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Analytical Observations

Posted on Jun 28, 2017 @ 5:30am by Ensign Arak Schad
Edited on on Jun 28, 2017 @ 5:30am

Mission: The Romulan Way


"Analytical Observations"

(Continued from “Romulans Under the Skin”)



SCENE: The Vulgar Tribble

SD [2.17] 0627.2340

As the evening moved forward and conversations drifted in and out of cordial context, Arak Schad, the chief of science aboard the dreadnought called the Phoenix, could only formulate on word, fascinating. While the behavioral sciences, in relation to humanoid species, were not his field of study they were still a science and that aspect he enjoyed. The intricacies of navigating the mire like linguistic minefield were like a delict dance of finesse and beauty. It truly was a spectacle that easily had enthralled him and, for the moment, rendered him mute.

The meal progressed with the usual posturing of a self-proclaimed Alpha male, Jaron, throwing his verbal grunts and scent into the air, whilst almost unbeknown to him the other Alphas watched with a sense of trepidation gnawing at the back of their necks at what may happen if he were allowed to continue. On the other hand, it appeared to be quite different for the Alpha female reigning supreme among the Phoenix’s guests. There was a calm about Ratal, a calculating and testing calm, as if she were a predator toying with her prey.

“Would you agree command, forgive me I mean ensign?”

The attention of the room suddenly shifted from the verbal display taking place between both parties commanding officers to the silent ensign. Arak’s expression remained the same, frozen, as his mind ponder and studied the information before him elsewhere. With the lack of response Jaron continued with his remark, taking the opportunity to not allow someone else to enter the conversation he had transitioned to and at the moment was dominating.

“I am glad to see that senior officers are allowing their juniors to come in their place. Tell me, where is Lieutenant Commander Varn, I do hope that he is well.”

Arak’s mind returned from its analytical exile and observation only to find himself amid verbal fire now being responded to. Jake did his best to suppress the smile that wanted to escape his lips, “Ensign Schad was a list minute upgrade, younger and newer model. Don’t feel bad about the misinformation, no one is perfect.”

Jaron stared at Jake speechless, if only for a moment as the verbal blow was felt and heard by all but would it be acknowledged or simply ignored.

“Allow me to pose the question again as to allow your newer and younger ensign to respond. Biologically due to our experience in combat Romulans as a species would be superior to our Vulcan relatives in both physical strength and tactical cunning. Would you not agree, ensign?”

Arak paused for the moment, “respectfully any answer I give will be hearsay and conjecture based upon what I know of both the Romulan and Vulcan people.”

“Your best educated guess then.”

“Based upon my experience and knowledge and assuming both subjects are equal in all biology and experience then physical strength would be equal; however, tactical thinking would differ and favor the Vulcan.”

“A truly biased answer.”

Arak sat there unsure of how to respond. His mind slowly began to re-examine the collective information that he possessed trying to ensure his judgement was not clouded by bias as it was suggested.

“To a Romulan our dominance is vividly clear and yet here we are in a room filled with diversity, even among the Federation. Tell me ensign, how does an Aaamazzarite come to be stationed aboard a Starfleet vessel?”

The room grew silent as a glimmer of information gathered by Romulan intelligence through the years began to show through. While it was true Arak’s people were a member of the Federation, the number serving in Starfleet was very few, so much that many of his crew mates were unaware of exactly who he is.

“I simply joined Starfleet and then stationed here.”

Relaxing his body relying on the support of his chair Jaron started at the young officer. Moments of silence filled the room with hints of suspicion and intrigue.


Iphie’s voice thundered suddenly having fallen prey tension that was building, giving into the pressure of the moment.

NRPG: Hmmm

Justin K. Owens

Ensign Arak Schad

Chief Science Officer



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