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First Day

Posted on Aug 13, 2017 @ 2:02pm by Ambassador Xana Bonviva
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Mission: Aftermath

“First Day”


“After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal.”

--Frank Underwood “House of Cards”

Location: VULCAN
Scene: Bonviva Home
TI: 0443 - First Day

[[Incoming message for Bonviva, Xana from EARTH--]]

Xana groaned and rolled over, never opening up her violet eyes, slapping around blindly on her night table for the computer. “Put it through,” she yawned. Bleary eyed she struggled to sit up as she peered at the console next to her bed. Seeing a bald blue bifurcated woman on the other end, the Bolian/Human woman flopped back down on the bed. “Someday, some member of my family will learn to tell time and call at a decent time. Good Morning, Mother.”

Yanthe Bonviva frowned at that. {{Xana, you know I’ve never understood your sense of humor.}}

“So you’ve mentioned repeatedly,” Xana nodded as she yawned.

{{And sit up! I did not call so I can look at your pillows,}} Yanthe ordered. Satisfied she said, {{Now listen a woman in your position cannot afford to be so lazy.}}

Rubbing her face, trying to catch up with what her mother was going with this. “You know, I’m sure this makes sense to you, and I know I’m going to regret asking this...but what position are you referring to?”

Yanthe leveled a glare from across the universe. {{Xana Bonviva, you were appointed to the Federation Council from Bolarus IX. This is your first day.}}

The azure woman swallowed the lump in her throat. “I know, Mom, I know.”

{{You alone represent the hopes and dreams of a decimated people, their home destroyed. *Our* home destroyed. Do you understand what I’m saying? Your children will not much of a chance, our family will not have much of a chance, if you do not get this right. No Bolian child or family will have a chance. Planets have been ruined for less. So forget whatever else you think you’ve done in your life. This is it, it all starts now,}} Yanthe ordered.

Sitting by herself, amidst a swirl of blankets and pillows, the azure woman thought about that. “I agree,” she said softly.

Yanthe sighed heavily. {{Good. At least on this we agree. Now I don’t know what it is that drives you. To be honest, I’ve given up understanding you, but something used to drive you. Find and go with that--}}

Jake, Xana thought to herself before she could stop it. Jake was what used to drive her; even for all those years he was gone, when Xana didn’t know if he was alive or dead, if she didn’t know if cared about her, she thought about him. Not everyday, but he was there, an ephemeral specter behind decisions. She wondered what he would have thought about what she was doing, she tried to do things he would have been proud of, things she thought he would have been proud of. Clearly now that was in the past, their only relationship was to be good parents to the kids, and whatever motivation she had would be...well Xana didn’t know.

{{And what kind of face is that?}} Yanthe asked.

“Sorry my mind drifted to something else,” Xana said with a wave of her hand, in a vain attempt to change the topic.

Yanthe peered into the screen as if to study her eldest Bolian/Human child. {{You you were not well. A mother shouldn’t see her child look like that,}} she said quietly. When Xana didn’t say anything to that, the Bolian matriarch continued on, {{I’ll send you some makeup tutorials. I mean something has to help you with that odd complexion you have.}}

Rolling her violet eyes heavenward Xana sighed and rubbed her face. “Gods above and below, you’re so good to me, Mom,” she deadpanned as her white hair fell around her face, thankfully hiding the grimace.


Scene: Federation Council

With little fanfare, Xana Bonviva took her seat in the Federation Council. She was the first one here, and she wanted to enjoy the moment.

In many ways, the Federation Council reminded her of school; both what she remembered of it and what her children told her about it. There was homework; tons of reading, correspondence, and presentations. Statements on the floor of the Council, press conferences, the occasional interview offer.

“I know you,” a voice boomed from the side of the Council.

The azure woman turned her head to the side to see a large Zakdorn man walk in. As he came closer, Xana stood up, running a hand down her gray pinstripe skirt, knowing her cream silk blouse was fine. “You do but we met under different circumstances,” she nodded.

Councilman Betello narrowed his eyes in thought before suddenly he boomed, “You're the one they’re chattering about on news who left Karimi to go take that seat from Bolarus.”

“Well yes, Councilman Betello, I’m Xana Bonviva. But we actually met before--” Xana began.

Betello waved that off. “PIIM!” he yelled looking around for the Federation Council custodian/lackey. As the poor custodian/lackey came shuffling from the back of the Council from where he was cleaning, he said, “Get this good woman a brandy! It’s her first day and no one offered a drink yet.”

“It’s 0830,” Xana pointed out.

Betello thought about that. “Get a couple of brandies; we’ll be here a while. Council doesn’t start until 1000,” he ordered. Heaving himself into a nearby chair he eyed the newest member of the Council. “And why are you here so early? Don’t give me that crap about flags and honor and stars; I don’t want to puke before I have a drink, it’ll ruin my whole day.”

Settling back down Xana thought about that and figured she’d opt for simplicity. “I have kids, and after dropping them off at school, I figured I’d come here and start work.”

Betello nodded at that, his index fingers tapping against his mouth. “Shored up your responsibilites, decided to get an eye on the terrain. I can respect that.” As Piim came running over with the brandies he eyed the silver tall canister that Xana had been drinking out of. “What is that?”

“Tea with honey and lemon,” she offered.

The Zakdorn sighed so loudly that his multiple cheeks rippled. “I can’t believe I’m going to ruin good brandy with *tea*.”

“On EARTH, brandy with tea and lemon and honey is known as a hot toddy,” Xana replied as she took one of the brandies and poured some into her cannister.

Betello took the other brandy and glared at her. “Know what the rest of the universe calls it? Watered down brandy.” Slamming back some brandy he said, “Alright we shared a drink now let’s talk business before the rest ruin it. You’re here for Bolarus IX.”

Xana nodded at that. “Right, well see--”

The Zakdorn leaned in at that. “Point of order, I’m the *Senior* Councilmember,” he said despite the fact that they were they only two Councilmembers in the Chamber. “And I’m going to go first with my request.” Satisfied when Xana said nodded he asked, “Where does Bolarus stand for the next Federation Presidential election?”

Xana blinked at that; this was not where she was expecting the conversation to be going. “That’s not for months,” she hedged.

Betello gave a sharp glance. “Like you don’t know people aren’t already prepping to run.”

“And you are?” Xana asked.

“No, I might have to stop drinking,” he said. Picking up another brandy he amended, “Slow down really. But no, not me.” Waving a hand around grandly he continued on, “Your former boss is certainly making all the right moves. And I want to know how far your loyalty goes. I mean clearly you had no problem jumping ship for yourself but I need to know now that you’re voting for an entire planet...where are you going to put that vote?”

The azure woman thought about that as she sipped her hot toddy. “Well that depends,” the Bolian Councilwoman said thoughtfully. “Your question implies a *choice* and I don’t know who my choices are.”

Betello grinned at that. “I’ll set up the meeting,” he promised as he refilled Xana’s drink.


Scene: Councilmembers’ Dining Room

TI: Later that day

After a few hot toddies; and then a mind-numbing session of Federation Council, there was only one thought that Xana Bonviva had: food, she really needed food. She was no closer getting resources for Bolarus IX, and now her head was pounding, she was hungry, and frustrated. It was not a good combination.

Looking around she had another uncomfortable thought. Standing at the edge of the Councilmembers’ Dining Room made her feel like her freshman year of SFA when she didn’t know a soul, and didn’t know where to go. So standing at the hostess stand, waiting for her turn, Xana felt felt inadequate and a bit queasy, unsure what to say when it would be her turn.

“There’s no assigned seating here unlike Council,” offered a deep quiet voice from her right. “There’s no such thing as a good table here, that would be illogical. But there are bad tables. So I’d avoid those; no way to be seen or hear what’s going on, which really is why you’re here and not in your office.”

Xana turned her head and looked over at the extremely blonde haired and golden Edoan Councilmember with brown-mahogany orbs scintillated with a mischievous glint that could be noticed next to the amber that rimmed his iris. They glow with humor and playfulness that never seem to escape his eyes. Nevertheless, his eyes possessed sorrow that placed a melancholic veil, which cloaked his eyes; it seemed as if it made the happiness in his eyes matte. There was a slow, lazy half smile that graced his lips as he leaned against the wall causing his blonde stubbled cheeks to slightly dimple; everything about the Edoan a contradiction that made him an intriguing puzzle as he stood there in a crisp white shirt that was open at the collar, blue suit jacket, and tan slacks and the necklace with his planet’s emblem that all leaders wore, resting against the hollow of his neck.

For the first time since her divorce, she felt something stir deep in her; and unlike earlier it wasn’t the angst of the impending work or too many hot toddies. She had been loyal all during her marriage. But now, she wasn’t married...and was quite happy about that as she stared at the man from Rubicun III. “Well this is my first time here so I’ll defer to your suggestion as to where to sit,” she parried back with a slow smile.

The brown-mahogany eyes twinkled as Councilman Noellex, the Edoan from Rubicun III easily pushed himself away from the wall he was using for support. “Good,” he replied, his smile never wavering.

Several minutes later Xana found herself seated in front of a wide set of windows that looked out onto the wide Vulcan desert city of ShiKahr. “Councilmember T’Pau usually has a light, early lunch and this is usually her table,” Noellex explained.

Xana raised an eyebrow at that. “Then you’re free to take this table for a later lunch,” she mused.

“It’s strategic,” he agreed. Pushing back the blonde hair that was slightly longer in the front, he continued on, “But I get a view of SkiKar which is not the same as home or Earth but I suppose it counts as something.”

The azure woman looked out at the desert city as she placed her order on the PADDs at the table. Looking back at the man she agreed. “I’ve only been to Rubicun III once, but from what small amount I’ve seen this doesn’t remind me of your home.”

Noellex placed his order on his PADD as he looked at ShiKar, then he turned back to the woman across from him. “I’m from the outskirts of a small city, nothing grand. You’ve probably never heard of it, no one has beyond our system. But it’s green, with rolling hills and acres of red trelliums; they’re a type of flower that blooms most of the year. At the bottom of the five hills of our city they lead into the bay. There’s a music academy, that’s why most people go there so there’s always melodies that can be heard for miles.” Giving a long look to ShiKar he smiled wanly before turning back to the azure woman, “So I think it’s safe to say this not exactly like my home.”

The Bolian Councilwoman let a laugh tumble from her lips, joining the melodic chortles from the blonde man across from her. The noise of the restaurant around them seemed so quiet in comparison to her lighthearted giggles and his sarcastic wit. She watched as the man’s eyes skimmed over her, bringing a blush to her cheeks at how intent and curious they were. She didn’t feel judged under his gaze; it was a comfortable position to be in. Xana leaned forward ever so slightly so that she could rest her elbows on the table, giving the man a bright smile.

"But enough about me. So tell me a little about yourself,” Noellex began, the genuine curiosity lacing his tone. “I’m sure there’s more to you than being a newly appointed Councilwoman.”

During lunch they traded stories of their lives, skirting around politics, insteading easily chatting chatting about the personal which was very unusual in the shadowed hallways of the Federation Council. Finally towards the end of lunch, as Xana was dabbing her lips with a napkin, Noellex looked a bit chagrined. “I must apologize. I have to leave, as I have another appointment. But if you’re done, I’m happy to escort you to your office or wherever you’re going.”

Despite the attractive offer, Xana felt the all-too familiar tingling and numbness running up and down her legs. Sadly it wasn’t from the offer across from her. “I have some time before my next appointment so I’ll stay here and have a tea. But thank you.”

“Another time, for lunch or the accompaniment,” the Edoan Councilman offered with a dimpled smile.

While Xana did sip her tea, once it came, and waiting for the pain to recede, she thought back over lunch. It had really opened up a side of her that she thought was long gone; and one she never thought would kick back in that she was in the Council…

Closing her eyes in frustration she realized that not once during lunch did she discuss Bolarus IX’s needs, or any Council business. It was one thing to feel low personally, but it was another to feel that way because you realized that you were going to fail at your job due to your own ineptitude. Exhaling, Xana opened up her eyes and wondered if Noellex had seen through her and steered the conversation away from politics. “Damn it all to 99 hells,” she muttered into her tea.

“Well you realized it, saves me from having to warn you,” a lovely woman said as she stood at the table. Looking up Xana saw a woman with salt and pepper curls swept back as she stood in a lavender dress. “I’m Dr. Reasa Keiri--”

“Councilmember from Betazed; it’s an honor to meet you,” Xana supplied. Waving to the now empty seat across from her she offered it to the other woman.

Reasa reviewed the menu and said in a light manner, “My opinion, for what it’s worth, is this. It’s your first day and you’re not going to save your planet or your job on your first day. And people may like you and be playing the game at the same time; it’s up to you if you’re comfortable doing the same, but you already knew that.”

Xana looked at the other woman, admiring her frank assessment. Raising a white eyebrow at the proclamation which was logical, but was doing little to soothe the wounded ego, she asked, “Anything else?”

“You look like you’d appreciate a dessert now. Want to share one?” Reasa asked. “During which we can discuss whatever it is that is on your mind for Bolarus IX, I can listen, and as the next newest member, can probably do next to nothing, but at least you can say you tried.”

The azure woman sighed at that as she looked at the menu. “Chocolate, I want chocolate.”


Scene: Xana Bonviva’s Office

After a long day, Xana was sitting in her chair, filling out reports and fielding requests from constituents before going back to Council for a hearing on Borg Relations.

“Remind me again, why I’m going to a hearing on Federation-Lumerian Relations,” Xana asked her Chief of Staff.

Yalar Traras fixed his tie as he sniffed at his boss. “Because that’s what is scheduled.”

Xana rolled her eyes, wondering how she wound up with a Chief of Staff immune to sarcasm; or reality for that matter. “Yes, but as the report this morning in the Council indicated there was activity with the Romulans--”

The Chief of Staff gave an unimpressed look. “You have a hearing on Federation-Lumerian Relations,” he told her.

Before she could explain, *again*, why this was a colossal waste of time (for her and everyone else) her console beeped with a message from Councilmember Betello. [[If you’re willing to skip the hearing this afternoon, I got you in to see Councilman Kevak so you can talk with him about what you and I talked about earlier. Scratch that, be willing to skip the hearing.]]

Xana’s mouth kicked up in a wry grin as read the message. Then she thought about what she and Betello discussed over hot toddies. Her violet eyes widened as she realized that either Betello was trying to line up support for Kevak, or Kevak himself was trying to line up support, to run for Federation President. She wondered why Kevak, as the most respected and Senior member of the Federation Council, was bothering with her since she was the newest member but she wasn’t going skip this opportunity. “Alright, I’m ready,” she announced as she got up.

Yalar nodded at that. “You’re going to the Council hearing,” he nodded.

“Not at all,” she agreed as she walked out the door with Vara as security detail behind her.

The Chief of Staff, aggrieved, followed. “I’m telling President Xall you’re not living up to your responsibilities.”

She was 40 years old, arguably someone in a position of power, and now was being reduced to being ratted out. Looking over at him she said, “Tattle-tale.” With that she swept out to go see Councilman Kevak, the Andorian who maybe running for Federation President.


NRPG: Been awhile since I posted so I thought I start with Xana’s first day at her new job -- Councilmember from Bolarus IX! She’s meeting other Councilmembers, mixing it up (professionally and personally) and now has a lead on one of the Councilmembers who maybe running for President towards the latter half of this year -- the Councilmember from Andoria, Kevak.


Sarah Albertini-Bond

~writing for~

Councilmember Xana Bonviva

Recipe for Hot Toddy

1 1/2 ounces of brandy, whiskey, or rum

1 tablespoon honey

Juice of a 1/4 lemon (around 1/2 ounce)

1 cup (8 ounces) hot water

1 tea bag

Heat water in a tea kettle or the microwave.

Once warm, add a tea bag and allow to steep for about 3 to 5 minutes (or according to the tea's recommended brewing time).

While brewing the tea, heat your mug or an Irish coffee glass by filling it with warm water.

Once the glass is warm, dump the water and coat the bottom with honey.

Add the liquor and squeeze the juice from a lemon quarter.

When the tea has steeped, pour it into the prepared glass and stir.


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