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Verdadeiras Intencións

Posted on Aug 25, 2017 @ 5:09pm by Lieutenant Cantor Von
Edited on on Aug 25, 2017 @ 5:10pm

Mission: The Romulan Way


"Verdadeiras Intencións"
(cont'd from "The Romulan Project" written by Ranjani)

- Translation from Galician: "True Intentions"


LOCATION: Romulan Space Station, orbiting Azri Drakara II
SD: [2.17]0825.0701
SCENE: Control Center

As Senator Nevar spoke, Cantor Von moved over to the railed edge of the command deck and looked down at the myriad of Romulan officers below. The Betazoid ran his hand over the dark green metal of the railing as his gaze lifted to the emerald jewel of a planet centered in the large display that dominated the station's nerve center. Standing next to him, Sub-Commander D'Mara's attention was drawn away from Senator Nevar's confession and to the Starfleet Officer gazing out at the immense Control Center.

"" Cantor Von's Romulan had not diminished, whether due to some unknown talent with languages or understanding forged in the heat of stress and danger, his accent was nearly flawless for a citizen from eastern outskirts of Ki Baratan; where D'Mara had grown up.


The Betazoid looked up at D'Mara. ""

His bluntness surprised her, but she recovered almost immediately and nodded, also looking out over the Control Center. "" D'Mara gestured at the planet that filled their view. ""

Cantor Von produced a sad smile, shaking his head. "" He gazed at the Sub-Commander. "" He gestured over his shoulder. ""


Von took in a breath nodding. "
D'Mara turned back to the view of the lower command deck. "Layers within layers," she spoke, her Standard revealing little accent.

"Is this a weapon, D'Mara? Do you aim to start another war with the Federation?"

Her head quickly turned in his direction. "No, Cantor Von. I want no war. We want no war."

Von gestured over his shoulder again. "But can you say the same for him?"

D'Mara's eyes settled on the back of Senator Nevar as the Romulan continued his conversation with the Praetor and other Starfleet Officers. Her gaze turned back to Von. "Commander - Senator Nevar does not want a war with the Federation-"

"Then why build this? There's no way you would need-" Von's eyes widened in realization, as he struggled with his own words. Finally, blinking, he said her name, almost pleading as it fell from his lips. "D'Mara.."

The Sub-Commander inhaled, lowering her head. "We do not want war, Cantor Von. It does not serve D'era."

The Betazoid's gaze never wavered from D'Mara. "You built a planet killer."

She looked at him, defiance in her olive eyes. "This will *prevent* a war with the Federation, Cantor."

He shook his head. "How will it prevent a war, D'Mara?"

She exhaled. "With this station and others like it, the Federation will no longer threaten D'era. The Romulan people will be able to expand unopposed-"

"You can't think the Federation will stand by and let the Empire roll over its planets and people?"

Her own expression pleaded for him to understand. "What choice will they have, Cantor Von?"

"This is madness, D'Mara. Utter madness." He glanced back over his shoulder. "And what of the Praetor?"

D'Mara also glanced at her people's leader. "She will be led to understand. It is a process that Senator Nevar will help her navigate."

"And the PHOENIX?"

"An unfortunate tactic by the Praetor, playing in a game she has already lost. If you tell your Captain of this station's true purpose I cannot....I cannot be held responsible-"

Von broke his gaze, huffing in exasperation. "What, D'Mara? What will you do? Destroy the flagship of the Federation? How do you 'manage' that with the Federation?"


The Betazoid cut her off. "There *is* no way to manage the destruction of the PHOENIX, D'Mara. And you can't think the Captain or other officers won't figure out this station's true purpose? Are you really that naive?"

She shot him a glance, anger building. "The Empire *needed* this, Cantor Von. We have a weak Praetor, our forces are-" she cut herself off, knowing she had spoken too much.

Von eyed her as realization dawned behind his ebony pupils. He spoke in a solemn tone. "What happened to the Empire, D'Mara?" He had sensed the desperation in her tone; not via telepathy, but from years of being her lover.

She looked at him again, her eyes fierce. "We had spent too much time looking away from D'era." She switched to Romulan. "

D'Mara's Standard was much quieter. "Cantor Von, the Romulan Empire had lost its way, with Praetor Radaik being yet another in a succession of leaders more interested in preserving their own power than lifting the Romulan people."

"What's this recent 'event'?"

D'Mara looked down again. "A mistake, an error. Something that threaten's D'era and our way of life. This," she gestured to the immense station around her, "is our way back to what we once were, what we truly need to be."

Von took a step toward her, his voice low and full of intensity. "D'Mara, you're making an error in you calculation. The Federation will not sit idly by and let you take planets just because you have a planet-killer. That's not how *my* people react." She looked up at him as he continued. "You *know* this, D'Mara. Just as I learned D'era from you over those years, you learned how our spirit works. You saw it in me, you saw it in my fellow officers. All this is," he also gestured to the station, "is a prelude to general war. But this time we have entire planets that can be snuffed out." He paused, taking a breath. "This is a mad descent into so much death, D'Mara. You *have* to know this is true."

They were both interrupted by Senator Nevar finishing his explanation and gesturing back to D'Mara.

"And that is the connection with this station, Praetor. I believe further questions can be answered with a tour of the station - to show our intentions and the station's value to the Empire and its citizens. Sub-Commander?"

D'Mara nodded, and with one quick glance at Von, moved back to the group. After several heartbeats, the Betazoid followed her.


NRPG: Sorry for the delay in posting! I hope everyone enjoyed it.


Marko J. Sertic
Lt. Cantor Von
Chief Operations Officer


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