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We Have Guests!

Posted on Aug 12, 2017 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Edited on on Aug 12, 2017 @ 10:12pm

Mission: The Romulan Way

“We have Guests!”
(contd from Alix’s ‘Tough Subjects and Sore Spots’)

SD: [2.17] 0807.2140
Scene: Transporter Room 1

Jasmine was on her way back to the Senate building after completing her tour around the capital and spending some quality time by the seaside with Senator Dak and her staff, when she received the orders to return to the ship. Well, that was the end of the trip on the Romulan homeworld. Yu, however, was concerned at the sudden recall from the Captain and at the time, all kinds of scenarios played out in her head, including the worst case one. To her relief, nothing dangerous happened, not yet anyway.

After her return, she heard that earlier the Phoenix received a message from an unknown source, claiming to be a friend and ally, who were then invited to come aboard the ship. The friend/ally were then found to be a trio of Remans, led by a woman named Kiarasek and it was also when Kane first returned to the ship to speak with the Remans. After that, events went by rather quickly and now, she was waiting in the transporter room with Kane and Crichton for the arrival of the Romulan delegation, comprising of the Praetor herself and some Senators. Once the delegation had arrived, the ship would leave orbit and head for a planet, deep within the empire from what she was told. The destination was kept secret from the Senators. If Jasmine were honest with herself, she hadn’t yet been able to fully process the recent change in developments, considering she and her department were busy, making security preparations before the delegation’s arrival.

So, the Romulans arrived and Jasmine watched her CO step forward to greet them. Some familiar faces – the Asian woman spotted Dak standing in between Senators Oloth and Tor. The elderly Romulan woman glanced in the security chief’s direction and nodded in acknowledgement. Yu returned the nod, remembering the time spent with the old woman at the Museum of Technology and then the seaside.

“Praetor Radaik,” Kane began, “On behalf of myself and my crew, I welcome you and your Senators aboard the Phoenix.”

Delora Radaik replied with a polite smile, though whether it was sincere or not, was hard to tell, “Captain Kane, on behalf of myself and my delegation, we thank you for letting us come aboard your vessel and accept your hospitality with our sincerest gratitude.”

Jasmine arched a brow, noticing for the first time the delegation comprised of no Praetorian guards or any other military personnel. This was odd – one would think high ranking members of the Government would not venture into enemy territory – well the Federation were still considered an enemy to the empire for now – without any kind of armed escort. Yu wondered with trepidation whether there was a hidden reason, not boding well for the Phoenix or it was a show of faith and perhaps assurance that there was no hidden agenda. Jasmine hoped the lack of guards just meant the delegation were placing their trust in the ship and its crew and if that was the case, then maybe they should respond in kind as well. But the security chief in her, believed in taking some precaution as well and had already arranged for her staff to keep watch over their guests.

Kane stepped to the side, pointing at first Crichton and then Yu. “This is my first officer, Commander Jake Crichton and some of you have already met my chief of security and tactical, Lieutenant Jasmine Yu.” The Romulans nodded their greetings at the two officers. Michael signaled to his ExO with a quick nod.

Jake stepped forward and addressed the delegation. “If you will follow me and Lieutenant Yu, we will be taking you to your quarters and if you’d like a tour or need directions for a specific location on the ship, you can let Lieutenant Yu or myself know.”

This time, it was Senator Chevet, the Tribune of the Senate, who responded, giving the first officer a tiny smile. “Thank you, Commander Crichton. I am sure if we will let you know if or when we need something.”

Senator Nevar, also the leader of the war hawk faction, informed, “Personally, I’d like a tour of Starfleet’s most powerful vessel.”

Well that wasn’t surprising, Jasmine thought grimly. The war hawk faction members, especially, were to be monitored a lot more closely than the others. This was going to be one interesting trip, filled with lots of tension amongst both the Starfleet crew and the Romulans. One by one, they all stepped on board the turbo lift.

Dak remarked, glancing around, “Impressive ship for Starfleet, I must say, considering your inferior technology.”

Jasmine bit her lip – the Asian woman, having spent nearly a day with the elderly woman, wasn’t surprised at the Senator’s remark. She noticed Commander Crichton narrow his eyes for a brief moment but then the ExO gave her a polite smile.

“Now, now Senator,” Chevet chided gently, “We mustn’t be rude to our hosts.” But Dak merely harrumphed to herself.

Scene: Security Centre
TI: Later

The doors parted, giving off the whirring sound that everyone was so used to that they barely ever noticed it. Jasmine walked through, heading towards her office. The ship was underway to its destination and the Romulans were settled nicely in their quarters, though some or maybe all of them might not remain there for long. Then there was the matter that irritated the Asian woman – Major Thytos assigning marines in several parts of the ship, all of which were critical areas, without consulting her. Jasmine had just returned from speaking with the MCO and agreed to keep those marines in their posts. As irritated as she was with the other woman over not having bothered to consult her, Kass did have a point about not looking like they were trying to protect those areas as well as not wanting to show to the Romulans they didn’t have a full security complement. While the Romulans would understand the need for extra security – they’d have done the same – it would be a gesture in good faith to not act too over-protective but remain cautious. The delegation did after all come without military escorts.

The dark haired woman sighed, when Procter made a bee line for her. Since her return from the surface, MacKenzie had launched some complaints to her regarding the attitude of the marines, particularly Gunnery Sergeant Horatio Bellacotte and the general disregard for security protocol by everyone. Apparently Procter opined to her that Horatio in particular was disrespectful towards her during the senior staff briefing, when they were discussing the Remans’ message – before they knew the message were sent by them.

“Lieutenant Yu,” Mackenzie said, not beating around the bush, “The marines are still there. Did you speak with the Major about how guarding is security’s purvue and they are intruding?”

Jasmine stopped and spoke, sighing inaudibly, “Yes I have, Lieutenant and the Major and I have come to an understanding. They will stay for this one time.”

The taller, blonde woman’s expression darkened. “Lieutenant, with all due respect, the marines have crossed the line here. Don’t you think you should maybe file a formal complaint with Commander Crichton about Major Thytos and her staff’s lack of respect for the security department?”

Jasmine shook her head. She had no intention of getting the Commander or even the Captain involved as in the security chief’s view, it would just make the matter worse and exacerbate the already existing tension between security and the marines. Besides, she believed in trying to sort any issues between her and the marine on their own before anyone else got involved. Kass seemed to have assured her that she would not be playing any games and there’d be none of this marine verses security rivalry here as it was in a lot of other postings, where the two departments co-existed. Jasmine hoped the MCO was sincere.

“No,” the Asian American said in a firm tone. “The situation between our two departments hasn’t got to the point where the Major and I would be unable resolve our issues on our own and I hope it remains that way.” Jasmine wasn’t a whiner by nature and so didn’t run to her superiors for every little problem. She’d only voice any concerns when it was necessary.

Mackenzie’s expression filled with disbelief. “Lieutenant, so you are just going to let them get away with their antics.”

“No,” said Yu in a calm tone, though deep down she was exasperated. “I already warned Major Thytos if this happens again, she and the marines will be confined to their floor. Besides, it is up to us to be the adults in the situation, no matter how the other party acts and deal with these issues in a way expected of us as Starfleet officers.”

The other woman nodded, though the displeasure still remained on her face. “Understood, ma’am,” she said curtly.

“Hey chief,” came the cheerful voice of Virgo Silsby, the other aSec/Tac. “You should tell Procter here to remove that stick that’s up her….”

“Hey, not another word,” Jasmine cut in, knowing what the blond man was going to say. Yu sighed, how she ended up with assistants who were such polar opposites. Procter seemed to be a little too sensitive and while Yu appreciated her adherence to Starfleet protocol and decorum, she found her to be too inflexible and lacking any tact. Knowing how ambitious Procter was, regarding advancement in her Starfleet career, Yu was concerned the aSec/Tac might not make it far if she didn’t work on her weaknesses.

Virgo, on the other hand, was way too laid back for her liking and to Yu’s dismay, he wasn’t completely following the Starfleet code of conduct. So Jasmine made a mental note to herself to have a sit down with both of them to discuss the matter. But now wasn’t the right time as there were the Romulans to deal with and what awaited them at their destination.


Ranjani S.
Writing for

Lieutenant Jasmine Yu
Chief of Security and Tactical


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