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Meeting Oneself

Posted on Feb 16, 2019 @ 9:04pm by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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Mission: The Uncertainty Principle

“Meeting Oneself”
(contd from ‘The In-Betweener)


SD: [2.19] 0213.2304
Scene: Main Bridge -> Corridor

Jasmine Yu was lost for words, her mouth dry and her eyes widened. The scene before her was astounding. She was standing in the Main Bridge of another version of the Phoenix - one that was fully intact and its crew alive, not unlike her ship, which was critically damaged and several crewmembers dead including the first officer. But then on this Phoenix, there was Jake Crichton, alive and well and standing next to Kane. The Asian wore a confused expression, wondering what was going on. So the alien vessel was another version of them. It couldn’t be a future version as Jake wouldn’t be alive. Past maybe but then that didn’t work either as Jasmine would have memory of the events.

The other Jasmine Yu headed towards her, holding both tricorder and phaser, which made sense as it was what she would have done. She watched her double with a skeptical eye scanning her. After the other Yu finished scanning, she glanced behind her shoulder, nodding. “Captain, scans confirm she is human and me from the other Phoenix.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” The Captain stepped forward with Jake following behind him and both men stood next to their security chief, their eyes fixed on Yu. “Lieutenant,” Kane said, addressing Jasmine. “I would like to inquire as to why you took the risk to come here.” The tone of his voice, while calm, showed a hint of concern.

“I was sent here on a recon mission to gather information,” Jasmine replied. “When my ship detected your presence, we thought you were an alien vessel that existed at the same point in space but in a different time. However, upon my arrival, I find that this is not an alien vessel but another version of the Phoenix. So I’m wondering how this is possible.” It all made sense to her now - the near perfect similarities in technology and environment to her Phoenix. Yet, the difference was obvious. This Phoenix looked to be intact with hardly a scratch to it, while her ship was on the brink of destruction. Jasmine wondered how and why it was the case but didn’t say anything and instead, waited for an explanation from the crew.

Jake came forward and it was like watching a ghost approach her as it was only moments ago she was informed of his death. “Lieutenant, please allow me to explain.” The ExO cleared his throat. “So the way Doctor Eden’s technology works is that a starship from its starting point, which is where your ship is positioned at the moment, will be able to detect itself as it exits the transwarp conduit. It’s how you can detect our presence.”

Yu blinked, sporting a rather puzzled expression.

“I know it’s a lot to take in,” the other Yu commented, giving her a weak grin. “It was for me, when I first listened to his explanation.”

“Anyway, for just a split second, the ship would exist at two different points in space at the same moment,” Crichton continued.

Jasmine nodded. “Okay.” She recalled Eden’s technology, involving artificial wormholes, allowed for travel between two points in space to be instant.

“Something went wrong in transit,” Jake said. “The transwarp field collapsed, pulling both our ships into each other so now we both occupy the same position in time and space.”

“So that’s how our ships got tangled with each other.” There was a look of realization in Yu’s eyes. “Basically, you’re sort of a future version of us, if I understand correctly.”

“Only an instant separates us.” Crichton nodded. “Our ship was about to exit the conduit while you were preparing to enter and that’s when the field collapsed. As a result, we were phased into your ship.”

Jasmine nodded, pondering his words and now having gained a good understanding of her ship’s current predicament. “I am guessing this is the reason why my ship is so heavily damaged and now in critical condition.”

“Damaged?” The other Jasmine raised an eyebrow. “How?” She glanced at her fellow crewmembers as if looking for some clarification.

“We didn’t initially realize that there was another vessel phased in with us.” The Asian woman’s voice was quiet and solemn. “Upon further investigation, we found no damage was inflicted on the ship’s superstructure despite sustaining extensive damage inside and with the visions of the future, some of us were provided, we came to the conclusion that your vessel was entangled with my own, existing out of phase and in a different time.”

Kane arched a brow. “Visions?”

“I know it doesn’t make sense,” Jasmine said. “I myself don’t understand how or why we were provided glimpses of our future.”

“Lieutenant,” Byte spoke, “If you are curious about how both our vessels exist out of phase with each other, it is because we are caught in a residual energy field from the conduit and only when we both exit the field, we can return to normal space.”

“How extensive are the damages?” Kane inquired.

Jasmine inhaled deeply. “Main Bridge was destroyed and there will be a warp core breach unless Engineering finds a way to shut it down.” She watched the Captain’s expression turn solemn and for a moment, no one said anything.

“Lieutenant,” Kane said, breaking the silence. “We have been making numerous attempts to reach you and I apologize for our role in making your condition worse. We were not aware of the severity of damages to your vessel and just assumed your situation was similar to our own.”

Jasmine nodded. “So I’m assuming it was you who remotely activated our main deflector dish.”

“Yes.” Crichton nodded. “Initially, we planned on just piloting the ship out of the field but then decided against such a move as that would have torn your ship apart.”

The Asian wondered, frowning. **I wonder if that was the reason this other Phoenix pulled us back, when we attempted to fly ourselves to disentangle from them. **

“A probe has been dispatched to your ship,” the CO informed. “It contains a message for your Doctor Eden.”

“What does it say?” Jasmine asked.

“Instructions.” It was Jake who replied. “We believe that creating another transwarp conduit will enable both our ships to safely separate ourselves from each other and activating the main deflector dish is part of the plan.”

“That…” Yu paused, feeling a strange sensation and noticed a slight shimmer around her. She glanced around, watching with concern as her surroundings were starting to fade. She could barely hear Kane’s words as they were getting broken up.


Then all she could hear was static and then realized what was happening. The young woman turned around and exited through the same door she entered and was now back in the corridor, which by now had become a blur. In an instant, she was briefly in the emptiness of null-space before blurred surfaces and edges began taking shape. It was like she was standing in a fog, which soon cleared and the security chief now stood in an empty corridor and the damages to its bulkheads indicated that she was back on her own ship.

[[Byte to Yu.]]

“Yu here.” Jasmine tapped on her comm badge. “What happened? Why was I suddenly pulled back?”

[[We detected high concentrations of beta radiation from the probe sent by the aliens while you were away,]] the Android explained. [[The interference from the radiation had begun destabilizing the subspace isolation field, placing you at risk of integrating with the aliens’ timeline and that is why I have decided to bring you back.]]

She let out a sigh of relief, now walking down the corridor. “Thank you, Byte.”

[[What information did you gather over there?]]

“Actually, Byte,” Jasmine said. “Meet me at the Battle Bridge and you will find out, while I give my report to the Captain.”

[[Understood. Byte out.]]


Ranjani S.
Writing for

Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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