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Brilliant But Obvious Plan

Posted on Jul 16, 2017 @ 4:01am by Ambassador Xana Bonviva
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Mission: Aftermath

"Brilliant but Obvious Plan"

(cont'd from Phillip's "Every Breath You Take)


Location: VULCAN

Scene: Councilmembers’ Dining Room

Originally there had *not* been a concept of fine dining on Vulcan; at least not like it had been on Earth. However with the arrival of the Federation government and the influx of government officials who had been used to such things for years, there were suggestions (some subtle and others less so) to have accommodations on Vulcan brought to a similar level. Really, it was one thing to suggest that the people could do without but one could not expect the government to go on in this way.

With time the dark tables were covered with crisp white tablecloths and in the center of the tables were completely superfluous table decorations such as flowers or tall candles. Once orders were discreetly entered into the tableside PADDs, waitstaff brought the food out instead of having people obtaining their own food.

One one hand, life had changed completely; there was no logic in the dining room. It was the room of whispers and innuendo, with a side of food.

“I’d watch for that one,” Karimi muttered as he glared at the T’Pau, the Councilmember from Vulcan, while she swept over to her own table with Councilmember Betello from Zakdorn. “And since when do they eat together?”

Gavaar, the Councilmember from Tellar Prime tapped the table in a bid to get attention, “While you’re gossiping like a schoolgirl the rest of us are trying to run the Federation.”

Hussein Karimi, frowning as he turned his head around, looked at his mentor/friend/associate. “You don’t find it odd that those two, who never associated before, now suddenly in here all the time? What possible interests do Vulcan and Zakdorn have in common? That much?”

“None that I’m worried about,” Gavaar pointed out. “Have you seen the news out of Bolarus IX?”

Karimi laughed at that. Raising a glass in salute he said, “And good riddance I say. It was not my idea to bring her on, I was forced by those in my own party, saying I needed the StarFleet and gravitas presence. Well lot good it’s doing her now isn’t it?”

“You’ve been around as long as I have you know everything passes,” Gavaar said softly.

Taking a long drink from his glass, Karimi slammed it down and as he went to order another he said, “Good let the bitch be gone. Bolarus IX can be out another Council--”

“That’s not what I meant.” When he was sure he had Karimi’s attention, the Tellarite leaned in. “The Bolians hate Bonviva because they can. Because they need someone to blame and say what you want for that old bat they have as President, but Anaha Xall isn’t *stupid*,” he said with obvious meaning which sailed softly into the Vulcan dining room breeze. “She’s held on this long because she knows how to shift the blame and Bonviva needs to learn how to do that. From where I sit, she has two things going for her. ”She’ll be one of the youngest Councilmembers--”

“Bonviva is 40, the latest marriage has her divorced, and with 4 kids. Besides, Noellex would still be the youngest,” Karimi pouted as he referred to the Edoan Councilman.

“The rest of the Council is older, have more marriages and divorces, bastards, and we look like a geriatric advertisement,” Gavaar quipped. “Excuse me, we’re what passes for “distinguished”. But her and Noellex are what passes for “the future” of government. At least compared to you and I.”

Hussein Karimi frowned as he looked out the panoramic windows that showed miles upon miles of desert; miles and miles of fucking desert. What he wouldn’t give for Paris again. “What else,” he said sourly, having lost the joy he had upon watching the Bolian riots.

Leaning in Gavaar whispered. “Thanks to you she will be the only person on the Council who can connect the dots without having a stake in it.” As Hussein’s dark eyes swiveled over to his, the Tellarite nodded, “Oh yes, now you get it. Xall made her Councilmember and you handed Bonviva the keys to the Council.”

Karimi sighed as the waiter came by with his drink. Waving him off he thought through the implications of this, not liking this way his world shifted. “I’m assuming this is where you come in with your brilliant but obvious plan,” the Councilman from Earth said.

“Yes,” the Councilman from Tellar Prime nodded. “You created this mess. You clean it up.” When the Human man stared at him he said, “Well you see how I do things. It’s all very...messy.” Dabbing his mouth he said, “Oh that reminds me I forgot to send my condolences to Councilman Drass’ family. I can’t let the bloody professional grievances get in the way of courtesies.” Smiling he said, “But you handle your affairs your way, of course.”


Scene: Across the way in the Councilmembers’ Dining Room

T’Pau, the Vulcan Councilwoman, was sitting upright as she ate her salad (without dressing). “You understand what I’m getting at?”

Betello looked around; while the Councilmembers’ Dining Room had adapted somewhat to the level of service that the Council Members were accustomed to, the Zakdorn had to admit it wasn’t what he was used to. “Where’s my brandy?” he groused. Sighing as he practically felt the hard dark stare of the Vulcan woman across from him, “Oh unclench would ya? I’m not going to run.”

T’Pau did not relax, or to use the coarse vernacular “unclench”, but kept her firm posture perfectly erect. “I was not worried that you would run.”

“I could run,” Betello protested as he finally had his precious brandy. As T’Pau raised an elegant eyebrow with a meaningful glance to his liquor he laughed, “Please, my brandy consumption is hardly the worst habit on the Council.”

The Vulcan Councilwoman considered that and hated to (silently) admit he was right. Instead she moved onto another topic. “If we are correct--”

“We are,” Betello said quietly, his mind shifting to the matter at hand.

T’Pau gave a swift nod; on this she and Betello were aligned. “Then we need to find a candidate to refute the rise from Earth.”

Leaning in Betello whispered. “Be honest, T’Pau, you don’t fear Earth anymore. You fear something else...or rather I should say someone else.”

T’Pau considered her salad carefully, while thinking through how to weave through outcomes. “We knew the outcomes before. Now Earth represents an unknown quantity. We don’t know what they represent--”

“You’re afraid of who’s pulling Earth’s strings too. I agree,” Betello nodded. “So who do we get? We need someone who the Council would flock to.”

T’Pau speared a carrot, lifted her fork, let it dangle before her lips as she seemingly mused, “And you can’t think of someone with gravitas who would be a unifier? From a founding world?”

Betello gave a sharp glance. “I know you’re not suggesting you so that you think that--”

T’Pau lifted her shoulder, a gesture that almost was close to a shrug, as she finally ate the carrot with a satisfied lift of her lips.

Leaning in the Zakdorn said as he swirled the brandy in his glass. “We’d need to convince him.”

Swallowing her carrot, the Vulcan councilwoman nodded to where the Earth Councilman was walking off with the Councilman from Tellar Prime. “That’s the proof for him to run.”


Scene: Councilman Karimi’s Office

Hussein was sitting in his very comfortable black chair in his office, wondering how he was going to get out of this. Turning to FedComm he watched the talking heads, hoping they’d have a solution for him.

{{Welcome to Coffee with Kiki at our new time!}} Kiki said from her new afternoon timeslot. Turning to her panel she introduced a retired Admiral, a political consultant, and news correspondent. {{Alright team let’s get right to it. Federation Council, where are they going? Nothing major on the legislative calendar--}}

{{Let’s be honest, Kiki, there’s nothing major coming out of the Federation Council. Nothing or no one I should say,}} the political consultant quipped.

The retired Admiral leaned in and said, {{And I can tell you, I’m hearing that all current StarFleet is just sending in reports by PADDs. No one is working directly with the Council. Now I know the Council is civilian but if it was ‘Fleet I’d say that shows direct lack of respect for the Chain of Command. Then again the Council hasn’t done much to earn the respect of the ‘Fleet, but that’s just my personal opinion and not of StarFleet.}}

{{Which you can express, as you’re retired,}} Kiki grinned. Turning to her news correspondent she said, {{What are you hearing in the field?}}

{{No major bills coming up. The last bill -- which was this “Inalienable Rights for All” which was bloody fight -- no one has a stomach to present anything other than daily government business,}} the Trill correspondent explained.

Kiki gave a shrewd look. {{But we have a new Councilmember coming in soon, don’t we?}}

{{It’s an appointment until she gets elected later on, but yes. Councilwoman Xana Bonviva from Bolarus IX, in the wake of Councilman Drass’ death. Betazed already sent their replacement, by way of Councilwoman Reasa Keiri a few weeks ago so now Bolarus IX is the last one. I’ve heard from Bonviva’s Chief of Staff that once she finishes her “listening tour” she’ll be back on Vulcan but now representing Bolarus,}} the news correspondent explained.

Kiki finished sipping her coffee. {{That’s right. And as long time viewers know, Xana; well excuse me, *Councilwoman* Xana Bonviva, did work in the Federation Council but for Councilman Karimi of Earth. So how will that change the dynamic in the Council?}}

Over Karimi’s snorts, the political consultant on the show answered, {{I think Bonviva already having established those relationships will have an easy time.}}

“Shows what you know,” Hussein muttered as he snapped off the vid before Kiki could ask the Admiral what he thought of his former Chief of Staff. “It’s going to be Anaha Xall smacked the ground with that damn walking stick of hers and out sprang Xana Bonviva fully grown and they fixed Bolarus IX and the Federation on their own.” Glaring at his vid as if it was an enemy of the Federation he realized something, “She didn’t do a damn thing, her new Chief of Staff did.”

Brightening up he slapped his communicator, “Martine! In here!”

Marie-Claire Martine walked in smoothly despite the rushed command and sat across from the Councilman, never wrinkling her tailored red pantsuit, her PADD and stylus at the ready. “Good Afternoon Councilman Karimi,” she said evenly, even if she was surprised by the sudden call. “How may I be of service?”

Leaning into see eye-to-eye with his new Chief of Staff, Hussein Karimi gave his best presumptuous smile. “I don’t feel that I’ve done a good job of on-boarding you into your new position,” he said.

Giving her best poker face, Marie-Claire said. “That’s the nature of the position; to roll with the punches.”

“Still,” Karimi said waving his hand. “Ms. Bonviva held a lot close to her and I allowed that and now it puts you in a terrible position,” he said. “And now I have to rely on you for a delicate matter that I fear you may not know a lot about but will require...discreet work.”

Marie-Claire placed the PADD and stylus down on her lap and thought through where this was going. Clearly Karimi didn’t realize how close the Senior Staff was, that were very little if any professional secrets amongst them while they all worked here. Still it was better to let him to go along this way, Martine thought to herself. “Of course,” she nodded.

Folding his hands he said, “You need to discredit Xana Bonviva.” Shrugging his shoulders he said, “She thinks she knows things about this office and clearly she doesn’t so it would be best for the Federation if we simply remove her as a threat.”


Location: Bolarus IX

Scene: Bonviva Apartment, Bokitu

“So we need to leave.”

Never had she said 5 less popular words. Well she probably had but this had to be up there on the Top 10 list. All 4 kids looked at Xana like she had lost her only mind. Finally Erika announced what they were thinking, “Nuh-uh, never gonna happen.”

“It’s gonna happen,” Xana said as she tidied up. Dear Gods above and below, was she bored, and so avoiding looking at her kids, if she was resorting to *cleaning*. Her kids were just going to destroy this all anyway.

Gavi rubbed his face and tried to be rational. “It’s not safe out there for us.”

“We have no food. We need to eat. Not to mention I have a job to do out there,” Xana pointed out.

“We could order out,” Ben tried.

“They don’t deliver to the slums,” Dahlia sighed as she flopped down on the bed.

Suddenly the small apartment seemed to shake as they heard a rattling outside their apartment which caused all the occupants to stand up. “We’re trapped,” Gavi muttered.

Xana raised her hand up at that. Walking over to the door, she spied out the old-fashioned peep-hole as the vid-monitor was down. Drawing back as if physically shocked, she leaned in again and then leaned against the door. “I’ll need a reassurance,” she yelled.

[[Grid 4 has secured the building,]] came the voice on the other side.

Before Xana could do anything, Dahlia ran to the windows on the other side of the apartment and flung it open and stuck her head out. “MOM! There are Security guards OUTSIDE!” her teenage daughter yelled.

[[And before end of the day, that won’t be happening either,]] came the dry voice.

Xana rolled her violet eyes, opened the door and saw her trusted partner from her days as Director of Bolian Protection, Traxx Vara. Approximately the same height as her, Traxx was as wide as the doorway, but all muscle and as a full-Bolian fully bald and with a bifurcated ridge running down his head and body. “If you can figure out how to keep my kids from doing that, more power to you. Enter, Traxx,” Xana said and for the first time in 24 hours she began to breathe.

“Bonviva,” he said nodding. Wincing slightly as he corrected himself, “Councilmember.”

Waving him off she said, “You knew me as Bonviva before, that doesn’t have to change.” Looking around past Traxx Vara she said, “I’m thrilled you’re here and Grid 4 evidently but uhm...I thought my Chief of Staff was supposed to be here.”

Vara stared straight ahead, his arms folded. “Thin guy, nice suit?”

Yalar Traras walked slowly up the urine soaked steps of the slums were Xana Bonviva and her family were holed up, turned a corner and saw his future boss standing and talking with the man who had run him over. “Ma’am,” he heaved out. “This man is a ruffian and is not to be trusted.”

“He’s my new body man,” Xana announced.

Yalar’s narrow eyes became even narrower trying to figure out how he missed this development. “We need to discuss your calendar,” he stated as he pressed his suit to rid himself of the wrinkles while walking forward. “We made progress with the putting your name out there but now *you* need to be out there.” Looking over he said, “The ruffians--”

“Her guards,” Vara clarified.

“Need to go.”

“Sure,” Vara nodded. “When they stop trying to kill her.” When Yalar said nothing Traxx Vara cracked his knuckles and said, “Well then what’s first on this tour?”


Location: Beslan Station

Scene: Automat -> Docking ring

Evangeline Montoya groaned as she stumbled into the automat couple of hours later. She was wasn’t even through the listing of “5 s’s” that made up her so-called adult life when she got the message that her route now had two stops.

“Fuck-a-doodle,” she whistled, “fuck-a-diddle.” Looking up at the listing of what was left for food options, with the replicators being on the fritz (again), she shoved her dark hair under her chauffeur's cap and considered her options. Patting down her black cargo pants she pulled out a mystery lollipop and punched in an order for a rare roast beef sandwich and some beer. Hoisting the six pack on her shoulder and throwing the wrapped up sandwich in one of her pockets, she swayed the way towards the docking ring.

Three steps behind were a human man and woman who were blending in, after a slipping a few credits to the crew of the station.

“Punching in,” Montoya yawned as the lollipop dangled precariously from her lower lip but never dropped.

The Andorian who manned the docking ring gave a look. “You fly drunk?”

“You ask that like there’s another way to fly,” Montoya said as she scanned the PADD. “Blah-blah-I accept all responsibility for when the ship inevitably explodes, no one will sue your sorry asses for shitty work--oh don’t get your string bean antenna in a knot it’s true.”

The crew man gave a look, “It’s standard forms.”

“This is my-ah-standard reading,” Montoya assured him.


“I wasn’t hired for my reading,” she said. “Wait, my goons of bosses won’t like this line about the cargo.” Pointing to a part of contract she said in no uncertain terms. “I am *not* going back to Acamar III to watch people having babies in huts or having sex in huts to make more “workers”,” the pilot said using air-quotes. “So my shit better damn better wellbe in my freighter. I want a count *now*.”

“I don’t have that kind of time,” the Andorian said.

“Neither do I if I have to get to Adigeon Prime and then Denobula and here we are,” Evangeline said waving her lollipop for emphasis. Images she’d rather ignore flooded her mind, causing her to wince. “Get yo’ shit done.”

The woman and the man in the back looked at each other. “Well that certainly puts a new spin on Acamar III,” Daryle whispered.

“It does,” Amanda Lane nodded, her eyes never leaving Montoya who was still harassing the Andorian crewman.

Daryle spared a look for Amanda. “Are we going to Acamar III?”

“We can send a researcher if need be,” she decided. “The story is clearly going to Adigeon Prime and then onto Denobula.”


Location: Bolarus IX

Scene: Bokitu Slums

The city of Bokitu had been a bustling city not that long ago. High mountains dropped dramatically into the city that hugged the bright blue seas that hugged the border. The brightly colored buildings rose up from the ground apparently racing with the mountains that were carpeted with honeygrass to touch the golden skies. The buildings in Bokitu were of all colors, sizes and shapes the result of multiple of generations putting their stamp on the coastal port city. On the highest mountain there was a statue of the child god Nine sitting in the honeygrass with a smile, hands extended in a welcome.

Then the Romulans had come.

Like the rest of the planet, Bokitu fought back; the Bolians here had won but their city had lost. The beautiful jewel of Bolarus IX was decimated. Gone were most of the bright beautiful buildings; what remained were rickety buildings, most of which were half condemned, if they remained at all. Resources that most of the Federation took for granted -- lighting, indoor plumbing, heating and cooling, food, or even four stable walls -- were now precious commodities.

People became resourceful with what little they had. What little items they did had, they learned to reuse. Clothing was washed and reused, and old-fashioned clothing lines hung between buildings with threadbare clothing dancing in the sticky summer day or out a window. If people were able to gather some food from the farmer’s market (that in and of itself a rare sight) then the smells of bodily waste, sewage that had been stopped up commingled in the air with fruits and vegetables, making for acrid aromas.

Walking through the slums, past the kids who were playing with whatever games they could manage; whether it was stoopball or tag, Xana wound up stopping to talk to small groups.

“We’re going to get nowhere like this,” Yalar Traras groused softly.

Traxx Vara stood to the side, quietly directly his people to guard the kids, considered the Chief of Staff. The oldest son wasn’t a problem, he thought, nor was the youngest daughter who had some Bolian in her but clearly was also Bajoran given the nose; they were polite but hung back. But the older daughter, who definitely was Bajoran but not Bolian, and the younger son who was also part-Bolian, were going to problems from a Security point of view; those two kept wading into crowds to chat with people. “No one is going to kill them, that’s all my team and I care about,” the Security man said quietly.

The new Chief of Staff for the Councilwoman frowned. “We have a problem. We’re not going to be employed for much longer if she continues this pace.”

“I know her better than you. She’ll be fine and she’ll stay alive,” Vara said as he made the sign for the crew to follow Bonviva and her family as they continued their walk through the slum talking to people.

Traras said nothing; staying alive was not his priority. Staying in office was his priority. Scratching his neck he said, “Look she was appointed and if we’re going to make it through this session of Council successfully she has to more on Bolarus than a few walks.”

Vara understood that, intellectually, but he also had a sneaking suspicion about the Chief of Staff. Still Bonviva said he had to work with him. “Well then, I suggest you figure it out. I’m just the here to keep them safe.”

“Aren’t you here just to keep her safe?” Yalar Traras snapped.

Traxx Vara gave a sideways glance. “I should let you say that before the Councilwoman. I think it’s been sometime since she’s practiced her aim.”

Oblivious to the discussion of the Chief of Staff and Security, Xana and her family were indeed making their way through the slum. She knew that their “face time” with constituents was important. She had done it many times in the past and it was the only way to effectively lead a civilian population.

But it had been sometime; and now she was appointed. So she had to be cautious, take her time. Listen to the complaints that she was not a true Bolian, that the rights were taken away. Pain was evident in the people’s voices, and they were venting in anyway they could. They all knew at the end of the week, that Xana would be leaving for Vulcan and the rest of Bokitu would be staying to rebuild.

“Why you?” a small old woman. “I don’t understand it. Why are *you* going to be our Councilwoman? Aren’t there others?”

Xana resisted the urge to sigh. Instead she nodded. “You’re right. There are others. Many others who could serve. And I hope that with this upheaval it will bring about a new generation of Bolians who will serve.”

“That doesn’t explain why *you*,” a man in the crowd said as the mood shifted.

The azure woman saw Vara’s team tense up; although they wore civilian clothes, she knew who they were. Holding up a hand she said, “I’ve always served at the pleasure at the Federation and my home. Councilman Drass was murdered and the Federation clearly needs Bolian leadership.” Pointing down to the docks she said, “How long since we’ve had traders?”

“Too long,” a voice from the crowd yelled back.

Xana nodded at that. “And how long since most of you worked?”

“Can’t work if the docks are closed!” another voice yelled, plenty aggrieved. More voices added to the grumbling.

Xana climbed up on one of the crumbling stairs, much to Vara’s dismay as he shouldered his way to get close. Pointing to the docks she yelled, “Bokitu was the jewel of Bolarus IX and it will be again! We will have trade again.” Pointing to the statue of Nine that had broken off during the Incursion she said, “Nine will once again have arms wide open to the universe.”

As most of the crowd slowly started to believe, and with that began to cheer, the old woman from the beginning tilted her head to the side. “Why should we believe you? You didn’t want to run for office when you had the chance. The Council had to be given to you.”

“The Councilwoman is overdue for an appointment,” Yalar Traras announced as he stepped forward. “But she’ll back for another session when she returns from Council.”

As Traras and Vara led her away, with her kids chattering behind her, Xana looked at her two advisors. “There is only one other person who knew I turned down that and he’s dead,” she whispered.

“Well that’s not true,” Traras said. “As you just heard.”






The first day was hard and the second day was not much better. I’ll bite. What is it you’re promising?






I don’t promise, I explain the possible. There is a difference.

You’ll be traveling home soon. A difficult, if mythical, thing as I understand it. At some point if you find you are missing something, I would advise you to find the “Federation Port Lost and Found/Missing Luggage”.




SUBJECT: Help for an old friend?

Sio -

Hope this finds you well. I know you’re off on better things but you’re one of the few I’d trust at this point. I’m finding I need to leave, with my children, while we take stock of things on the way to Vulcan.

Don’t suppose you can help or know someone who can?



Location: Bolarus IX

Scene: Bonviva Apartment, Bokitu

TI: That night

That night Xana watched over her children as they flung themselves in their beds. The last two days on Bolarus IX had been exhausting, emotionally and physically. Sneaking out the room where they were splayed out -- either asleep or quietly reading she moved into the small kitchen and after a semi-cold drink, sat at the window.

**What am I doing?** she thought as she looked at the large wineglass that held the pale amber liquid. She thought through the last two days and then her mind even drifted back.

Chase, chase, chase. Rise. Higher, faster. Climb to the next summit; never resting; find the next challenge and conquer that too. Check marks next to each position, never stopping to save the success, always moving onto the next.

A mirthless chuckle went through her as she raised the glass to her lips; maybe Iphie was right after all these years. Xana certainly was acting like she wanted everything.

What good was it all? Dragging her children all over? Sure it *sounded* great to say your children got to see the galaxy. But was this the way to do it? She was amazed by the four beautiful souls in the other room, in awe of how they were turning out; and deeply afraid of what she was doing to them by forcing them to go with her because in reality...there was nowhere else for them to go.

Nowhere to go…

It was easy to say that she was a difficult woman, and that she lived an equally difficult life. Perhaps. Or perhaps that was the easy way out.

That seemed to be a lot of her life, she mused. There’s not a lot of time for introspection when you’re busy checking off boxes on your way to the next challenge.

Maybe at one time she would have been angry. Angry at having fought at an Incursion and finding her husband standing there asking about a divorce. But she had done anger -- it led to a hastily signed PADD and screaming matches. What did that get her?

Got her to here. This awful hollowness in her heart and soul. As if her pieces of her were scattered across the wide galaxy and no matter how hard she tried, she’d never fill them up with anything else. Piece of it on Bolarus IX, another chunk in Earth, some of it on the Phoenix…pieces floating through the galaxy and here she was sitting wondering how to rebuild herself with what little time she had left.

Xana looked up at the stars; she had always loved looking at them. It was what had inspired her to become a pilot of all things, before her life took a turn, and Starfleet asked her to hold a phaser with one hand and asked her to speak peace at the same time. Still she had that romantic streak in her that wanted to look up and reach out, hold the stars close, and if possible, absorb their light and warmth.

The stars seemed dim and far away tonight.


NRPG: Intrigue to the left, intrigue to the right. Here's what we've got:

*Political intrigue including Karimi and Gavaar plotting

*T'Pau and Betello (Councilmembers from Vulcan and Zakdorn respectively) trying to figure out who should run for Federation President in eventuality that Karimi runs

*Karimi orders Marie-Claire Martine to discredit Bonviva after Bonviva gets positive press

*Bonviva's former partner from her days at Bolian Order of Protection (B.O.P.) Traxx Vara (last seen going on the run in "Goodbye Gavi) returns to protect Xana and her family.

*Montoya gets her orders to go to Adigeon Prime and Denobula but not before announcing to anyone within earshot (namely Amanda and Daryle) what *really* happens on Acamar III (as explained on "This Is Truly Effed Up")

*Bonviva goes out with her family through the Bokitu slums (where she lives) and despite minimal progress meets someone who knows something about her political past that they shouldn't

*Bonviva reaches out to the mystery person (as last seen/heard in "Hearts and Minds")

*Bonviva reaches out to Sio Reardon for a ride

*Bonviva is depressed (cause let's be honest this really is :) )

Su: Thanks for your help/feedback

Ran: Thanks for your encouragement :)

Alix: Hope I did ok!


Sarah Albertini-Bond

~writing for~

Councilwoman Xana Bonviva


Evangeline Montoya

You’re on your own
Awesome. Wow
Do you have a clue what happens now?
Oceans rise
Empires fall
It’s much harder when it’s all your call

--"King George" from "Hamilton"


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