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Food, Fun, And Festivities

Posted on Oct 20, 2017 @ 2:00am by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Edited on on Oct 20, 2017 @ 2:00am

Mission: Fear Itself

“Food, Fun and Festivities”
(contd from Shawn’s ‘Melody’)

SD: [2.17] 1019.1925
Scene: The Vulgar Tribble

The party was in full swing. Everyone seemed to be relaxed and enjoying themselves – not surprising considering the past four months spent in Romulan territory was filled with trepidation over whether there would be war or peace between the two powers – luckily it was the latter that won out, well for now at least. Jasmine Yu made her way across the room, sharing greetings with those she passed by and halted amongst different groups to chat for a bit before she resumed moving. The Asian woman stopped again to observe the decorum and smiled – very impressive, a re-creation of ancient Rome. She could spot the Roman theatre ahead. Wow, Iphie and her staff had really outdone themselves with the venue.

“Hey, Avenging Veggie, nice of you to join us.” Iphie appeared beside the dark haired woman, handing her a glass of sweetened wine, which Jasmine accepted with a polite nod before raising an eyebrow.

“Avenging Veggie? What or who?”

“You.” The half-Bolian grinned, offering up a large tray, comprising of a wide variety of appetizers. “It’s your nickname. Everyone gets one.”

“Even the Captain?” Yu asked, shifting her gaze to the assortment of delicacies. “I just have to ask.”

The blue woman chuckled. “Oh yeah, Cap’n Homie.” She grinned, when Jasmine arched a brow. “The cheese puffs, falafel balls and sweet potato wontons are vegetarian. And mini-tacos stuffed with fried tofu and noodles, mixed together with curried spices will be brought out later.” She handed the security chief a plate and filled it with a little bit of everything vegetarian. “The dips and sauces are at the bar.” She smiled. “Enjoy!” She moved away, leaving a rather impressed security officer.

“Wow, these look delicious,” Jasmine remarked, eyeing her plate. “I better find a place to sit down.” After taking a quick glance around, the Asian American first decided to go to the bar to try out the sauces and dips. Setting her plate and glass down on the bar top, she eyed the little cups, wondering which sauce or dip to pick. The hummus made sense for the falafel balls and as for the other appetizers, well there were so many choices. Maybe she would try all the vegetarian ones.

“Hey Yu, whatcha got there?” It was the marine who slid next to her counterpart in security, an empty glass in hand.

Jasmine smiled at the copper haired woman as the former picked up a wonton. “Some vegetarian appetizers that Iphie decided I should try.”

“Vegetarian, that nickname of yours makes perfect sense.” Thytos grinned, turning to one of the Bynares. “Hey barkeep, gimme another.” The Bynare nodded and immediately returned with another glass. Kass took it and quickly gulped down the drink.

For the first time in the evening, Jasmine noticed that Bonviva and the Bynares were adorned in costumes – something akin to togas. The Byrnare offered a tray of more appetizers to the two women. The Asian declined, still had a full plate to complete, while Kass grabbed a few delicacies and turned to the sauces.

At that moment, Iphie was spotted leaving the kitchen, carrying a tray holding a dish that was giving off an aroma, pleasant to the nostrils. Using a pair of tongs, Bonviva picked up a pair of the mini-tacos and added them to the already full plate for Jasmine.

“They smell so good,” Yu remarked, eyeing the tacos.

The half-Bolian turned her attention to the marine and dropped some mini-tacos on her plate. “Here you go, Kass.”

“Before ya leave, barkeep, I wanna refill.” Thytos pointed at the empty glass.

“Coming right up.” Iphie promptly refilled the other woman’s glass. “How about you, Jasmine? More?”

The Asian woman nodded, eyeing her nearly empty glass. “Sure.”

“How do you like the food, Avenging Veggie?” Iphie inquired, when a snort came out of the marine.

Jasmine paid no heed to Kass, grinning at her and gave the chef a warm smile. “It’s very delicious. I especially love the mini-tacos.”

“Yu, ya sure have room for dessert?” Kass smiled, taking a bite off a meat pastry.

“Dessert,” Jasmine repeated, realizing Bonviva likely went crazy with preparing the desserts. “I guess we’ll wait and see.” She grinned, taking a sip of her wine.

Suddenly, Jasmine felt a tiny breeze blow her sleeve and dropped her half-eaten taco on the plate. The security half-turned her upper body to the side and laughed. “Looks who’s hopped up beside me.” Her response was a soft bark from the ship’s resident pug. Jasmine noted there was something different about the dog – oh yes, a white sheet wrapped around his little body and a green circular wreath on its head. Smooshy was in costume as befitting the party’s theme. “You look adorable,” she remarked, smiling and petting the pug at the same time.

“Here, catch,” called out Kass as she tossed a piece of the taco to the pug, who immediately leapt up and grabbed the morsel.

When Jasmine resumed eating her unfinished taco, she noticed at the corner of her eye, the pug’s gaze fixed on her…or more specifically the food in her hand. Smooshy’s mouth was wide open, his tongue sticking out and drooling. “You like the taco, I see?” Tearing off a piece of another taco, she gave it to the dog, who happily took it off her palm. One of the other guests placed a cup, filled with a bright red sauce near the pug, who continued eyeing the security chief’s and the marine’s plates.

Kass offered, grabbing some meat pastries and tossing them across to the pug. “Here, some meat for ya.” Smooshy barked and began nibbling on the pastries.

“Well, Smooshy seems to be enjoying himself.” Jasmine picked up a falafel ball, dipped it in the hummus and took a bite.

“Ya, with all the crumbs lying around, he’s enjoyin a buffet.” The marine grinned. “And he’s eyein your plate, Yu.”

“Okay, hmm…what shall I offer you?” Jasmine grinned, picking up a wonton and tore it in half. “We can share this one.” She gave one half to the pug, who instantly grabbed the portion and began chomping on it. A couple of starbase and Phoenix junior officers came their way to replenish their plates with more dips and sauces. Jasmine spent a good deal of time chatting with them and even getting to know the officers from the station. The Asian wondered, perhaps it was time to make some rounds, socializing.

“I didn’t know you had a fondness for hot and spicy,” Iphie spoke, catching Yu’s attention, wondering for a brief moment if the chef was talking to her. It turned out that wasn’t the case and the young woman sported an amused expression. The pug’s front paw was covered in red. Iphie was talking to the pug. “That Sriracha is really hot.” She learned forward, closely examining the dog and sighed. “Whew, he didn’t taste it. I need to check on the dessert.”

“Go on. I can clean up,” Jasmine offered.

“Thanks, Jasmine.” Iphie grinned, handing her a wet cloth and hurried off to the kitchen.

Jasmine sighed as she wiped the red sauce off the pug. Once that was done, she placed the cloth back on the bar top and turned to Smooshy. “There, nice and clean now.” She raised her hand, palm facing forward. “Give me five.” To her surprise, the pug raised his paw and tapped her palm. “Good boy!” Jasmine curled the same hand into a fist and gave the pug’s paw a gentle fist bump. The dog barked happily, still leaving its paw up. Jasmine sighed, gently shaking his paw. “There you go.”

“Well, the dessert should be ready soon,” Iphie announced, appearing out of the kitchen as Yu was preparing to stand up. “Hey, Jasmine. I’m not sure if you mentioned it already to me. But did you last serve on the Camelot before you got assigned here?”

Jasmine nodded. “Yes, for five years. My first posting after graduating from the academy. An exploration vessel.”

Iphie smiled. “Ah, so you served under Anaqueen then.”

“Anaqueen?” The Asian was perplexed and then sighed. “Oh you mean, Captain Spankryz.”

“Ya seem confused there, Yu? Forgot yer former CO’s name already?”

“No,” Jasmine said. “It’s just that I had always addressed my previous CO by her rank and wasn’t on a first name basis with her.” She narrowed her eyes at the chef, though one could spot a hint of a smile on the dark haired woman. “In fact, I rarely met anyone who knew her so personally…well except one of my former chiefs.”

Iphie smiled. “We go a long way back. I knew her through my sister, Xana.”

“Ah.” Jasmine sipped her wine. “Well, it seems like a lifetime ago even though it hasn’t been a year yet since I joined the Phoenix.”

Iphie leaned forward. “Anaqueen has been CO there for a couple of years since the end of that last Dominion war. From what I heard, those Neo-Essentialists cronies had her moved there so they could put one of their own in command of the Commendation. And according to my brother, things went downhill on that ship.”

“Yes.” Jasmine nodded. “The Commendation had a high attrition rate of COs. I feel very sorry for that crew. Their most recent former CO is now serving a life sentence for a number of crimes including treason. In fact that same man used to be my ExO for a few months.” Yu’s tone was rather flat. “And I’ll leave it at that.”

“Not a good experience?” Iphie watched Jasmine shake her head, the latter’s expression souring a little. “Ah well, let’s all be grateful to whoever finally caught that SOB.”

“Right.” Jasmine nodded, this time gulping down her wine.


NRPG: I like having connections between my characters, so Jasmine’s former CO was one of my 1st ed. Characters, which was established in my very first post here and a little reference to events in my Section 31’s first mission.

Ranjani S.
Writing for

Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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