a private meeting with Alenvin to discuss the matter.

Location: Ciris, NUMINO
Scene: Cavern entrance behind the Inn -> outside

Chloe inserted the data crystal, containing the recording of Percy’s confession, into a portable holo-projector – a small black octagonal platform. The device was activated and a projection of the recording materialized – well only the part that implicated the Deltan as a traitor. Chloe had taken great care, using Section 31 issued equipment, to remove the other sections and even spliced some portions together. Mwangi watched in silence as Percy’s face enlarged when he drew Mirror Ana close to him.

{{I want a promotion…to be a high ranking boss like Eric Mwangi and so I made an alliance with the Lady, who actually contacted me first, offering to fulfill my dreams if I helped her with some jobs. I never met her. She is a recluse I guess.}} He was seen shrugging. {{With her backing, my plan is to get rid of Mwangi and take his place as head of the Syndicate’s Numino operations. I also desire another Syndicate member, Elena but so far she has ignored my advances and the Lady shared with me the reason….I was of a lower rank than her. She’s a boss like Eric and if I want to make her mine, then I would have to be her equal.}}

Chloe glanced at Mwangi and noticed his expression darkening.

{{Now the Lady told me of a double agent that is causing trouble for Mwangi and big boss, Klars. This double agent, ‘Satchel’, whom I believe your blonde friend was tasked with finding and eliminating him or her. Well…}} His eyes lit up and this was a section, where Chloe did some tweaking and splicing. {{I’m Satchel.}} He was seen laughing, which only made the rage grow within the dark skinned man. But Mwangi wasn’t aware that the agent had removed certain lines of dialogue from the recording where Percy claimed he didn’t know ‘Satchel’ and that would have cast doubt on him being the double agent.

{{But Klars and Mwangi will believe it is Gaven after I plant false evidence that will frame him and that as far as the bosses know, your blonde friend was recruited by Gaven to help him betray the Syndicate and both were in cahoots with the Lady. Brilliant isn’t it?}} His smile widened. {{Because Mwangi vouched for both Gaven and blondie, he is majorly screwed as Klars will execute him and promote me to take his place.}} The recording was over and the projection vanished.

Chloe watched Eric clench his fists and the black man’s eyes blazed with anger. “I had long suspected Lord Percy was the traitor after his various attempts to kill me. I had a spy shadow him and it was from her, I obtained this recording.”

“Where is the spy now?”

“No idea,” she said, now fabricating a story about Mirror Ana. “Back in the valley, I and Breg reunited with her after she had managed to escape from Percy’s captivity.” She inhaled. “But after Percy threw the grenade at us, we were separated and now I don’t know whether she’s alive or dead.”

Mwangi inhaled in a deep breath and suddenly there was a gleam in his eyes, his lips curling into a cold smile. “Percy being a traitor just opened up a wonderful opportunity.”

“I don’t follow.” Chloe blinked. **Odd, he seemed happy, when I expected him to be angry. **

“You have done me a tremendous favour,” Eric stated, smiling. “See, Percy was recruited and vouched for by Klars and you already know how the organization deals with traitors. We not only execute them but their families as well as the individual who vouched for them, if one did so. Well, Percy doesn’t have any family as far as we know.”

“That means the situation isn’t good for Klars?”

“Correct.” Mwangi nodded. “Since Percy is a traitor and Klars was the one who recruited him, then the big boss is finished. Once I show this recording to Klars’ superiors, then he will be executed and I will take his place – so a promotion for me thanks to you.”

Chloe nodded, resisting the temptation to roll her eyes. She didn’t really give a damn about Syndicate power play. After all, once she had accomplished her mission objective, it didn’t matter who won in a power struggle – she’d be long gone and back on Earth.

“Anyway,” he said, stepping out of the cavern with the agent following suit. “Since you have uncovered the traitor in our midst, I am forever indebted to you.”

Chloe inhaled, about to make her next move and hope it worked out, otherwise it was onwards to plan B. “There is something I need to share.” She watched Mwangi raising his eyebrow. “Breg provided me information as to the location of this scientist you and Gaven have been searching for.” At his eyes widening, she let out a sigh. “Percy told me about Gaven’s secret mission – the one I wasn’t supposed to know until I am inducted into the Syndicate.”

“I see.” There was a hint of anger in his voice until he exhaled and then smiled. “So what kind of information did he provide?”

“An image showing the location of the scientist’s lab is somewhere in the Simlran jungle on the south-east coast.”

“But the south-east coast is a vast swathe of land,” Eric pointed out. “Did he give specific coordinates?”

“He didn’t.” The next few sentences coming out of her mouth were all fabrications as she was still waiting for Spankryz to contact her, regarding a potential location of Mirror Kate’s lab. “I’ve managed to run into a Ferengi privateer and after paying him, he shared some interesting info he had picked up from the Free Nuimons.”

“Free Nuimons? What have they got to do with the scientist?”

“According to the Ferengi, the Free Nuimons have an off-worlder, backer – The Lady.”

Mwangi didn’t seem impressed. “I’ve known for a while, The Lady – whoever that may be – is the financial backer of the Free Nuimons.”

“Well, what you’re not aware is that the Lady is also backing this scientist and that apparently the Free Nuimons know the lab’s location and that is the information the Ferengi claims to have acquired.”

“And he has the coordinates of the lab?”

Chloe nodded. “Yes but I’m not sure if it’s legit.”

“Alright, then perhaps I will have a shuttle sent to check out the area and confirm the Ferengi’s claim once he provides you the coordinates,” Mwangi said. “I’ll have Gaven lead the search.”

“If I may suggest that you permit me to take a shuttle and scout the area on my own.” The agent inhaled – this was her chance.


“Well, for one, Gaven is your most valuable operative,” she began, “and you cannot afford to lose him. I mean, for all we know the Ferengi is lying and he could be walking into a trap.” The blonde knew how fond the black man was of the Trill, having brought the latter into the organization. “I, on the other hand, am more expendable after all I’m not yet part of the Syndicate and I am sure you will find many to replace me in no time.”

“So you are willing to take the risk by yourself and spare Gaven?” He asked, arching a brow and grinned. “I didn’t realize your feelings for him run deep.”

“Yes, he’s just too important for you and the Syndicate to lose.” She inhaled. “If the Ferengi’s information checks out, I’ll return immediately and then you can make the necessary arrangements to capture the scientist.”

A moment passed as Mwangi pondered over the agent’s request. “Alright,” he said, nodding at her. “You will take one of our shuttles and scout the area. If successful, return back immediately.”

“Thank you.”

“When do you plan to depart?”

“As soon as the Ferengi contacts me with the coordinates and he gets his payment.”

“Pay him whatever he demands.”

“Understood.” Chloe nodded.

“Be careful,” Eric warned. “The Klingons, Dominion and even the Federation are likely combing this entire planet for the lab so we need to get there before they do.” He sighed, worry filling his eyes. “Though we’d have managed if it was just the Klingons or the Dominion but Starfleet…already they have put a wrench in our smuggling operations and could very well spoil our plans in capturing the scientist.”

Chloe pursed her lips. Well, it was a good thing Eric Mwangi didn’t suspect she was part of Starfleet Intelligence. Then the sounds of footsteps, followed by a female voice caught their attention.

“There you are, Eric.” Elena Djiktra was spotted approaching them and stopped just beside the blonde agent.

“How can I help you, Elena?” The frostiness in the black man’s tone indicated to Nielsen that he didn’t share any fondness for the humanoid woman whose lips curled into a smile, yet her blue-green eyes were devoid of emotions. Chloe, herself, wasn’t sure what to make of Djiktra whom she had met only once before.

“I saw Percy being carried away by the local emergency services,” Elena said, wearing a puzzled expression. “So it is true he’s dead.”

“Yes he is.” Mwangi nodded.

Elena narrowed her eyes, casting the agent a suspicious look. “Hmm…how did he die?”

“Not sure.” Eric shrugged before turning to Chloe. “Perhaps you can tell us what happened.”

“Well,” Chloe said in a matter-of-fact tone. “I believe one of our enemies – likely the Lady- tried to kill both Percy and myself by poisoning our drinks. Unfortunately, he was in too much of a hurry to have his drink while I didn’t touch mine.”

“The Lady, you say.” Elena’s eyes widened. “I’ve heard how much this person- whoever she is – has been causing us problems and we are nowhere close to even uncovering her identity, let alone stopping her.” Unbeknownst to Chloe and Mwangi, Djiktra and the Lady were the same person and was really an agent of the Lokustaar. Elena Djiktra wasn’t even her real name.

Mwangi cleared his throat. “Percy was a traitor and was in league with the Lady to undermine our efforts. She had likely killed him because he was either no longer useful or it was to prevent him from leaking information about her.”

“All speculations at this point,” Elena pointed out, smiling. “I mean, this is Percy we’re talking about. He had accumulated a lot of enemies over the years. Eric, maybe you should let me deal with the Lady.”

As Mwangi and Elena left her to talk in private, Chloe embarked on a trip to the police station to collect her asset.

Scene: Tunnel entrance near police station
TI: Ten minutes later

Chloe waited in silence as she watched a bluish hue transporter beam materialize and then dissipate to reveal her Trill asset, held in cuffs by a male Zakdornian security guard. They were spotted, greeted by a tall Bajoran/Trill officer, also security from the red on his uniform. Lt. Commander Cato, the Chief of Security and a familiar face to the agent, having run into him a few times, when she was undercover on the Camelot over five years ago.

She tapped on her wristband, activating the holo-emitter embedded in it and her appearance was changed. When the blonde stepped out of the tunnel, she was an Enforcer – well impersonating one from downloading the profile of a female officer. Like all Enforcers, she donned a two piece black uniform with a thin rectangular, navy blue patch suspended from the right shoulder. On the patch were the planet and district (Ciris) emblems and below them was the rank insignia. The insignia in the form of two tiny gold birds indicated the officer she was impersonating was an Enforcer, 2nd class. As she began to approach them, Cato turned around and addressed her.

“Here is the prisoner as per your request,” he said in a crisp voice, containing hints of annoyance. Well, the man, as far as she had remembered, was always a bit too intense.

“I will take it from here,” Chloe replied as Cato nodded at his subordinate to hand over Mirror Ana to her. The guard complied by releasing the prisoner to the agent. Chloe grabbed the Trill by her elbow and turned on her heel. “The interrogation is expected to run for approximately one to three hours, depending on how much this prisoner cooperates.” She then began making her way back to the tunnel, when Cato called out.

“Hey, I thought the police station was in the other direction.”

Chloe glanced behind her shoulder and found Cato moving after them. She increased her pace, ignoring the shouts from the Bajoran hybrid.

“Stop. Where are you taking her? That isn’t the way to the station.” He began racing after her.

She managed to enter the tunnel and tossed a silver button-like object back over her shoulder. As she turned around a corner to enter the intrinsic cavern system, bright yellow light flashed behind her. A photon grenade that was non-lethal and should temporarily blind him for a second or so but provide enough time for her and Ana to get lost in the cavern, where she would take the Trill back to her apartment.

Scene: Bridge

[[Cato to Camelot,]] came the frantic voice of the ship’s chief of security.

“Camelot here,” Anaqueen responded. “What happened?” From the tone of his voice, she could already sense something went wrong with the prisoner hand-over.

[[A Free Nuimon posing as an enforcer ambushed us,]] Cato informed angrily.

“And the prisoner?” The Trill was close to her boiling point.

[[She’s gone.]]

“What do you mean gone?” Sol demanded.

[[Okay, when we arrived in front of the station,]] Cato began, sounding very rattled. [[One of the enforcers, a young woman, greeted us and we handed the prisoner to her but then instead of heading to the station, she entered one of the tunnels. I followed her and…]]

“And?” Sol frowned, his voice containing hints of sarcasm. “Don’t stop now, keep going, Commander.”

[[Well, unfortunately, the Free Nuimon threw a photon grenade at me and then vanished.]]

Anaqueen’s expression hardened and tightened her grip over the chair handle. A Free Nuimon, either posing as an enforcer or was actually an enforcer, considering there were members of that extremist group found amongst the rank and file of the planetary police.

“Unbelievable,” the ExO said, admonishing him. “A Free Nuimon managed to outsmart you and just snatch the doppelganger as easily as someone taking a candy from a baby.”

[[I didn’t expect her to have a photon grenade of all weapons,]] he protested. [[Anyway, we found another piece of information from the station chief that you might find troubling.]]

“Go on,” Ana said, her voice indicating her displeasure.

[[Apparently that enforcer,]] Cato said. [[Well, it turns out she was an impersonator and the real officer was away on an assignment at the other end of the city, around that same exact moment.]]

“An impersonator?” Ana raised an eyebrow.

[[Like someone took the appearance of another using holographic technology,]] he continued, sounding astonished. [[I didn’t realize the Free Nuimons have that kind of tech in their possession.]]

“Well,” Sol pointed out, not hiding the irritation in her voice. “It is obvious that group has a powerful backer who supplied the weapons whom they had claimed to be the Syndicate. So the same backer could have provided them holographic tech as well.”

[[Captain, do I send a team to search for the prisoner?]]

Anaqueen inhaled, now realizing neither the Free Nuimons nor the Syndicate were responsible for her doppelganger’s abduction. In fact, she could think of only one prime suspect – someone who likely needed Mirror Ana. Mobile holo-emitters to change one’s appearances, photon grenades – those were tech also used in Starfleet and modifying one’s appearance with such ease was something done by Intelligence. Nielsen. Ana couldn’t think of anyone else who’d pull off such a move in broad daylight and even outmaneuver a Starfleet security chief with relative ease. Mirror Anaqueen was Chloe’s asset and intelligence operatives generally didn’t like losing their assets.

“No,” the Trill said firmly. “We have more pressing matters to deal with and need to put all our focus on saving the hostages and stopping the Free Nuimons. So keep working with the local authorities.”

[[Understood, Captain.]] The Bajoran/Trill further added, [[Also, the station chief informed me that a copy of Breg’s autopsy results have just been sent so Dr. Pawnirr should have received the report by now.]]

“Understood,” Ana acknowledged. “Camelot out.”

[[Lith to Captain.]]

“Go ahead, Lieutenant.”

[[Captain, I have completed the tests and now would like to report the results to you in person.]]

“Understood. I will be coming to Science Lab 1 now.” The Trill stood and turned around. “Commander, you have the Bridge.”

Scene: Science Lab 1
TI: A few minutes later

The doors parted, permitting the CO to enter the room. Anaqueen glanced around the lab and spotted a slender J’naii standing behind a console at the other end of the room. The Trill made her way to the androgynous officer and stopped beside her. “Lieutenant, what have you found?”

“Captain,” the Chief Science Officer began. “I have completed running all scans over the south-eastern coast of the Simlran continent and unfortunately, even with the new upgrades, the sensors were unable to penetrate the jungle. The electromagnetic radiation, emitted by the flora, is just too strong. Even a multiphasic scan was unable to get through the flora with those EM radiation levels.”

“So even with the upgrades to the sensor array, the scans were unable to penetrate the jungle.” There was disappointment in her voice. “Anything else, Lieutenant? What did the tachyon scan show?”

“Yes, as per your instructions, I ran a tachyon scan along the coast, both on land and underwater and found nothing.”

**No evidence of a cloaked base or a vessel on the coast or underwater. ** Spankryz sighed, concluding that Mirror Kate’s lab was most likely built inside the jungle. Of course, it made perfect sense as it wouldn’t be detected by sensors. “So no useful information to report?”

“Actually, Captain, there is.” Lith ran her fingers on the console and a moment later, a 3D projection of the layout of the Simlran coast, including both the jungle and shoreline, was displayed in the centre of the room.

Ana’s gaze moved to the display, curious about what her Chief Science Officer was present.

“During the tests,” Lith said. “Sensors had detected unusual readings from this particular segment of the coastline, located around the north bend.”

“What kind of unusual readings?”

“Between 2300hrs and 0300hrs, scans revealed high levels of psionic energy, emanating from the flora itself at random time intervals, ranging from ten to thirty minutes before returning to ground state at the end of each interval.”

“Psionic energy?” The CO raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Lith nodded. “I ran some scans over this segment as well as the rest of the coastline and compared the results.” The J’naii pressed a button. “Computer begin simulation.”

The Trill furrowed her brow, watching a time stamp appear at the top left corner of the holographic display. A pattern was emerging, where the jungle canopy shifted from dull grey to bright green colour.

“Captain, within this particular time interval,” the science officer said. “The psionic energy levels were elevated.” The canopy in the image then shifted back to its original colour. “And now the energy returned to its previous levels at the end of the interval. While this section showed elevated levels of psionic energy, the levels remained at their lowest state and unchanged throughout the entire time period in the rest of the jungle along the coastline.”

“How is it that none of the sensors were able to pick up on the psionic energy until now?” Ana questioned.

“Well, Captain, for one, no one cared for look for it and also, the energy level is too low and barely detectable by sensors,” the J’naii explained calmly. “I had to make some modifications to the settings for the sensors to even register the signal and until last night, I have to conclude such increased levels of psionic energy haven’t been detected before, otherwise there would have been reports on it.”

Ana clenched her fists, suddenly feeling a chill down her spine and set her jaws. What was Mirror Kate doing that would cause such a phenomenon? Is that mentally deranged scientist conducting an experiment that played around with psionic energy to create some kind of bio-weapon? This was troubling to the Trill woman. From what Anaqueen had read of Mirror Kate’s profile in the files taken from the SHIV database, she was well aware of the horrors that mad woman had inflicted on others in the mirror universe. She had read about the doctor’s creation of numerous bio-weapons that resulted in death tolls, ranging in the billions.

“Lieutenant,” Spankryz spoke in a calm voice. “In your scientific opinion, is it possible the raise in energy levels could be as a result of an experiment being conducted in the area or due to natural causes?” She watched the chief science officer furrow her brow.

“Captain,” Lith replied. “Since the high levels of psionic energy weren’t noticed until last night by neither the Nuimon Science Guild nor any other known scientific groups, it is more likely triggered due to an experiment rather than natural phenomena.” The J’naii danced her fingers along the console. “Computer, display file 9812.”

Ana blinked, noting the display switching to an image showing an aerial view of the same jungle canopy and coast.

“Earlier this morning, I contacted the science guild to obtain access to their satellite feed, claiming it was for research purposes and my request was granted about an hour ago.” She began pressing a couple of buttons on the console. “The science guild had a special satellite set up to monitor the continent as they believe there is still so much about the jungle that remains a mystery to them.”

“Lieutenant, why did you need access to their satellite?”

“I needed to know for certain if this phenomena first occurred last night and so I had the computer run a search through the satellite feed for images taken of that segment in the last twenty four hours and conducted an analysis of the images.” She then sighed. “Thankfully, I didn’t need to go any further in the past.”

“What did you find?” The Trill got her answer when the display flickered to another image of the region and her eyes widened in surprise. The canopy in that section of the coastline was radiating a bright blue glow, while the rest of the jungle remained unchanged. “What’s happening here?”

“This image was taken at 2130hrs,” Lith informed. “I suspected the presence of the bright blue light may have coincided with the rise in psionic energy levels so I had analyzed images taken by the satellite between 2300hrs and 0300hrs.” She inhaled. “The results confirmed my suspicions.”

“I see.” Spankryz frowned, becoming concerned at what she believed Mirror Kate conducting dangerous experiments.

“During my analysis of the data,” Lith continued. “I observed the intensity of the blue light to be much higher at 2130hrs than at any other time, which leads me to conclude that the psionic energy levels were greater as well.”

**Was MacNeil’s doppelganger performing a big experiment at that time? ** The information disturbed the Captain and she began suspecting Mirror Kate and her backers were planning something dangerous. “Lieutenant, gather your results and analysis and have a report ready for me within one hour and include the coordinates of that region of interest. I might consider sending a probe down there.”

“Yes Captain.”

Anaqueen sighed and turned around, making her way out of the room.

Location: Ciris, NUMINO
Scene: Nielsen’s apartment
TI: One hour later

Chloe let out a sigh, her gaze fixed intently on the screen of her portable console. She pulled a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, while working on the finishing touches of her tweaks to the recording containing Breg’s confession. There were some dialogue removed to prevent anyone believing the late consul was coerced into a confession by an off-worlder. She even modified her own voice to sound more Nuimon. Though Breg spoke in his native tongue, the S31 device automatically translated his words to Earth’s Standard English. So she had to translate the whole recording to Nuimon – like how a native would speak- in order to make it look authentic to the Information Guild. It was a good thing for her that Nuimons didn’t believe off-worlders were capable of becoming fluent in their language. She also found the tech used by the guild to verify authenticity weren’t sophisticated enough to identify tampering by off-worlders technologically more advanced than them.

A loud moan made her glance behind and the blonde let out a sigh of frustration. Mirror Anaqueen had just stepped out of the bathroom, sporting a sullen expression. Ever since the rescue, the Trill was displaying a bad attitude and seemed very bitter about her experience in the Camelot’s brig. Chloe sighed - well her asset had a nice, long bath and so hoped the latter’s attitude would improve but apparently it didn’t.

“So Ana, bath not satisfactory for you?” Chloe inquired with a grin.

The Trill released a growl as she plopped down on a chair. “The bath was wonderful! Just what I needed after being in that horrible cell with that bitch for one full day.” She tossed a midnight blue towel across the room in a huff. “I can’t believe you waited so long to rescue me. You don’t even understand the amount of suffering I endured on that ship with barely any proper food and those so-called self-righteous Starfleet officers didn’t even have the decency to let me have a bath.”

“Suffering?” Chloe raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t realize you were captured by a Cardassian warlord – you know the one who placed that huge bounty on you. If you were, then you’d have been starved, tortured beyond recognition and then eventually killed at his pleasure.” She paused, noticing a scowl marring the Trill’s lovely features. “But you were fortunate that it was Starfleet who apprehended you and you ended up in a nice, cozy little cell with three meals per day and an interrogation without any form of torture involved.”

A beeping from the agent’s communicator interrupted the conversation. Chloe picked up the comm badge and tapped on it. “Yes.”

[[I have the results and a location,]] Spankryz informed.

“Oh I hate listening to that bitch’s voice,” Mirror Ana grumbled.

[[I heard something,]] the Captain said, sounding a little suspicious. [[Is someone there with you?]]

“No, it’s just the viewer running in the background,” Chloe said, giving the Trill asset a stern look. “I’m actually alone.”

[[Good to hear.]] The CO sighed. [[Anyway, the ship’s sensors detected the presence of psionic energy, exhibited by the jungle flora so take caution, when you go there. I believe from just looking at the scan results that MacNeil’s doppelganger is creating a bio-weapon.]]

“Not surprising.”

[[Also, if we were able to pick up on the spikes in psionic energy, chances are so did others like the Dominion, Klingons.]]

Chloe nodded. “Yes, I fully expect to have company there.”

[[You will find the details in the report as well as the coordinates,]] Captain Spankryz said. [[How do I transfer the file?]]

“I will send you the instructions following this conversation.”

[[Alright, I will wait for your message.]] Thus the conversation ended and Chloe began inputting something on her console and sent out the instructions to the CO. A few moments later, the console pinged to inform the agent she had received the file, which comprised of Lith’s report, along with a set of coordinates.

“I ought to punch Captain bitch!” Mirror Ana yelled, grabbing a comb and throwing it against the wall.

“No,” Chloe said, wearing a deadpan expression. “You should be sending her a gift basket.”

“Gift basket?!?” Ana exclaimed, shock enveloping her features. “You’re not making sense, Chloe.”

“Thanks to Captain Spankryz and her chief science officer, we have the location of MacNeil’s lab,” Nielsen informed.

“We do?” Ana gave the blonde an incredulous look.

“Yes.” Chloe then downloaded the report and turned to the Trill. “So get ready. We leave for Simlran in a couple of hours. Mwangi already has a shuttle arranged to take us there and you will pilot it.”

“As usual, you’re so bossy.” Ana scowled, folding her arms.

“Well,” Chloe said with a smile. “You’re at least back to normal.”

“I still want to punch the bitch.” Ana muttered and then rolled her eyes, chuckling with derision. “Besides, who’d give a basket for a gift? Seems ridiculous. What? Is she a collector of baskets?”

Chloe let out a sigh of exasperation, shaking her head.

Location: Riivenvale, NUMINO
Scene: Alenvin family home

“What’s up, lad?” Kate smiled when her beagle jumped up on the couch beside her and lay his head on her lap. She gently stroked his fur, speaking in a soothing voice. “Tired?” The dog barked, while meeting her gaze and seemed quite snug on her lap. She sighed, turning to her right where her son sat on a sofa, occupied with playing a 3D holographic puzzle game. The half-Nuimon smiled, watching him slide a holographic ball into a hole.

She then turned away, leaning back and sighed, her mind wandering to the previous night – her encounter with Mirror Anaqueen and the Trill’s claim that MacNeil’s own doppelganger from that same universe was here on Numino. Now, Captain Spankryz had assured her that Mirror Ana was mentally insane and her claim about Mirror Kate wasn’t true. Kate hoped Ana was right but still a tiny bit of fear had gripped over her ever since that encounter.

William Wallace barked, pulling her out of her thoughts. Kate sat up straight, noticing the dog jumping off the couch. Then sounds of footsteps were heard and the hybrid turned to see two male Nuimons entering the room. Enforcers from their black uniforms. MacNeil gave them a smile. “May I help you?” To her surprise, instead of getting a response, the Nuimons grabbed her from both sides, dragging the tall woman away.

“Why are you taking me? What do you want?” Kate demanded. She heard Hamish scream and spotted William Wallace nipping at one of the Nuimons’ feet, barking at the same time.

“Mummy! No!” The little boy cried and then began to scream at the top of his legs. “Don’t take my mum away!” He began running up to his mother, attempting to pull on her pant leg but was shoved back by the taller of the two kidnappers, forcing the lad to land on the couch. She watched helplessly as the other kidnapper managed to kick the beagle away. But the dog didn’t let up and continued barking.

“Kate!” Dahlis Alenvin was seen rushing inside the room towards them and her gaze moved to the enforcers. “Where are you taking her?”

“Mother! Contact the ship!” Kate yelled back but then froze when an orange transporter beam began to engulf her. Soon the scene before her began to blur and then disappeared before her eyes – the last image being her mother pulling Hamish into her arms and Grace rushing inside, screaming, followed by Josephine and her puppies as well as Crumpet meowing and hissing, appearing alongside William Wallace.

Location: Simlran, NUMINO
Scene: Underwater Lab
TI: Ten minutes later

“A gift you say,” Mirror Kate said, raising an eyebrow.

{{Well, I remember you were curious about how your own body would react to your designs.}} A holoprojection of Elena Djikra aka The Lady aka Lokustaar agent, was floating above MacNeil’s table. {{And I also know you won’t be willing to volunteer yourself for the test so I brought a gift.}} A cold smile crept across her lips.

“I’m so grateful for your gift.” The doctor smiled. “When will I be receiving it?”

{{Look in the empty cell behind you.}} The Lady’s tone was cryptic.

MacNeil, wearing a puzzled expression, glanced behind her shoulder. She blinked, noticing an orange hued transporter beam materializing in an empty holding cell. There was a gleam in her indigo eyes when the beam dissipated to reveal the haggard form of her alternate. The doctor then turned forward and beamed. “Thank you for such a wonderful gift.”

{{No thanks, necessary.}} The Lady nodded. {{This gift is to show our gratitude for your brilliance and hard work in creating this weapon. Thanks to you, we will be able to fulfill our objectives.}}

“Well,” Kate said, giggling like a little girl getting a new puppy for a gift. “Now I can test how my body reacts without experimenting on myself.” She giggled again, turning around at the sound of a soft howl and smiled lovingly at her husky puppy, sitting up from his bed of ice cubes.

{{One more thing.}} Elena/The Lady’s tone turned serious. {{I got word that the Camelot has trained their sensors over this jungle and have indeed detected the energy signatures due to your many experiments last night.}} She added a moment later. {{And they are not the only ones.}}

“I guess now everyone will be aware of my brilliance.”

{{Well, expect guests or shall I say – intruders- to your lab.}}

“Oooh more subjects for me.” Kate clapped her hands with delight. The puppy howled in response to his mistress’ excitement. She then turned to her counterpart, noting the horror on the latter’s expression. Simultaneously, both MacNeils’ eyes changed colours from indigo to black for Mirror Kate and hazel to purple for Prime Kate.

“Welcome, Doctor MacNeil,” Mirror Kate greeted, a sinister smile gracing her features. “Congratulations, you will now have the opportunity to witness enlightenment.” Her grin widened, when the other Kate’s eyes widened in horror.

NRPG: And here’s Part XIII. We’re now on homestretch – the last leg of this journey :)

Part XIV preview (subject to change): Chloe and Mirror Ana set off to Simlran. What mysteries await them in the jungle? Captain Spankryz upon hearing about Prime Kate’s abduction initiates a search and rescue operation, while at the same time trying to prevent an already tense political situation from exploding into a full blown conflict between all parties present. Meanwhile, Prime Kate and Mirror Kate exchange words as the former makes preparations to activate the bioweapon and Prime Kate is then entangled in a dangerous situation that she will find challenging to escape from.

Ranjani S.
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Chloe Nielsen
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