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Posted on Jul 08, 2019 @ 4:47am by Ensign Allison Samson
Edited on on Jul 08, 2019 @ 4:47am

Mission: Last Days of Empire


(Continued from “And To The Right”)


Location: USS Phoenix
Stardate: [2.19]0707.2110
Scene: Main Sickbay

Time ticked slowly by in the Sickbay. Allison and Dr. Bartlett could do little but sit back and wait. Of course, the waiting in silence was far better than the alternative. If they had to be called to action, it would mean a problem arose, and neither wanted that.

“Coffee or tea?” Dr. Bartlett offered as he stood, stretched his long muscles.

“Coffee, please,” Allison murmured. “Black.” He left her frowning at the monitors, deep in thought as she watched the fluctuating signals from the away team. At times their vitals were completely normal, unaffected. At others, not so normal. There hadn’t been anything concerning, as yet. In fact, at times the fluctuations could have pointed towards a heightened level of amusement more than apprehension.

Allison straightened as she noted Solorzano’s rise to levels that indicated a stress response. Dr. Bartlett returned, offering her a steaming mug as he dropped into his own seat and propped his feet on her desk, crossing his ankles casually. “Not unexpected,” he stated as he, too, watched Solorzano’s readings.

“Not at all,” Allison agreed. Still, the pair watched until the readings began to lower… not to normal, but lower. Allison sipped her coffee, appreciating the flavour. “Colombian?” She questioned as she too relaxed back into her seat.

“Peruvian,” Dr. Bartlett advised. “Look, Solorzano and Dalziel are separating.”

“Well, damn,” Allison softly cursed. “Why can’t these people stay together? Perhaps they need to be reminded of their function. You know… as an Away T E A M.”

“At least they’re still fairly close.”

“Close is not together, Doctor,” Allison reminded him gently, although his calm demeanor was helping her maintain her own. She knew he’d been through this very thing countless times before, that it was something she would get used to, but it was still her first one. Practicing medicine as a civilian didn’t have these types of situations built in so she was navigating new territory. For now, Allison would let Dr. Bartlett’s reactions be a guide to her own.

“And that is interesting,” Dr. Bartlett added a few silent moments later when Solorzano’s heart-rate spiked. “Still within acceptable levels, but I do have to wonder what is going on down there because something most definitely just happened to the operations officer.”

“As long as we don’t get called in,” Allison added, “no news is good news.”



Shauna Dean
Writing as
Ensign Allison Samson
USS Phoenix


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