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Three Generations, Cute Animals

Posted on Sep 24, 2018 @ 12:59am by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
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Mission: The Uncertainty Principle

“Three Generations, Cute Animals”
(contd from ‘Doctor Eden’)


Location: Port Emily, SHERMAN’S PLANET
SD: [2.18] 0923.1911
Scene: City Hall
TI: Before the post ‘Doctor Eden’

“Hey, Jasmine,” a female voice called out from behind the Phoenix’s security chief.

Jasmine Yu turned around and smiled, spotting Deputy Treena Hobbs and her partner Pam, approaching her. “Hey Treena, Pam.” She was standing atop one of the steps, leading up to the city hall building. The crisis with the Klingons had been averted with Is’toQ and the Klingon warships having left the system, along with quarter million tonnes of triticale, to fight in a war against an unknown foe somewhere far from here. But at least, a skirmish with high casualties, a potential war between the Federation and the Klingons were avoided, after all grain could always be replaced. The situation could have gone worse and Yu was glad it didn’t. The colony was at peace now and hope it remained that way.

Hobbs said, returning the smile, “Pam and Ah came here to see ya’ll off.”

“Thanks. It was actually great to know you and I really enjoyed the other evening with you two.”

The red-haired half-Klingon patted the Asian woman’s shoulder, speaking in a cheerful voice. “Well, we’ve enjoyed having ya’ll around. Too bad, we won’t be able to do it again.”

“Well, I’m glad we could at least do it once,” Yu said, keeping a glass half-full attitude. The young woman wished she could get a chance to spend more time with Treena and Pam – they were both lovely women, who welcomed her with enthusiasm. But such was life and now she had to return to the ship.

Hobbs remarked, “We made a pretty good team, Lieutenant Yu.”

“We certainly did, Deputy Hobbs.”

Pam inquired, “So, where are ya’ll off to next?”

Jasmine sighed. “Well, we have been recalled to Mars for a systems upgrade, not my area of expertise. I expect since it’s Mars, there isn’t likely to be much excitement, at least not for people like me.”

The dark haired deputy brought up, giving her partner a sidelong glance. “Jasmine, before you leave, Pam and I have something to give you for the journey.”

The Asian raised an eyebrow, though a smile remained on her lips. When she saw Pam presenting a picnic basket, the young woman’s expression filled with warmth. The hybrid handed the basket to Yu with a smile.

“Here ya go, Jasmine,” Pam said. “That should last ya’ll for tha trip to Mars. It has some leftovers of the triticale and vegetable casserole, ya’ll loved so much, slice of the cream pie and a couple of Tribble puffs.”

“Thank you.” Jasmine was actually touched by the couple’s gesture. “You didn’t have to do all this.”

“We’re happy to,” Hobbs said, grinning.

“Time to head back.” Jasmine sighed as she tapped on her comm badge. “Yu to Phoenix. One to beam up.” She waved at the two women. “Both of you, take care of yourselves.”

“Ya’ll too.” Treena nodded as she and Pam waved back. “Don’t be a stranger.”


Location: USS PHOENIX, in dry dock at Utopia Planitia Shipyards
Scene: Yu’s quarters
TI: Present

A few hours had passed since the Phoenix’s arrival at Mars. This was Jasmine Yu’s third visit to the fourth planet in the solar system. The Asian’s last visit was the time when she just graduated from the Academy and still had a few days leave left before joining the USS CAMELOT – her first Starfleet assignment. It was to spend some time with her mother who, at the time, was working on a project at the shipyards. Time flew quickly and now she was here again, over six years later. Apparently, the Phoenix was chosen to test a prototype of a trans-warp conduit propulsion system and from what she heard a technology that would revolutionize galactic travel for the Federation. Fascinating if one was an engineer. As far as security was concerned, it was likely business as usual and her officers were not likely to see much action on a mission such as this one. Then again, in space, it was always wise to expect the unexpected.

For the duration of the mission, the individual in charge of the project, Dr. Lorraine Eden, would come aboard the ship. From what Yu read of her in the briefing report, Eden was quite a big deal in astrophysics and warp theory or was it warp mechanics, warp fields. Well, something to do with warp. Jasmine had never heard of her, which made sense, as she wasn’t an engineer or scientist. The few engineering courses, she took at the Academy, mostly related to tactical systems and starship defence. Apparently, Dr. Eden was quite old at eighty years, close to her grandmother’s age. Word from the grapevine was Eden was quite the character, already putting Kane and Crichton on edge.

But there was good news on the Asian woman’s personal front. Jasmine’s mother, Qui Chung, had contacted her just before the ship’s arrival to let the security chief know that she was currently at the shipyards on a project. It seemed her mother heard about the Phoenix’s visit from some colleagues who worked closely with Eden. Qui, ranked a full commander, was an officer in Starfleet Engineering and instructor at the Academy.

A more pleasant surprise for Yu was not only she was going to spend some time with her mother but her grandmother, Tien as well. Doctor Tien Chung was here on Mars to see her daughter and would only spend about three days before she left for Vulcan to give a talk in a symposium about the latest development in her research. Tien was a civilian research scientist and professor in Psychology at the University of Rochester on Earth.

“So this is where I live here for part of the time,” Jasmine announced as she and two older women with similar features as herself, had entered the chief of security’s quarters, along with their beloved pets. An adult female corgi, Mai Li and an adult female ginger coloured tabby, Hue, trotted around the women’s legs and began exploring this new and unfamiliar place. Yu chuckled, watching Mai Li sniffing at the couch before moving onto the sofa.

Qui took a quick glance and gave her daughter a tiny smile. “I like what you’ve done with this place, Jasmine.” Her eyes then fell on the painting, depicting the Huong Pagoda, a vast complex of Buddhist temples, built in the Huong Tich Mountains in Vietnam. “And I definitely like how you placed the painting of the Perfume Pagoda, right where anyone can see, as soon as they enter your quarters.”

“Yes, I already feel at home,” Tien remarked, chuckling but then gave a critical look at the shelves, holding Yu’s weapons collection. “Though your shelves seem a little off, maybe.”

“Okay, I’ll take that into advisement.” Jasmine smiled. She wasn’t surprised the two older women began complimenting but gently scrutinizing the arrangement of her quarters – made her feel like a little girl all over again. Qui and Tien were only going to be on the ship for a few hours and then they, along with Mai Li and Hue, would return back to the Martian surface.

“Hue!” Her grandmother called out, directing the young woman’s gaze to her desk. The cat had somehow managed to climb up Yu’s desk and settled herself comfortably on the console, her body blocking the computer screen. “Get down from the console.” She let out an exasperated sigh when the feline didn’t budge and released a loud meow as if saying ‘no, I will not’. “What is it with that kitty and consoles?”

Qui chuckled, turning to Yu. “See, when your grandma visited me at my workstation, Hue promptly took over one of the consoles and refused to leave until I and another engineer had to coax her with food and she eventually got off.”

“We can let her sit there for some time while we catch up,” Jasmine suggested, when Mai Li crept up beside her and nudged her. Jasmine petted the corgi. The three women chatted, exchanging news from their corners of the universe. While Yu sat down on the sofa, Qui and Tien took to the couch. Jasmine inquired, “Mom, do you know Dr. Lorraine Eden?”

Her mother nodded. “Yes. Why?”

Jasmine shrugged. “Well, she is on board the ship and our orders are to accommodate her as much as possible to ensure that her project runs smoothly.”

“I see.” Qui let out a dry chuckle. “Dr. Eden was one of my instructors at the Academy. She taught me advanced warp fields theory and boy that was….” She exhaled.

“Challenging?” Yu raised an eyebrow.

“Yes,” her mother replied. “One of the toughest courses I’ve ever taken.”

Tien quipped, “You cried a lot from what I remember.”

“Mom,” Qui protested. “No, I didn’t. I vented to you about her.”

“Oh she cried, alright.” Tien laughed. “Like how mean Dr. Eden was and how your mom thought she was going to fail, thereby tarnishing her perfect academic record. Or how she’ll flunk out due to this one little course and when she once told me she was considering dropping out…”

“Your response was, ‘have you not learnt anything from me’,” the younger Chung chimed in. “And you said, ‘Us Chung women don’t give up when things get rough and see things through to the end’ and so I pushed on with the course and I passed.”

Jasmine commented, her eyes widened, “Wow, she’s that tough I guess.”

Her mother nodded. “The toughest. She’s not for the faint of heart and I suppose in her own way, she may be trying to teach a lesson or just prepare you for the challenges life offers. Of course, that wasn’t how I saw her back then and I still don’t have a high opinion of her personality. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an exceptionally brilliant astrophysicist and I respect what she contributed to the field.” She added a moment later, smiling. “But on the bright side, Eden’s class was where I first met your dad.”

“Oh,” was all Yu said as she returned the smile. She already knew her parents met when they were still cadets at the Academy.

Tien asked in a casual tone, “So, Jasmine, does this ship have fine green tea?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Jasmine replied, grinning. “In fact, we can head to the Vulgar Tribble. Iphie, our chef, brews some of the finest green and herbal teas that I’ve ever had. I highly recommend trying out her drinks and her dishes, which are amazing.”

Qui said, “Well, why don’t we go now to this Vulgar Tribble? It’s close to meal time anyway.”

“Good idea,” the elder Chung agreed.

Yu stood up. “Alright, we can head there now.” The other two women followed suit.

Qui called out, “Mai Li, Hue. Come! It’s time to eat.” The corgi responded by trotting to the door, eager to head out but the cat didn’t seem ready to give up the comforts of the console.

Tien sighed, “Hue, come. I got some tasty fish ready for you.” At the sound of the word, ‘fish’, the tabby leapt off the console and darted towards them.


Scene: Corridor -> The Vulgar Tribble

Jasmine, her mother and grandmother, plus the dog and cat, stepped out from the turbo lift and walked at a casual pace to the Vulgar Tribble. As they were about a few feet from their destination, Yu sighed, producing a weak smile, when her eyes fell on the ship’s resident pug, blocking their path, his big brown eyes staring up at them and his tail wagging. “Hello Captain Smooshy, wandering again, I see.” The dog released a tiny bark and looked adorable, sporting a tiny red jersey, where four gold pips were pinned on the top. Mai Li trotted towards Smooshy and eyed him with keen interest, while Hue meowed and just hissed before shoving past the pug as if she couldn’t be bothered with him.

“Awww.” Qui bent forward, patting Smooshy’s head. “Pleased to meet you, Captain Smooshy.”

Tien arched a brow. “Captain Smooshy? Why is he given the title of Captain?”

“Maybe he’s your Captain’s pet?” Her mother looked up at the security chief and smiled. “Jasmine, I didn’t know your CO’s a dog lover.”

Jasmine quickly corrected, suddenly feeling nervous, “Smooshy isn’t the Captain’s dog. He actually belongs to one of our counselors and is unofficially our chief therapy dog, whose role is to provide comfort for those in need.” Yu knew it didn’t take a genius to figure out Kane wasn’t fond of the pug. They continued forward to the dining establishment with Smooshy joining them.

Tien muttered, “Hmm…I could have sworn the pug belonged to the Captain, considering how he’s wandering around with no supervision.”

Jasmine made a mental note as they entered the Vulgar Tribble to let Counseling know that Smooshy wandered again for the umpteenth time. With Dr. Eden on board, Yu knew it was especially important to make sure Smooshy didn’t go wandering around, lest he accidently bumped into the old woman. Speaking of Eden, Yu spotted the scientist, getting up from a table, her tea cup and plate empty. The security chief watched her mother approach the elderly woman.

“Doctor Eden,” Qui greeted, sporting a polite smile.

Eden blinked, giving her a perplexed look. “Do I know you?”

“Well,” Commander Chung said in a calm voice, giving her mother and daughter a quick glance. “I was one of your students in the advanced warp field theory class and just wanted to say it’s nice to see you again, Professor.”

“Funny,” Lorraine remarked. “I don’t remember you.”

“It was over thirty years ago,” Qui pointed out, sharing an awkward look with Jasmine, while Tien’s eyes shone with amusement.

Eden stated, her expression devoid of emotion, “Well, you cannot expect me to remember all my students and thirty years is a long time.”

“Actually,” Yu’s mother brought up. “We met many times since then and in fact, I ran into you in the shipyards just last week.”

The astrophysicist studied the engineer for a moment, eyes narrowed. “Hmm…” She then shook her head, giving her a dismissive look. “No, I do not recall meeting you.” She brushed past Chung and stopped beside Yu. “Please, arrange for a cup of chamomile tea to be sent up to my quarters and make sure it doesn’t get cold.”

Yu raised an eyebrow. “Doctor, if I may suggest, you can use the replicator for your tea. I can guarantee that it will be hot…”

“Absolutely not,” Eden cut her off. “I will not succumb myself to that stale replicator dross. I would like my tea brewed fresh by a person not a computer. I hope all of you bellhops in red are not like that funny officer who escorted me to my quarters.”

Jasmine gave her a confused look, having no clue who the elderly woman was referring to as that funny officer and bellhops in red, odd. “Doctor, I’m Lieutenant Jasmine Yu, chief of security and tactical on the vessel. If there’s anything you need, my staff will be here to assist.”

“Thank you, dear. I did have the impression that if I wanted my tea, an officer, wearing red, would be on hand to assist me,” Lorraine said. “Now, get me that tea and make sure it does not get cold.”

“Understood, doctor.” Jasmine nodded. As the old woman left them, the Asian officer released a huge sigh of exasperation. “Now I see, mom, what you’d have to go through.”

“Well,” Qui said with a grin, placing a gentle hand on her daughter’s arm. “I feel sorry for you and the crew.”

Tien chided, urging them forward. “Young ones are so sensitive. Come on, let’s go find a table. I’m dying to have this amazing green tea.” She then looked around and groaned. “Oh, Hue, really?”

Jasmine turned to the bar area, where the cat settled herself nicely on one of the bar stools. “I’ll get her down.” She walked up to the feline and coaxed her off the stool, the tabby releasing a loud meow. Soon, the three women, Mai Li and Hue managed to find a table by the window and settled themselves down for a nice meal and green tea.


NRPG: Jasmine’s mom and grandmother are visiting for just a few hours and then leave. The first scene of the post was written many days ago. Hope I handled Eden correctly.

Ranjani S.
Writing for

Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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